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Gambling Revenues on the Rise in New Mexico

Gambling Revenues on the Rise in New Mexico | Casino News

Real money gambling in land-based casino resorts as well as online at internet casino sites is on the rise all across the United States. Many states have enacted gambling expansion bills in recent years to help drive this growth. This expansion ranges from newly constructed or remodeled casino hotel and resorts to state-sponsored online gambling and increased lottery offerings.

New Mexico is not often thought off as a hot-bed for gambling, but according to a recent report posted on the Santa Fe New Mexican website business is back on the rise when it comes to real money gambling. The biggest growth was in the state’s lottery sales with a six percent increase for the 2018 fiscal year. This was a major rebound from the previous fiscal year which was the worst since 2001. Despite the favorable results, overall ticket sales in the state remained below average as compared to the last 15 years. Revenue figures for lottery sales totaled $134 million as compared to the $126.1 for the previous year. Sales from the time frame of 2003 to 2017 have averaged $141.1 million

How Is Gambling Revenues on the Rise in New Mexico?

David Barden is CEO of New Mexico’s lottery system and he mentioned in this report that most of the increase could be attributed to additional ticket sales for multi-state games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. The sales revenue for scratch-off tickets remained flat. Part of the reason for the increase was the cost of a Mega Millions ticket going from one to two dollars. Several large jackpots for both games also helped to drive sales.

New Mexico offers real money gambling on slot machines at its five horse racing tracks. Revenue for slots at these venues reported a two percent gain to end a two-year decline. The total slot machine revenue for FY2018 was $230.2 million. This is still well below the all-time high of $265.3 million in 2015. There are several New Mexico casinos owned and operated by Native American Indian Tribes, but those revenues have yet to be reported by the state’s Gaming Control Board.

The state-run lottery commenced in 1996 and ticket sales generated an increase each year up until 2004. Sales have fluctuated up and down ever since. Ticket sales hit an all-time high in 2016 at $154.4 million before sinking close to $30 million in sales the following year. Sales for scratch-off tickets in 2016 were $83.1 million in 2016, but according to this report, they plummeted to $72.4 million in 2017. The reported figure for scratcher sales in FY2018 was basically flat to the previous year at $72.3 million.

Will Internet Betting Help Gambling Revenue in New Mexico?

According to this report, New Mexico lottery officials have blamed the decline of sales in scratch-off tickets on lower prize payouts which have waned interest with consumers. State law mandates that 30 percent of all lottery revenue needs to be earmarked for college assistance. In order to meet that figure, payouts on winning tickets needed to be reduced. Also mentioned was the fact that sales for Power Ball and Mega Millions can be volatile at times due to the unpredictability of large jackpots.

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A Growing Concern for Slot Machine Addiction in Japan

A Growing Concern for Slot Machine Addiction in Japan | Casino News

Every country’s government has concerns about real money gambling’s impact on its citizens. Behind the glitz and glamour of any land-based casino resort or online casino website for internet gambling is the underlying problem with real money gambling in terms of addiction. Some countries are more proactive than others when it comes to developing programs that deal with this very serious issue. It is safe to say that if the issue of gambling addiction is not properly dealt with, it could end up hurting the overall casino gambling industry in the long run.

In a recent post on, the whole issue of gambling addiction in Japan on slot machines and pachinko machines was addressed. This was in light of the country’s recent decision to legalize land-based casinos. As a result of this new government measure, the first actual casino on Japanese soil is expected to open by the mid-2000.

Why Is There A A Growing Concern for Slot Machine Addiction in Japan?

Until now, the main form of legal gambling in Japan was through slot machines known as “pachislot” machines along with pachinko machines. According to this report, results from a recent study on gambling addiction were released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It is estimated that 3.6 percent of the adult population will show symptoms of gambling addiction at some point in their life. This equates to 3.2 million people. The study also estimates that 0.8 percent of the adult population or 700,000 adults has demonstrated actual symptoms over the past 12 months.

The Japanese government subsidized the study which was conducted by National Hospital Organization Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center in May and June of last year. The study was presented to 10,000 randomly selected adults from ages 21 to 74. Valid responses from that group numbered 4,685 people. Among the participants interviewed, there were 158 people or 3.6 percent that had exhibited symptoms related to gambling addiction.

