Loot Boxes Are The New Age Of Gambling?

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The Truth About Loot Boxes And Gambling

Are Loot Boxes Really The New Age Of Gambling? Can Young Children Really Gamble Easily Online Using Video Games? Is E Sports Betting Legal? Is ESporsBetting Dangerous For Children? How Do I Know If My Child Is Gambling Real Money Or Bitcoin Online?

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Are Loot Boxes Just Gaming Or Real Money Gambling?

Are Loot Boxes Just Gaming Or Real Money Gambling?

Over the last couple of years, a new trend in video game distribution and monetization has developed. The gaming companies now often give away the state-of-the-art titles that would have once cost at least 60 bucks completely free of charge. Or, it seems so, at least. The trick is in getting players to spend real money within the game. These kinds of in-game purchases are often the only way to gain any edge in the highly competitive gaming environment.So, Are Loot Boxes Just Gaming Or Real Money Gambling?

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Why Do People Feel Loot Boxes In Video Games Considered Real Money Gambling?

The most common mechanism for getting players to pony up cash is by offering “loot boxes”, scattered around in the game world. Players can purchase these loot boxes and obtain the goodies hidden within, usually new weapons or upgrades, outfits, skins, powers, or shields. However, the contents are hidden, and to see what’s inside the box, you first have to pay a real-money price, averaging around $3.

Paying A Real Money Price

In its essence, this monetization technique doesn’t differ that much from rolling the dice or spinning the slot reels. Since you have to pay beforehand, one could argue that it constitutes a gambling activity. To the people outside of the gaming world, this may sound silly, but there some serious money being spent every year on discovering the content of the loot boxes. One recent forecast predicts that, for these purposes, the gamers will spend over $50 billion in the next two years.

The issue has grown to the level that most countries are discussing it within their lawmaking institutions. One survey, conducted not so long ago, discovered that over two-thirds of members of the British parliament support the increased regulation of loot box purchases. On this side of the pond, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) proposed a bill last year that was supposed to ban the sale of loot boxes to children but it was quickly shut down.

The representatives of the gaming industry, however, reject the notion that loot boxes are a sort of gambling, claiming that the items purchased have no value in the world outside the game and can only be used for gaming purposes. Sheldon A. Evans, an assistant law professor at St. John’s University, argues that loot boxes are a game of chance and since the items have a perceived value, it should be considered gambling.

He also noted that fostering this kind of behavior with kids can often lead to serious gambling issues and addiction when they grow up.

The issue has become more serious during the Covid pandemic. As a lot of people were forced to spend more time at home, many resorted to spending hours playing video games in order to have some fun. This lead to an unprecedented surge in video game sales, totaling $175 billion in 2020, a 20% increase compared to last year. Spending on loot boxes alone has now easily surpassed the amount of money Americans spend on streaming and other video-on-demand services.

It remains to be seen how this issue will be handled over the next few years. Some games, such as Call of Duty were virtually unplayable on a serious level without loot box purchases. However, amid more vociferous criticism, the developers are beginning to dial it back a notch. The latest Call of Duty installments, Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, do not feature loot boxes, nor does the latest hit Cyberpunk 2077. Fortnite has made their loot boxes transparent last year making the purchases more similar to shopping than gambling. The ball is now in the lawmakers’ yard and creating limitations on what and how you can spend on loot boxes will go a long way in creating a safer gaming environment, especially for the young gamers.

• Source: Column: Are ‘loot boxes’ in video games a form of gambling? from Latimes.com On December 11, 2020.


Is Fandom Moving Into The World Of eSports Betting?

Fandom Moving Into The World Of Betting

The world of eSports is in for a large change as the upcoming launch of a true global eSports betting platform completely changes the scene. Just last week Fandom Sports Media announced the completion of its subsidiary Bridarias Limited. This new endeavor based in Cyprus has one specific task: Handling the processes that Fandom requires to launch a global eSports betting platform.

While the platform itself has yet to release all indicates it will do so without no issue. Currently, Fandom is executing the final revisions and regulations required for their betting platform. This betting platform will release independently and has proven to be an unexpected choice. Previously Fandom was notorious for its all-ages approach to business, but the addition of betting has shown a new facet of the company.

