The Best Online Casino For South African Players Gets You Ready For March With Bonus Promotions

The Best Online Casino For South African Players Gets Your Ready For March With Bonus Promotions

This month, the focus at Springbok Casino will be on the African wildlife. The leading casino in South Africa will celebrate the record breakers of the animal world. Among others, Springbok will pay tribute to the smallest, largest, fastest, tallest, and deadliest creatures inhabiting this great country. Are you ready to see how the best online casino for South African players is getting you ready for March with some hot deposit bonus codes?

How Does The Best Online Casino For South African Players Get You Ready For March With Bonus Promotions?

As Springbok manager, Daniel van Wyke, noted, South Africa is famous for its animal Big 5. The phrase refers to the most widely known group of local creatures. Namely, lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalo. However, the country is home to plenty of other interesting species. Some of them feature distinctive characteristics or unique traits making them the true record breakers of the wild.

South African Record-Breaking Animals

The Smallest – Blue Diker is the smallest antelope species found in South Africa. It’s not larger than a regular house cat. They are recognizable by their cute, little horns. Unlike other antelopes, they aren’t very picky when it comes to food. Blue Dikers will eat plants, but also insects or birds’ eggs.

The Strongest

The Strongest – Although tiny, Dung Beetle is a true champion when it comes to strength. We all know it from the nature documentaries for its tireless pushing of carefully crafted balls of elephant droppings. What many don’t know is that it can push the dung ball 50 times its own weight.

The Fastest

The Fastest – When it comes to the speed on land Cheetah is by far the number one. These beautiful creatures can reach an unbelievable speed of 130 km/h. Cheetah in full speed is one of the most majestic sights you can see in nature. Lean and graceful, they are literally built for running. They even have unretractable claws helping them maintain traction while running. While Cheetah is the fastest on land, Peregrine Falcon dominates airborne speed records. They use their speed to prey on smaller and slower birds. They are also often seen in urban environments where they maintain the steady diet of feral pigeons.

The Largest

In the heavyweight category, there’s only one undisputed champion – the Elephant. Some of these gargantuan mammals weigh over 6 tons. Bull elephants can grow up to 4 meters in height. Commonly, males are much larger than females. Besides their size, elephants are known for their excellent memory. This is largely thanks to their brains weighing over 5 kg. That’s more than three times more than the weight of the human brain.

The Deadliest

Black Mamba is among the most feared animal species on the planet. And, for a good reason. Their venom is the stuff of nightmares. It acts faster and kills more efficiently than any other. Only two drops of poison can kill an adult human.

The Most Common

The casinos’s namesake, Springbok is the national animal of South Africa. It often makes an appearance in rural and farm environments, particularly in the bushveld and semi-desert areas.

March Free Spins at Springbok Casino For South African Players

Make sure to learn more about all these amazing animals, but also check out the awesome March promotion at Springbok. The casino will treat their players to 25 free spins on the Frog Fortunes slot. Claim the bonus with the code RECORDS and try out this fun game.

Frog Fortunes takes players on a jungle adventure in search of treasure guarded by the Golden Frog. The gameplay heavily relies on the cascading feature. Winning symbols will explode and leave empty spaces on the reels. These positions will be filled with new symbols tumbling down and forming new winning combos.

The offer is available until March 31st.

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The Best Online Casino For South African Players Gets You Ready For March With Bonus Promotions
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The Best Online Casino For South African Players Gets You Ready For March With Bonus Promotions
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