Further results revealed that 32 of the participants (mostly men) had shown signs of a gambling problem over the past year. The average age of this group was 46.5 and the most of their gambling took place on pachinko and/or slot machines (pachislot) . Of the 158 original responses, 123 people confirmed that this was their primary form of real money gambling.

Separate study on gambling conducted by the National Police Agency in Japan

Also mentioned in the report was a separate study on gambling conducted by the National Police Agency in Japan. This study found that the number of pachinko parlors in the country has been in a steady decline since 1996. There has also been a slight decline in the number of pachinko machines in light of an increase of pachislot slot machines. The net-net of this study determined that the total number of gambling machines in Japan has remained steady over the past few years. What has grown is the overall size of the pachinko parlors still in operation.

When compared to countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Canada in terms of the rate of potential gambling addiction, Japan’s rate of 3.6 percent was significantly higher. The next highest rate listed in this report was 1.9 percent for the Netherlands.

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Miami Club and Red Stag Casinos Now Accepting Litecoin And Bitcoin Cash

Miami Club Casino | Red Stag Casinos Now Accepting Litecoin And Bitcoin Cash

Are You Ready To Start Your Real Money Winning Streak Instantly With Miami Club Or Red Stag Casinos Using Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash? Both real money casinos have held off for a long time from accepting more types of cryptocurrencies. Finally, has great news for folks that like to gamble anonymously using Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and more cryptocurrencies!

When Will Miami Club and Red Stag Casinos Start Accepting Litecoin And Bitcoin Cash?

Last week, Miami Club announced that they started to allow players from
Australia use Australian Dollars (AUD). Now, in addition to this new currency, they (as well as Red Stag) are offering Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash banking options. Are you ready for some great news? After you sign up for Miami Club or Red Stag through, you can deposit as little as twenty-five dollars and as much as twenty-five hundred dollars per deposit. Furthermore, make sure you tell Miami Club and Red Stags customer service that sent you over and enter the coupon code CRYPTOSTAGS. As a result, you will be able to claim your exclusive free spins plus your five hundred percent welcome bonus. This promotion runs from August 2, 2018, through August 12, 2018. Also, this rewards giveaway is only available for new players that use Ethereum. Ether or Ethereum has also become very popular. Also, we have seen other real money gambling sites start to take Ethereum. Will Miami Club and Red Stag accept Ether in the future? feels that they will. However, only time will tell!

Adding Bitcoin Cash as a deposit and withdrawal option is important. Some people like using Bitcoin cash instead of Bitcoins as the processing time is much faster. Having said that, Bitcoin Cash is a lot cheaper than Bitcoin Core. This is not financial advice, this is just an update on how you can make online casino deposits and withdrawals. Also, since this article was first written, Miami Club and Red Stag are accepting Litecoin. We are hoping that they will include more cryptocurrencies in the future.

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Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps On Demand

Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps On Demand | Gaming News

Everyone knows that real money gambling is big business all around the world The expansion of lavish land-based casino hotels and resorts continues along with an expansive network of internet-based casino sites offering online play. One of the biggest catalysts for real money gambling online as been the rapid growth of specific casino apps for almost every type of personal handheld device with internet access.

According to a recent post by Erik Gibbs on the site, there is a new casino app that allows real money gambling online through an actual United States casino with a catch.

What Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps Are On Demand?

It all started with a casino in Auburn, Washington partnering with a gaming software company to develop an casino app that can be used anywhere in the country. The Muckleshoot Casino and Playport Gaming Systems are the two principals involved in the project. The app will allow gamblers to download casino games at a price with the intention of using real money to place bets from anywhere they want.

Given all the US federal restrictions that still exist for online gambling with real money, this idea sounds like a great way to expand your gambling options. It also sounds too go to be true. In reality, it is a combination of both.

The lone caveat to the legality of real money gambling on a casino app from anywhere you want still involves the physical casino floor. Any financial transaction related to playing the games must take place at Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington. One of the interesting facets of this app is that the casino games are not played against the house. However, the financial transactions must take place there.