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Is Fandom Moving Into The World Of eSports Betting?

Right now Fandom Sports counts with a Curacao Gaming License, which allows for the right use of wagering games in the right countries. What this means in layman’s terms is that through that license Fandom has the right to promote, market, and offer their games of chance to any country in the world except for those that are actively forbidden on the license terms. While this sounds like a major step forward it’s important to note what countries are omitted by the license.

Australia casino gambling sites7

The United States of America, the UK, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, France, and various Dutch regions

Some of the countries which are directly forbidden under the license terms include The United States of America, Africa, the UK, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, France, and various Dutch regions. As such while its global license offers a wide range it also misses key players. The limitations of this license are going to be one of the main factors for the platform to overcome in the near future. And due to its a heavy focus on the USA market in particular we can expect Fandom Sports to focus heavily on clearing all legal licenses required for the region. Though so far how they’ll overcome this hurdle remains to be seen.
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Current research by market analysts and consumer surveyors indicates that eSports global gambling revenue is expected to double this year.

If so then that means two major things: Gambling revenue will reach $14 billion, and Fandom has chosen an ideal time to move forward with its platform. Of course, how much Fandom will get to benefit from this expected growth will come down to the speed of their launch.

In regards to the apparent change in focus, Fandom exhibited, CEO David Vinokurov expressed a desire to build an eSports ecosystem where both all-ages fun and regulated wages have a place. Vinokurov expressed their interest in keeping up an all-ages audience while taking advantage of the growth of the industry separately through its betting platform. As such Fandom’s newest foray into the world of betting could be seen as an additional feature and not a change in focus.

It remains to be seen how long it’ll take for Fandom to be ready to launch it’s global betting platform. But a fast and successful launch could change the face of both the company and the eSports scene forever.

Source: Fandom moves to launch global esports betting platform From Yogonet.com On October 30, 2020.


Win Dazzling Loot & Prizes When You Get A November Online Casino Bonus Betting Boost

Win Dazzling Loot & Prizes When You Get A November Online Casino Bonus Betting Boost

With Halloween coming up, EasyMobileCasino.com has some great news. As we get closer to the end of October 2020, we want to share with players how you can win dazzling loot and prizes when you get a November online casino bonus betting boost. While the holiday like Christmas are still has some time away, we are looking toward November. Ultimately, over the next month, at Vista Gaming there will be a perfect time for a special bash that offers a lot of cash. Now, let’s get rolling, and make sure you sign up for these online casinos through EasyMobileCasino.com as you are going to love this.

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How Can I Win Dazzling Loot & Prizes ?

During October 2020, Vegas Crest Casino gave real money gamblers plenty of chances to win dazzling loot and prizes. Now, you can get a November online casino bonus betting boost early. There are NO ORDINARY PRIZES AND NO ROUTINE BONUSES. THERE WILL ONLY BE NEW GRAND PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS in November 2020. Vegas Crest and CyberSpins are increasing their nonstop tournaments, mega bonuses, and special events. The real money slots players may love to spin the reels on the online slot machines that offer the chance to win attractive prizes in At the Movies Slot and Animal online slots tournamenta, and freerolls.

How Can I Score My November Online Casino Bonus Betting Boost

On top of giving you the chance to score prizes and dazzling cash prizes, there are more real money gambling bonuses when you get a November online casino bonus betting boost. Additionally, both online casinos are offering juicy bonus spins when you make a deposit this month. If you want to try showing off your online blackjack skills, you will have the chance to win huge in our big-bucks blackjack tourneys.
Gaming Industry Defends Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims | News

Live Dealer Casino Games Are Coming To These USA Online Casinos

Are you ready for even better news? live dealer casino games are coming to these USA online casinos soon.

Now listen up. You don’t need to take a trip to the wild west and look for hidden treasures like oil wells to hit paydirt. Instead, real money gamblers should sign up for these USA online casinos through EasyMobileCasino.com. As a result, you will be able to claim 50 free spins on the new game Well Oil be. Also, you don’t have to enter no deposit bonus codes. When you play this new online slot machine, you may notice the wild symbols and the huge multipliers that trigger bonus rounds with up to 100 complimentary chips. Without leaving your house, you may have the tools to build your oil tycoon empire.

