PAP Onpoint Services LTD Buys UPayCard But Now They Allow PayPal Withdrawal Options

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If you like to play classic slots at UPayCard casinos, you may have received an email. Recently, PAP Onpoint Services LTD announces they are buying UPAYCARD. In the email, they tell their subscribers about the important news plus the fact they are committed to delivering the same great service. Ultimately, they describe the reason they are changing ownership is to diversify their online banking services. Also, UPAYCARD says they want to change some of their providers. However, they make a point to say they are keeping customers in mind.

It doesn’t seem long ago that UPayCard decided to offer PayPal withdrawal options. Additionally, it seems like yesterday when they start to allow folks to buy sell and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With all of these changes, it appears that real money gamblers from The United States Of America have some more great banking options.

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When Are UPayCard Casinos Allow PayPal Withdrawal Options?

At EasyMobileCasino.com, we always recommend you read the terms and conditions of everything. If you have any questions, you can read about the changes in their offical website. Additionally, feel free to contact their customer support through live chat or via email any time of the day or night. While change is not fun for everyone, this appears to be a good thing. Now, you can send and receive money all over the globe, especially with online casinos that accept US players. Now that they have the change of ownership, you can still use your Paypal account in multiple currencies, including United States Dollars.

Use Paypal To Cashout In USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, And CAD

Back in March 2019, UPayCard announces it plans to allow it’s customers to use Paypal to withdraw and cashout from online casinos. Furthermore, you can use United States dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Euros, and Australian Dollars.

With this update comes even better news about lower fees for making deposits and withdrawals. If you head to the official UPayCard website, you can head to the “Paypal Withdraw Money” section. Once you get there, you will see you can cash out up to five thousand Euros at once!

Lower Fees

When you cashout your winnings from UPayCard casinos using Paypal, you will see the fees are lower. For example, British Pounds Sterling withdrawals now cost 3.9%, versus the old seven percent. If you are not familiar with their fees, we will explain starting with deposits. When you use American Express to transfer funds, you will pay 3.9%. However, Qiwi transfers cost 7.5 % but a Sofort transfer only costs 2 %. While iDeal transfers still only cost 1%, if you do a Payeer® transfer it will cost you 4%. Polipay transfers only cost 2%, while Skrill and Neteller cost 3.8 %.

UPayCard Plans To Lower Their Cryptocurrency Transfer Fee

In May of 2018 with the Bitcoin and crypto industry going into a bear market, they announce that they will decrease their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fees. Before May 2018, UPayCard charges two percent for making Bitcoin and cryptocurrency deposits. However, they lower the fee to one percent and now some altcoins only cost 0.2%. In July of 2018, they announced that some cardholders (not everybody) were only being charged €2.99 for prepaid and physical virtual cards instead of the €4.99. Remember, the first digital credit card or e-wallet is still free of charge. Now, you can make deposits using Ethereum, Bitcoins, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, American Express, Neteller, Qiwi, MasterCard, Sofort, iDeal, Payeer®, Polipay, Visa and Skrill. For withdrawals, you can use the same deposit methods plus you can use your PayPal account.

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PAP Onpoint Services LTD Buys UPayCard But Now They Allow PayPal Withdrawal Options
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PAP Onpoint Services LTD Buys UPayCard But Now They Allow PayPal Withdrawal Options
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