Mobile Gambling App is that the Real Money Casino Muckleshoot Indian Tribe?

One of the particulars involving the casino app is that the casino itself is owned and operated by the Muckleshoot Indian tribe. This means it is not subject to Washington State law, but it is still heavily tied to the federal government in Washington DC. This keeps the casino exempt from the state’s ongoing efforts to shut down the use of casino-style games through special apps. Even if they are not designed to pay out real money, gaming companies are facing issues in a state that is known for having some of the toughest online gambling laws in the country.

This is Playport’s first foray into the US market for real money casino apps after setting up some similar operations in Mexico. The company stated that downloading the casino app will take place at Playport’s point-of-sale and loyalty platforms.

The company uses proprietary technology to provide real money gambling solutions for casino and lottery retailers. It has formed strategic partnerships with legal land-based casinos to provide software for expansion into online gambling operations. These partnerships are located in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Playport is looking to expand its presence in the US market, especially when it comes to tribal casinos. It is already a member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

The games that will be offered in this partnership are classified as “Class II” gambling activities under federal US law. They are regulated by federal and tribal authorities outside any state jurisdiction. This gives casinos such as Muckleshoot much more leeway in offering this type casino app.

Previous News Article: Intertops Casino Launches The New Chinese-Themed Game Called Dragon Kings


Intertops Casino Launches The New Chinese-Themed Game Called Dragon Kings

Intertops Casino Bonuses | New Chinese-Themed Game Called Dragon Kings

Have You Heard That Intertops Casino Has Launched The New Chinese-Themed Game Called Dragon Kings? Intertops casino is notorious for having the largest online betting options. For example, you can bet on sports online, place real money horse wagers on your mobile App, play in poker tournaments for cash and enjoy the hottest online slot machines with Bitcoin. Now, Intertops Casino has launched a new Chinese-Themed game Called Dragon Kings. Make sure you sign up for Intertops through As a result, you will claim exclusive welcome bonuses you cannot find on regular gambling review websites.

Is The New Chinese-Themed Game Called Dragon Kings A Slot Machine?

Yes, Dragon Kings is a new online slot machine that can be played on mobile Smartphones and tablets. BetSoft gaming software providers power this new online slot machines that have awesome graphics and many opportunities to win. Above all, Intertops casino has a game of the week where you can win extra money by scoring rewards points. This week, the Dragon King slot machine is the game of the week. Also, you can win up to ten free spins on this mythical new game until August 5, 2018. After you sign up for Intertops through Easy Mobile Casino, head over to the promotions page and click on “DRAGON KINGS INTRODUCTORY BONUS”. Furthermore, all new and existing gamblers that made a deposit in July 2018 will qualify for free Dragon Kings slot machine spins from July 30, 2018, through August 5, 2018.

Do you want to know more about this new online slot machine? BetSoft’s Dragon Kings slot machine offers a mix of an ancient myth theme with contemporary music and modern artwork. Also, this new online slot machine has unique features with tons of ways to win. Moreover, you will see some Legends come to life on your Apple iPhone or Android on this high-resolution game on the big screen.

How Can I Win Playing The New Chinese-Themed Slot Game Called Dragon Kings?

Indeed, winning money playing online slot machines is key. As you already know, all electronic gambling games work by matching the same symbols on the reels. Some symbols are wild, scatter and bonus symbols while others have a specific value. Above all, you will be able to draw on Chinese folklore to win instant prizes to duplicating wilds playing the new Dragon Kings slot machine. Furthermore, there are four mythical dragons that used to have control of the seas. Keep your eyes open for those symbols as they are key to beating this online slot machines. Also, there is a fifty dragon who protects the seas. He is a high-value symbol that is animated and pays out double on winning pay lines.

Dragon Kings is an awesome game from Betsoft. You can discover the culture of Ancient China without packing a page and having to travel. Like most BetSoft slot machines, this title has incredible graphics, awesome sound effects, and a great storyline. BetSoft releases this classic slots game on July 27, 2018. According to the official BetSoft software website, the return to a player percentage (RTP) is 95.20%.