Vegas Crest Casino Exclusive Bonuses

On top of the no deposit bonus codes, and new online slot machines, these USA online casinos offer hundreds of real money slots. More specifically, you can enjoy playing Quarterback, Lucky Scarabs, and Happy Ape. If you give them a try, you will claim your 200% match bonus that comes with 30 free spins for new players that sign up through EasyMobileCasino.com.

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On top of these chances for you to win dazzling loot and prizes when you get a November online casino bonus betting boost, we have more offers. When you sign up for CyberBingo through EasyMobileCasino.com, you will be able to play hundreds of Las Vegas-style slot machines, online keno, and real money bingo games. Furthermore, you can join the epic battle for power between the Huntress when you play the Dark Wizard slot machine with your 100 FREE sign up spins on the Book of Darkness slots.


3,050 Fans Predicted The League of Legends Final Standings

3,050 Fans Predicted The LoL Final Standings

With a new year comes a new League of Legends World Championship, and as has become custom fans of the eSports mega event came together to vote through Pick’em for the 16 teams that would arrive at the finals of the Championship. Pick’em which has become a custom for LoL fans offers rewards, prizes, and contests for all users who vote, and this year’s results offer some interesting insight on both how Pick’em and League of Legends are progressing.

Why Do The Experts Predict 3,050 Fans In The LoL Final Standings?

This year only 3,050 fans accurately predicted the teams that would reach the stage, and at a grand total of 3.2 million participants, this means only 0.095% of contestants managed to guess the finalists. While the number seems incredibly reduced at first, it is in fact an improvement over both last year’s result and 2018’s results.

Last year only 2,682 people out of a similar 3 million pool managed to guess accurately, which meant only 0.092% of contestants managed to predict the finals. 2018 saw only 647 contestants guess accurately, a number that largely speaks for itself.

What this ultimately means is that there’s been a consistent increase in accuracy from the player base when it comes to Pick’em standings and this comes back to the current state of the game. Certain teams have long established themselves as powerhouses making it easier to predict which team will come from each bracket, and a heavier presence of game streams and related journalism has allowed the fan base to commit to more accurate predictions on the World Championship.

Great News For LOL Fans

While this is interesting for any game analyst it’s also great news for LoL fans and especially for those who have made it this far into the competition. The 3,050 remaining contestants now have the chance to win an Alienware Battlestation, a dedicated Gaming PC that is of the same model as the computers used to play the on-stage matches. Meaning that they might get even closer to the professional experience than any other fan out there.

How To Reach This Prize In The Pick’em Contest

Of course, to reach this prize the Pick’em contestants need to get their remaining knockout picks correct, a task that might not be as easy given the numbers we’ve seen so far. But the possibility remains, and all the winning fans so far have reason to be excited.

That said it’s not like a perfect Pick’em score is needed to win something, and even if you didn’t start from the very first rounds fans can still vote for the knockout stage. You might not win the ultimate but there are still opportunities to win countless in-game items for your own account, ranging from essence, chests, icons, and more. Time is of the essence however as the knockout stage resumes October 15th, meaning that the next exciting step in the World Championship stage resumes very soon.

One way or another, whether you are into the Pick’em craze or even a winner one fact remains undeniable. League of Legends continues to be a massive player in the eSports scene and one with a fan base that is still as invested as they were since day one.


Does Twitch Live Streaming Video Platform Have Real Money Gambling Channels?

twitch casinodaddy real money gambling channels live streaming video platform

If you play live streaming games with CasinoDaddy At Twitch Casino, you may have heard rumors about real money gambling channels. Is this the case, well we don’t know yet? However, in the recent online casino news, there has been a lot of speculation that the Twitch CasinoDaddy is offering more than just free games on their live streaming video platform. With the huge popularity of Fortnite and many other first-person shooting games, Twitch has become a very popular gaming platform.

