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Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Playing in Triple 9 GTD Online Poker Tournaments

Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Up To $999 In GTD Online Poker Tournaments

If you’re looking for a way to win guaranteed cash prizes playing online poker tournaments, then Triple 9 GTD online poker tournaments are the perfect solution. Intertops Poker is the only site where players can play in these special events and be 100% sure of winning something! In this article, we will discuss the easy steps to help you win guaranteed cash prizes playing in the Triple 9 GTD online poker tournaments at Intertops Poker.Sign up for Intertops Poker offers games from Horizon Poker Network, Betsoft, Worldmatch, Lucktap, & Nucleus. Intertops Red offers Realtime Gaming, while Intertops Sportsbook proprietary software. You can play games for real money and Bitcoin from WGS (Wager Gaming Solutions) at Intertops Classic. Make money online fast promoting Intertops by joining Intertops Affiliates!

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How to Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Playing in Triple 9 GTD Online Poker Tournaments

Officially, the name of this tourney is called “Intertops Poker’s Triple 9: 9 $999 GTD Poker Tournaments”. Intertops Poker is starting a new series on Monday with 9 tournaments that have prize pools of $999.This week, Intertops Poker is hosting nine poker tournaments. Each one has a prize pool of $999. This is a game where you buy-in for $29. You start with 999 chips and can re-enter nine times. Luckily, the tournament starts this afternoon and runs until May 27, 2021.

The Significance Of The Number 9

The number 999 means completion. 9 is the last single digit, so if you see this number everywhere, it may be because something has ended or is going to be completed soon.


The Triple 9’s poker tournament starts on May 17, 2021, and ends on May 27, 2021. These online poker tournaments run every weekday at 4:05 PM EST. For Texas Hold’em, there are 9 maximum re-entries. The buy-in costs $27+2, which totals $29. There will be 9 min blinds and players will start with 999 starting chips.

To get a seat at the table, people should go to the Tournament Lobby. They can do this in either the download version of the poker client or in the instant play poker app. Triple 9 tournaments are listed on the busy poker site.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Online poker Tournaments

Online poker has been around for a long time. People have played it since the 1930s and it is popular now.Now, that low/mid-stakes players cannot always afford to go to the festivals where they are well known, people have started going online instead.

There are many online platforms that come up every day. They have different tournaments for different players. We cannot overlook them FTR poker.This virtual platform well recognizes the scenario of poker in India and provides a lot of opportunities in the domestic sphere. It has a modified and new game for people who like to play poker. And here are some benefits of playing online:

Play and earn money at home: Some people like to play poker online. You can do it at home, and you can also play with people around the world. And if you are playing for money, you can choose the game that is right for your budget.

Flexibility: Poker is fun to play at home. You can stop playing anytime you want, and then start up again. You can use different devices to log on. This is not like in a casino where you have to stay until the game is over.
Offerings: Online poker has many different games and types of formats. One game is called FTR poker, which is like a casino. There are cash games, tournaments and Sit and Gos.
Observation skills:Playing poker is a good game to play. It can help you with your memory and concentration. You need to make quick decisions, but know what you are doing at the same time. If you have skills, correct observation and patience, then decisions will be better.
More hands, more profit: Have you tried multi-tabling in a poker tournament? It is different than on the internet. You can play more hands when you are playing live.

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Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Playing in Triple 9 GTD Online Poker Tournaments
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Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Playing in Triple 9 GTD Online Poker Tournaments
Play in the best online poker tournaments and win guaranteed cash prizes up to $999! Free events every day. No buy-ins or downloads required.
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