If you live Asian and Chinese myths, you will love playing Dragon Kings as they will come to life soaring on the reels of this classic slot machine based on the traditional tale. With a 3X5 grid, the machine offers ten pay lines and has symbols that are actual stars. You may notice that the guardians of ancient China’s seas as 4 standouts. Also, you will see some lucky coins, jade, and Asian Cornerstones as symbols.

Each of these four symbols is wild and replace other images to form winning combinations. However, each of them has their own separate powers and identities, which is interesting, fun and comes with excellent animations.

While this online slot machine has a 3X5 grid, there is actually a sixth reel that can appear. Once this sixth wheel appears you may see it contain a magical flaming pearl. As a result of landing this magic flaming pearl, you will double the number of free spins you win from these scattery images. Also, these symbols are the key to unlocking the fixed-coin jackpot. Having said that, if you score five of the dragon symbols on the reels at the same time, you trigger the 2,000X multiplier. Therefore, you don’t have to trigger the fixed-coin jackpot in order to win big.

Previous News Article: North Carolina Indian Tribe Nabbed for Illegal Gambling?

, ,

North Carolina Indian Tribe Nabbed for Illegal Gambling?

North Carolina Indian Tribe Nabbed for Illegal Gambling? Casino News

Native American Indian Tribes officially recognized by the federal government have revolutionized the real money casino gambling industry all across the United States over the past few decades. Legal land-based casinos have helped to revitalize any number of recognized Indian reservations while adding tax revenue to the federal government’s coffers.

A local ABC affiliate in North Carolina , News 15 recently reported a story about a state Indian tribe that decided to skip the process of federal and even state recognition to open their own real money casinos. The Tuscarora Nation has been officially recognized in New York for years, but its designation as a Native American Tribe much further down the East Coast in North Carolina has never taken place.

Why Was The North Carolina Indian Tribe Nabbed for Illegal Gambling?

Sstute Synthesis president Benjamin Byrne was quoted as saying, “They don’t have any sort of reservation land or any tribal courts that they can call upon as recognized tribes are able to do.” This means that without federal recognition the tribe’s land is still under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement.

Byrne went onto add, “The government recognizes the people falling under the jurisdiction of law enforcement, be that local state or federal, and that they have to follow all the rules as you and I.”

These statements were released following a year-long multi-agency investigation in Robeson County, NC. that led to the recent arrest of 26 members of the Tuscarora Nation. They were alleged to be involved in the operation of three illegal casinos that were open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlicensed and heavily armed security monitored slot machine and other gambling activities at the three facilities.

In another direct quote by Byrne included in the News 15 report, he noted “They ( the NC Tuscarora tribe) consider the government of the United States and local state governments to be illegitimate. They will create their own law enforcement court system.” He added, “Until they’re recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs or by the North Carolina State Government, they are citizens like anyone else.”

Cherokee Tribe in North Carolina is recognized on both the state and federal level?

Tribes that have been recognized by the federal government do have the right to create their own laws as well as enforce them on sovereign land. The Cherokee Tribe in North Carolina is recognized on both the state and federal level. Byrne added, “Much like the Cherokee in the western part of the state, there’s a tribal court, there’s a tribal law enforcement.”

As far as gambling in general in North Carolina, slot games and other types of video gambling machines are illegal.

The current law states, “It is illegal to operate any slot machine or device where the user may become entitled to receive any money, credit, allowance, or any thing of value. A slot machine is a device where players insert coins, slugs, or tokens and the game of chance may result in winning money or something of value.”

Also deemed illegal by state law is the manufacturing, storing, renting or leasing of slot machines or other devices that could be used for gambling. This law went into effect in July of 2007 according to this news report. The problem with the Tuscarora Nation seems to be that they don’t have any actual land for an Indian reservation. The tribe in this article refers to the Tuscarora Nation Native American Indian Tribe in The Southern United States of America. We want to give you an overview of them as they migrated from the Northern United States and even Ontario Canada.