Back in 2018, there were news reports about suspicious gaming channels that some folks allege that are real money gambling. However, Twitch disputes these claims and the public find that there is not betting for cash on CasinoDaddy. However, there are always twenty-thousand players online at Twitch’s CasinoDaddy at a time. If these folks found a channel where they can truly hit the progressive jackpot, then many Twitch is not aware.

Does The Twitch Live Streaming Video Platform Have Real Money Gambling Channels?

No, they don’t. First of all, these are just rumors. However, if someone really finds a real money gambling site on Twitch CasinoDaddy, would they speak up? With twenty thousand players streaming online all the time, isn’t that hard to monitor? Even big gaming sites like Myth and Summit1g have less than 20,000 players streaming and playing at once.

Allegedly, the online casino section in Twitch has been the host of folks that are betting real money using actual mobile gambling sites. Isn’t Twitch CasinoDaddy free? Well, yes. However, with all of those members streaming at a time, it has to be hard to monitor. According to an article in Lotaku, people have been playing real money casino games like slot machines with progressive jackpots. Additionally, some people claim that there are table games for actual money like craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. So, have you ever hit the “Browser” button during the day to see what is going on?

CasinoDaddy Hits Over 50,000 Streamers While Overview Highest Is 28,000

While 20,000 streamers online at a time is an average during the day, but it gets busier. Sometimes, there are as much as fifty-one thousand players streaming on their live video platform. This number is much higher when compared to other gaming platforms such as Overwatch. At Overwatch, the busiest it gets is 28,000 users.

If you are not familiar with CasinoDaddy, it has been online since 2016. With sixty thousand followers, the streamers can chat live to talk and interact with each other. Obviously, this provides huge entertainment value. However, how do you wagers on a digital game of skill or games of chance? How good is that moderation? Well, it has to be good if Amazon owns the company, right?

• Source: Twitch’s Casino Section Is Full Of Suspicious Channels From Kotaku.com On April 24, 2019.

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Global Gaming Expo Speaks Highly About Skill-Based Gaming

Global Gaming Expo Speaks Highly About Skill-Based Gaming | Gambling News

The Global Gaming Expo, which is also known as G2E took place in Las Vegas last Thursday. Above all, the word for the online casino operators is that a lot of companies were promoting [speaking highly about| their skill-based games. Furthermore, executives even went as far as to say they feel the future of real money gambling is skill-based gaming. Recently, Blaine Graboyes from GameCo discusses this topic in an article (“New casino games based on popular video games like Pac-Man”) in KTNV Las Vegas news by Bryan Callahan.
bovada esports betting apps

Will Skill Based Gaming Become The Future Of Real Money Gambling Online?

So, what did this article about new casino games that are based on old-school popular video games like Pac-Man say? Did the try to make a juxtaposition between skill-based gaming and eSports betting? Well, maybe that is a stretch. Above all, Blaine Graboyes goes on record with the Las Vegas news to say “One of the things for us is to make fun video games people already know and turn it into experiences you can wager on,”

Old School Slot Machines Versus New Video Games You Can Bet On?

After making that statement, he goes onto making a point that the average person playing an old-school slot machine at casinos in Las Vegas is fifty-eight years old. He doesn’t say whether the fifty-eight-year-old person is a man or women. However, he does go onto say the average age of someone playing Gamblit machine is only thirty-six. Moreover, this is a wide gap in ages and does help his premise that the future of real money gambling is in skill-based gaming.

Road Redemption and Pac-Man are popular video games that folks can win money if they “earn money while winning races, annihilating enemy bikers, and causing destruction with a strategically placed C-4,” and High Orbit, a game where players “blow up aliens and asteroids to win cash.”

Skill Based Gaming Is Not Showing A Profit, So Why Is It So Important?

So far, skill-based gaming has not been as profitable than regular slot machines and other old-fashion gambling games. However, people that work at MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment appear to feel that skill-based games are still babies. That said, these two Las Vegas casinos invested twenty-five million dollars in skill-based gaming last year. More specifically, MGM and Caesars put their money into “Model G tables and TriStation units from Gamblit”. Furthermore, these are multi-player games that have social interaction and are on a Tristation. Furthermore, these TriStations offer multi-player and single player games such as word games titles like zombie shooters.

