New Partnerships Emerge In The United States Of America Regulated Legal IGaming Industry?

united states of america regulated gambling industry

More and more we see new partnerships emerge in the legally regulated IGaming industry. Ultimately, this holds true to real money gambling sites in the United States of America. More specifically, we are seeing a lot more partnerships in The US IGaming markets, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

According to an official press release by Lyceum Media, Game Secure and Sightline Payments decide to work together. If you are not familiar with GameSecure, they are a technology based gaming solutions company. Moreover, the partnerships bridge the gaps in between payment services and digital self-exclusive technology. As the desired result, their goal is to ensure that people gambling their money over the Internet get the best security.

Sightline payments has a headquarters in the city of Las Vegas Nevada. Additionally, Bencon Technology’s headquarters is in Vancouver Canada . From Vancouver to Las Vegas, these companies plan to ensure that the real money customers that are at risk get their access denied for payments and content in real-time.

Security In The United States Of America’s Regulated Gambling Industry

In the first quarter of 2019, The regulated United States gambling market had tons of violations that excludes their honest real money from getting content. Moreover, these violations cost a lot of money and firms continue to be out of compliance. The unfortunate thing is that the damage to those patrons is already done.

However, GameSecure has a solution that includes its real-time database that ensures safety for their customers. If they find a gambling operator that is out of compliance, GameSecure’s real-time database solutions ensure these operators are denied access. With a strong partnership with The Sightline’s Play+ platform, this allows the two companies to install another layer of security for the real money casino players.

Security Of Real Money Players Payements Plus More

In a recent press release on Lyceum Media, The Co-Founder of Bencon Technologies Inc, Cameron Conn make a statement. He says, “The Sightline team has been committed to responsible gaming for more than 20 years. Furthermore, it excites them to announce this important partnership,”

At Sightline, they don’t believe there is one singular solution that addresses all of the concerns that players have as far as security. Ultimately, this is why they partnered with GameSecure, to enable better and more secure content and payment services across The United States. Additionally, he says that together, they can discover better solutions that will continue to give the highest level of security to their real money casino customer in the responsible gaming programs.”

When you think about it, Sightline is in a very unique position In The United States Of America. First of all, their Play+ ecosystem covers almost one hundred percent of digital platforms. Also, Sightline’s Play+ ecosystem covers around ninety percent of the real money US casino gambling management solutions. Kirk Sanford is the CEO and Founder of Sightline Payments. He says, with their SPAN Network, they can work together to help ensure the security of The United States residents that gamble online at regulated sites/apps.

Keith Whyte is the Executive Director of the US National Council on Problem Gaming. He goes on record to in the press release. He says “Congratulations to Bencon and Sightline. Ultimately, this-this step is to help further integrate responsible gaming into payment methods for the regulated gambling industry. Moreover, Streamlining player protection is a very important goal for the National Council on Problem Gambling. More specifically, it pleases them to support this type of innovative effort.”

Sandord goes back on record in the press release. He says that people have been using Self-exclusion programs for many years already. For example, on-premise ATM providers. Having said that, until now nothing exists for the Internet that is going where the regulated gambling industry is going.”

Source: Lyceum Media

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New Partnerships Emerge In The United States Of America Regulated Legal IGaming Industry?
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New Partnerships Emerge In The United States Of America Regulated Legal IGaming Industry?
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