First of all, Tuscarora means Shirt-Wearing People and hemp gatherers and is pronounced Tuscarora Skarù:ręˀ. This Native American Indian Tribe is the first nation bands government of the Iroquoian-language family. As we said, they are located in South Eastern parts of the United States like South Carolina(where these folks were arrested). However, The Tuscarora Nation Native Amerian Indian Tribe has people in New York and in Ontario. It appears that this tribe coalesced their people around the Great Lakes around the time with the Five Nations Iroquoian-speaking and the historic Iroquois Confederacy rose up.

Previous News Article: Grounded Cruise Ship Casino Lies Idle off Southeast Coast


Grounded Cruise Ship Casino Lies Idle off Southeast Coast

Grounded Cruise Ship Casino Lies Idle off Southeast Coast | Gambling News

Just about every luxury cruise ship offers a real money gambling casino as part of its amenities. In certain parts of the country such as Mississippi, real money gambling on a riverboat casino is big business for some of the major players in the casino gambling industry. In a recent post on the UK site Daily Mail , the ill-fated story of the Casino Royal casino ship paints a darker portrait of gambling on the water.

The Casino Royal was the name sake of a 6000 sq. ft ship that was built for the sole purpose of real money gambling. It offered three separate decks with dozens of gaming tables for blackjack, craps, and roulette as well as 200 slot machines and video poker machines. The fourth deck of the ship was used for sightseeing.

When Did The Grounded Cruise Ship Casino Lie Idle off Southeast Coast?

Built in Florida back in 1978, the ship was designed to cruise into international waters to offer legal casino gambling to its patrons. This usually involved a three-mile trip off the coast to skirt US maritime laws a they applied to real money gambling. In the early 2000’s, the cruise ship moved its base of operations to the Gulf Coast and over the course of its sorted past, the ship went by a number of different names with a number of different owners.

The trouble started when the vessel was first shutdown for illegal gambling when it was discovered that its gaming tables and slot machines were open for play within the three-mile limit. New owners came in and continued to look for opportunities to run the casino just off US waters.

More recently, the Casino Royal ran aground in 2014 while operating off the South Carolina and Georgia coast. Passengers were stranded for hours as the ship stayed idle on a sandbar before they were evacuated to a rescue boat. More allegations of illegal gambling within the three-mile limit dogged the current owners at the time.

After running aground again in 2015, the US Coast Guard order the ship to cease operations and its operator’s license was revoked . It was once again put up for sale, but this time no new buyers came forward. It has been sitting idle ever since and the only time it was moved from its current location off the Southeast coast was in 2016 to avoid the path of Hurricane Matthew.

The Casino Royal was also known as the Diamond Royale

Over the course of its history, the Casino Royal was also known as the Diamond Royale and the Escapade among the dozens of different names it operated under. While the gaming tables remain empty and the slot machines quiet, it has become somewhat of tourist attraction given its eerie resemblance to a ghost ship.

Pictures included in the Daily Mail post show a roulette wheel with chips still on the gaming table. There is a row of slot machines with a full beer still sitting on top of a Double Diamond machine. Everything has been frozen in time since it ceased operations over three years ago.

The future of the Casino Royal remains unknown; however, the current owners have said there are plans to renovate the ship and resume operations. Before Hurricane Katrina and other tropical storms, the Riverboat casino business in Mississippi was booming. While most of the cruise ships and riverboats were in Tunica, Mississippi has a lot of land casino resorts in Philadelphia and Baton Rouge. A lot of the Riverboat casinos were flooded due to the inclement weather over the past few years, which puts some of them out of business. We hope that the future of Casino Royal is bright even if they have to move locations.

Previous News Article: New York Casino Looks to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling


New York Casino Looks to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling

New York Casino Looks to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling | Gaming News

When most people think of the real money gambling floor at a land-based casino, they probably think of an indoor venue that is filled with slot machines and other video gaming machine in one central area or around the perimeter of the casino floor. If the casino also offers table games such as craps, roulette and blackjack, the tables would be located in a separate section of that floor or in the center of the room.

Today’s sophisticated real money casino patron is looking for more from the gambling venues they visit in the form of added amenities that enhance the entire experience. Outdoor dining and drinking have become common place in many restaurants and entertainment venues, so expanding that concept to outdoor gambling is just a natural progression for casinos with the ability to do so.