In conclusion, we are not sure if the future of real money gambling is in skill based-gaming. However, it is interesting to see where these big casino gambling operators are putting their money. That said, we have seen betting on the outcome of video games [esports betting] grow in popularity. Is this an indication of what the future hold?

The Global Gaming Expo is also referred to as G2E. The American Gaming Association (AGA) puts together this annual trade show is held in Las Vegas Nevada, Nevada. The first G2E was in 2001 and it made a statement as an important conference for the free gaming and real money gambling industry. Usually, there are over six hundred people with exhibits with over one hundred conferences every year.

Las Vegas, Nevada is not the only place where the Global Gaming Expo is held. Have you ever heard of the Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia)? 2007 was the first year this event was held in Macau, China. This International trade show is for gaming companies specifically for the Asia market. The American Gaming Association (AGA) and Reed Exhibitions put this show together on a yearly basis.

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What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps?

What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps | Video Game Betting

Are You Ready To Learn What The Best Casinos Are To Bet Real Money On Video Games? In this article, we will discuss the best e sports betting sites and apps. Also, we will give you an overview of what eSports betting site. EasyMobileCasino.com covers many online gambling news and also cover the news about loot boxes. Now, we want to take the time to discuss the best USA friendly casinos where you can bet on Call Of Duty (COD) Bet on Dota 2, LoL, CSGO Or any video game. First of all, Bovada is a US friendly casino with a Sportsbook, Racebook, poker room and an eSports betting app. Sign up for Bovada through EasyMobilecasino.com. As a result, claim exclusive welcome bonuses before you bet on Call Of Duty (COD) Bet on Dota 2, LoL, CSGO Or any video game. Furthermore, Bovada is not the only eSports betting app, we will go into detail and give you more options.

bovada esports betting apps

What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps?

So, What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps? That appears to be the big question, right? Overall, there are not many US friendly casinos that offer eSports betting options. However, Intertops offers a nice variety of eSports betting options. Sign up for Intertops through EasyMobileCasino.com. In return, earn exclusive welcome bonuses over your first several deposits. Also, Intertops accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others.

intertops red casino slots bonuses

Learn What The Best Casinos Are To Bet Real Money On Video Games

Besides Intertops and Bovada, there are not many trusted eSports betting sites. BetOnline does take eSports bets. However, we do not recommend BetOnline anymore. Above all, we feel that they cheated players, affiliates, and advertisers with predatory terms and conditions. Furthermore, these ever-changing terms and conditions made it difficult to list them as a trusted USA casino, Sportsbook, Racebook and poker room. Without a doubt, they have great real money betting options. However, it is our opinion that players, advertisers, and affiliates should stay away from this esports betting site.

With that said, we want to give you an overview of how legal USA esports betting evolved. Above all, some folks say that eSports betting [betting on the outcome of a video game] goes all the way back to when video games started. Furthermore, people feel that folks that had friends over [offline] to play video games would bet on the outcome. Some people, even stayed up late at night betting that they would beat the other person in the video game. However, eSports betting has become just as popular as betting on sports, horses and even playing mobile casino games for real money online. Now, there are professional esports leagues and tournaments.

If you do a google search for esports, you will see that betting on video games has been going on a lot longer than the last couple of years. Also, people refer to ESports as electronic sports and e-sports. While online e-sports betting is new, placing real money wagers on video games has been going on for a very long time offline. Around the time of 2010, there was a surge in organized and multiplayer video game competitions to the point where they became very popular amongst real-money gamblers. In 2018, we are looking toward 2019, 2020 and the years after to be very significant in the mobile gambling industry for e-sports.

