US Casino Player Hits The $40,000 Stud Poker Jackpot

US Casino Player Hits The $40,000 Stud Poker Jackpot | USA Casinos

Have You Heard About The US Casino Player Hits The $40,000 Stud Poker Jackpot From A $1 Bet? That is right, a veteran US Casino goes on a huge winning streak this month playing the video poker game, the Stud Poker. While this is a great thing, this long-time player does not often play Stud Poker, she normally plays other video poker games and real money slot machines. Are you feeling lucky today? It may be your time to go on a winning streak!

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When Did The US Casino Player Hit The $40,000 Stud Poker Jackpot From A $1 Bet?

I bet you are wondering when this US casino player won forty thousand dollars playing video poker at Miami Club, right? Above all, this big win took place on September 13, 2018. Furthermore, the US casino players name is Kathy and she is from the state of California, in the good ole’ US Of A! On September 13, 2018, Kathy from California bet one dollar and hit the jackpot, taking home exactly $40372.94.

The US casino, Miami Club interviewed Kathy from the state of California. Above all, Kathy says “I love the way those big jackpots look on the screen, but I never really thought I’d win one! I play a lot of video poker games and slots, I’m not a big bettor usually, it’s just fun for me, I don’t feel like I spend a lot of money but I really enjoy the experience. This was a complete shock!”.


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What Was The US Casino Players Winning Hand?

Indeed, while it is great to hear about someone winning the forty thousand dollar Stud Poker Jackpot, you may want to know what Kathy’s winning hand was. Above all, the Royal Flush, which is the ultimate hand in tournament and video poker helps he take the Stud poker jackpot. Furthermore, the Royal Flush consists of five cards in the same order but they have to be the ten, King, Ace, Queen and The Jack of the same Suit. Otherwise, if you get a 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King or the same suit, it is a straight flush. While a straight flush is a great hand and will make most of your opponents fold in tournament poker, it does not beat the Royal Flush.

Furthermore, the Stud Poker has a progressive jackpot at Miami Club. Ultimately, this means that the progressive jackpot continues to grow the more people play the online casino game until someone wins. After that, the jackpot resets to the default amount(the amount depends on the game and the online casino you play at). Another great thing to hear is that Kathy from California won the forty thousand dollars progressive Stud Poker jackpot on her sixth hand.

In the previous interview, she goes on record. She says, “Imagine if I’d decided not to play the extra dollar! I’d have called the hand and doubled my stake – $2.00 extra on the call and I’d have got back an additional $3.00, instead I’m looking at a new kitchen and a nice winter vacation!” ;

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US Casino Player Hits The $40,000 Stud Poker Jackpot  | USA Casinos
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US Casino Player Hits The $40,000 Stud Poker Jackpot | USA Casinos
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