Yggdrasil Enhances Their Table Games Gameplay Experience With A BOOST

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For just about every gaming software development company in business today, innovation is a driving force. This can take on many forms, from the games themselves to gamification tools. The latter is specific add-ons to help promote gameplay. As one of the top gaming development companies, Yggdrasil was recently in the news for its latest gamification tools. Known in the industry as BOOST, this tool can be used for existing games as well as for future offerings. This was highlighted on the company website, which you can find on the bottom of this article.

The main gist is allowing operators to create highly attractive game campaigns with instant player rewards. The company’s operating partners can instantaneously bring new marketing campaigns to life. There are Prize Drops that trigger instant cash prizes. They can be random and unpredictable. Operators can offer a Mystery Prize Drop. This enables players to score rewards by uncovering hidden treasures.

These new tools are available across Yggdrasil’s blackjack suite of games. This includes:

  1. Sonya
  2. Lucky
  3. Dr. Fortuno

Taking things to a whole new level, BOOST will be part of a new portfolio of roulette gaming products. Planned for release in late 2019 and early 2020, this enhancement to these table game products is highly anticipated. The suite of games with include the VIP-themed Golden Chip Roulette.

The goal is to enhance the overall user experience across all devices. This should help to keep players engaged in the gameplay experience. In turn, this should increase both acquisition rates and retention rates for operators.

Some of the added features include:

  1. New Missions
  2. Faster Spins
  3. Amplified Near Miss Experiences
  4. User Friendly Mobile Functionality

The user friendly aspect offers ‘pinch to zoom’ capabilities. Increased betting options take odds to 10x to 500x as opposed to the standard 36x for regular roulette. These BOOST marketing tools are designed to complement Yggdrasil’s range of new table games with higher volatility. This should give players more chances to win in every round. It should also raise the bar for producing the best user experience.Also, read more about this software provider over here.

Fredrik Elmqvist is Yggdrasil’s CEO. He was quoted as saying:

“BOOST has proven a huge success for our customers since we pioneered gamification tools several years ago. We’ll soon be debuting new and improved BOOST features in our expanded table games offerings.”

Touching on the added features, he also stated:

“Our new roulette will launch with Prize Drops and Missions. Allowing operators to further increase player session times and engagement. User experience is significantly enhanced in just a few clicks. It couldn’t be simpler, and the results, both for operators and their players, are amazing.”

Furthermore, his is just a natural progression for a gaming company that dials into the needs of its operating partners. Yggdrasil is also highly committed to the gameplay experience for players in any regulated market where its games are present.

The company was founded in 2013. In six short years, it is now seen as one of the gaming industry’s most respected and acclaimed suppliers.

• Source: Yggdrasil brings BOOST Prize Drop tools to table games From Yggdrasilgaming.com On July 25, 2019.

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Yggdrasil Enhances Their Table Games Gameplay Experience With A BOOST
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Yggdrasil Enhances Their Table Games Gameplay Experience With A BOOST
With gamification tools, Yggdrasil gaming software increases their players' user experience on table games and the full suite of games.
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