In esports betting, some video games are more popular than others. It appears that titles with themes like the first-person shooter, fighting and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and real-time strategy (RTS) are the most popular. Some games that folks like betting on are Overwatch, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Popular games for esports include League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Hearthstone and Fortnite. Obviously, there are many other titles that folks gamble on. However, these games are found most commonly in live broadcast events where the winners can earn prize money(not from gambling).
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‘Call of Duty’ Mobile” & “Candy Crush’ Creator CEO Discusses Loot Boxes Legal Scrutiny

Loot Boxes Legal Scrutiny | ‘Call of Duty’ Mobile" & "Candy Crush’ Creator CEO

Loot Boxes has been in the regular and the online gambling news a lot. Overall, people feel that Loot Boxes are just as addictive as real money gambling games. For those that are not familiar, when playing a video game, you may come in contact with a prize crate or a loot crate. These crates go by different names [other than loot boxes]. However, they are a virtual item that is consumable, which you can redeem an actual [but virtual] prize. Furthermore, the games select these virtual prizes at random [similar to how a slot machine uses a random number generator]. While this seems as innocent as upgrading a players gaming avatar, you can also buy weapons and body armor for first-person shooter games. Recently, an article in Variety.com by Brian Crecente called “Candy Crush’ Creator on Loot Boxes, ‘Call of Duty’ Mobile”, it discusses the increased legal scrutiny. Also, it discusses how it impacts the corporation’s billion-dollar microtransactions.
bovada esports betting apps

What Games Have Loot Boxes And Are They As Addictive As Real Money Gambling?

We are going to discuss the impact of the legal scrutiny on loot boxes from the person that creates “Candy Crush’ and ‘Call of Duty’ Mobile”. However, Call Of Duty may have loot boxes but we don’t believe Candy Crush Saga Does. In the Variety news article, Riccardo Zacconi says “Our strategy is to focus first and foremost on making the game the most fun,”. After that, he goes on to say “Retention is our first concern, not monetization. We focus on two-day, seven-day, 10-day retention. You have to have a very long view of the game, not a short-term view of monetization.”

While this is maybe a nice explanation for the companies investors, it appears that this worries parents of young children. Now, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games online. However, King does not feel that the company relies on loot boxes to make money. Furthermore, it appears he thinks the throughout the past decade, video gaming revenue has come from Microtransactions that grant players more time. That said, this contradicts the premise that the majority of the money spent on video games come from loot boxes. But, this does not mean that they are not just as addictive as real money gambling, right?

miami club casino no deposit bonuses


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Most Video Games With Loot Boxes Are Free But Have Advertisements?

Above all, King believes that it is okay for their customers to play the video games free. However, he implents advertising to make his company money. In the Variety article, he says “Most of our players have never paid and it’s OK, we’re not trying to bring them in to pay,” Furthermore, he goes onto say that players have the option to watch the video advertisement. However, they can bypass watching the video by paying a fee. This is the same thing that Youtube does for Youtube Red, right?

Over the last week, his company releases a new video game “Candy Crush Friends Saga,”. Above all, there are many new costumes and characters in the video game. However, players can pay to unlock these features. Is that gambling? Well, maybe if it affects the player (especially if they are under the legal age to gamble).

Later on in the Variety news article, Zacconi says “We’re not going to go into loot boxes,” However Zacconi does say “Video advertising is a new area we are building out. We’re making sure you can continue to play as soon as the video is over and that it is relevant to the player.”

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A New President Comes To Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino

Atlantic City's Hard Rock Casino | New Jersey Gambling | New President

In the latest US and New Jersey casino news, it appears that a new President Is Coming To The Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino In The Garden State. Online gambling in New Jersey has skyrocketed profits for local Atlantic City casinos. Will this new change affect the hotel resorts profit? Well, it appears that the legalization of online sports betting has made online casinos in New Jersey even more profitable. Also, the European online gambling operator Bet365 appears to have made some strong moves to enter the United States Internet gambling market. The old Hard Rock casino president in Atlantic City was Matt Harkness, who will replace him?

intertops red casino slots bonuses

Who Is The New President At Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino ?

Indeed, the question going around the real money gambling communities has been who is going to replace Matt Harkness to be the next President of Hard Rock International. In a recent article , it appears that Hard Rock International intends to replace Matt Harkness on November 1, 2018 with Joe Lupo.

Furthermore, there was nothing said about the reason for the change. However, we can only speculate that it has to do with the new changes in the Internet gambling market, more specifically, the legal NY sports betting business.

Who Is Joe Lupo And How Can He Help Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino?

Well, Joe Lupo has a strong gambling background and resume. Above all, he comes from The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, where his official title is “Senior Vice President of Operations of Marina District Development Company LLC “. In January 2017, it appears that Mr. Joe Lupo changed his casino management position from Senior Vice President of Operations of Marina District Development Company LLC (Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa), to President of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Tampa at Seminole Hard Rock International, LLC).


· US Sportsbook Offers “Crazy Bets” On McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov UFC Fight

· Get Reduced Juice Betting Action For Notorious McGregor-Nurmagomedov UFC Fight

An Casino Gambling Guru Steps Up To The Plate

For over three decades, Mr. Joe Lupo has worked in the real money casino management, entertainment and betting business and software gaming industry. More specifically, Joe Lupo used to work for the Boyd Gaming. Indeed, Hard Rock International purchases the resort from The US President Donald Trump (Trump Taj Majal). Since then, Hard Rock spends approximately three hundred million dollars to renovate the resort. That said, it was reported in the “Atlantic City Press”, in the first few months of operation, the Hard Rock was the highest grossing casino in the state of New Jersey. Furthermore, this was after they announced their agreement with Bet365 after New Jersey legalizes online sports betting.

The Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City is one of the leading online casinos in New Jersey. Also, they may allow mobile sports betting out of casino resort for residents of the State of New Jersey. We are unclear if the new president will have a large effect on how the resort does. However, the rumors in the gambling communities are that the Hard Rock is going to be one of the biggest players in the entire United States of America gambling market.

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Gaming Industry Defends Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims

Gaming Industry Defends Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims | News

The Real Money Gaming Industry Defends Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims. According to Wikipedia, a loot box is a ‘consumable virtual item which can be redeemed to receive a randomized selection of further virtual items as part of a video game. They are normally paid for or part of a game’s reward system, so they do have a perceived value. Depending on the particular video game, the rewards can range from a very low value to a very high one.

Why Does The Real Money Gaming Industry Defend Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims?

In a recent editorial piece on Arstechnica.com by Peter Bright, he discussed the connection between loot boxes and gambling. While the gaming industry does not consider the addition of loot boxes in video games a direct form of gambling, more and more government legislators around the world are taking a much closer look at this practice from a gambling standpoint. The fact remains that game companies rely on loot boxes as a way to monetize their products. This is why they have gone on the defense to avoid any government interference into their addition to their products.

Mr. Bright goes on to make the argument that loot boxes are a form of gambling. He goes on to say, ”The essential features of the transaction match those of real money gambling, the reward pathways, and addiction mechanisms are those of gambling and playing dumb about it, as the industry is currently doing, is a bad look.” Earlier this year we covered “Washington State Wants To know Whether Loot Boxes Are Gambling ”

With Real Money Gambling There Is A Monetary Risk Unlike Loot Boxes?

When it comes to real money gambling such as slot machines, there is a clear monetary risk for a clear reward. You spend money to try and make money. Sometimes you win, but other times you lose. This is the risk/reward factor that defines the true essence of gambling. When actual monetary funds can be won and lost, it is considered to be real money gambling. This by its nature, can cause addictive behavior in certain individuals.

Trying To try Pass Off Loot Boxes As Parts Of Video Games?

The gaming industry may try and pass off loot boxes as part of a video game, but the fact that you can receive a reward for a monetary risk makes them no different than the same features included in slot machines, a roulette wheel or other games of chance.

Regulators in Belgium and the Netherlands have already classified loot boxes as a form of gambling. Since you are guaranteed to win something, game companies will argue that loot boxes are not a gambling device since something of value is exchanged for a price. This tends to be a very weak argument since many times the reward included in the loot box could be considered worthless as a consolation prize.
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Will The Real Money Gaming Industry Continue To Defends Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims?

In a further explanation by Mr. Bright, multiple purchases of boxes within the same game will yield the same standard prize. You can only use one version of this prize in the game, so any multiple additions of the same exact prize carry no value for the player.

The other argument why loot boxes are not a form of real money gambling is that they cannot be exchanged for actual cash. The main hole in this argument is the simple fact that gaming companies charge real money cash for the loot box. Why not give them away as free rewards for playing the game.

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