When Will New York Casinos Look to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling?

In a recent post on by Michael DeMasi as a reporter for the Albany Business Review, a land-based casino in Schenectady is seeking permission to expand its offering of slot machines on an outdoor patio. Rivers Casino and Resort is looking to attract more business in the outdoor portion of its venue by increasing the number of slot machines that are already located on its patio.

The casino is expected to petition the New York State Gaming Commission to add 24 more machines outside from its existing inventory of 1,150 total machines. This would simply be a relocation of assets from its indoor casino floor to its outdoor gambling venue. If approved, this would double the amount of slot machines patrons could gamble on outdoors to 48.

Justin Moore is the vice president and general manager of Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady and he was quoted in the Bizjournals’ report as saying that the addition of the new slots outdoors are “part of Rivers Casino’s ongoing commitment to enhance guest experience.”

The casino originally opened in February of 2017. Along with the 1,150 slot machines, it also offers 67 table for games such as craps, roulette, and blackjack. There is also a separate room for poker with 16 tables. The casino also offers gambling options for video poker and keno.

New York Casino offers gambling options for video poker and keno

Business continues to expand since first opening it doors to the betting public. According to a local news service (the Daily Gazette) gross gaming revenue has increased at a rate of 15 percent over a span of six months as compared to the gross revenue taken in during that same time frame last year.

A spokesperson for the New York State Gaming Commission stated that the application for the relocation of the 24 slot machines from inside the casino floor to the outside patio has yet to be received. The report did not mention an exact time frame for doing so but it did mention that Mr. Moore will be pursing the matter through the necessary application process.

As relayed on the Rivers Casino and Resort website, , the casino’s rewards program for customer loyalty is known as the Rush Rewards Players Club. Benefits include monthly bonus offers, free play on slot machines, dining discounts and priority valet parking.

Previous News Article: Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines

Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines

Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines | Real Money Casino Slots News

Gambling for real money on slot machines is usually described as playing a ‘game of chance’. You can not control or predict the outcome due to the inherent randomness of a slot machine’s basic design. Just about every land-based and online casino in the world derives the majority of their revenue from slot machines, so creating a set house advantage with these games of chance is a big part of the real money gambling equation.

In a recent article on the Trendin Tech website by Ryan Young, the concept of skill-based slot machines was explored in greater depth. The recent growth of the online casino industry has opened the door to a number of different ways to play games either from a desktop/laptop computer or in more recent years from a mobile gaming platform designed for handheld devices with access to the internet.

What Are Skill-Based Slot Machines?

It has become extremely easy to gamble online from the convenience of your home, office or wherever you can get an internet connection as opposed to heading to a land-based casino venue. This whole concept has become especially appealing to a younger generation with a much older skew in the demographics for patrons of actual brick-and-mortar casinos.

As an offshoot to this growing trend, makers of casino-style slot machines have been forced to come up with much more innovative games to capture a young gamblers’ attention. This new-found creativity in design has led to slot machine games that add a certain level of skill to the mix. This younger generation has already grown up playing skill-based games on Xbox and PlayStation. Another important factor is that recent studies have shown that this demographic has not shown the desire to play slot machines in a land-based casino environment.

In basic terms, this report describes skill-based slots as ‘gambling machines where the biggest factor in winning depends on the player’s ability to play the game.’ Outcomes are dictated by skill instead of mere chance. The skill-based online slot machines are designed to give better players better rewards in the form of a higher payback.

Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines

The traditional way of making a wager, spinning the reels and hoping luck is on your side is starting to be replaced with a more advanced way of boosting a payout with the ability to use the skill as a deciding factor. Skill-based players like the fact that they have the ability to impact the outcome of a game. They also like the fact that their ability to play the game will directly correlate to their overall winning percentage.

Traditional slot machines are designed to payback higher rewards for higher risk. The more money a player bets, the more money they stand to win. This same concept is not being applied to skill-based slot machines. They are not all that new to the casino gambling industry, they just have not caught on with older gamblers.

Skill-based slots do not take into consideration how much money has been wagered. They reward players on how well they can play the game. This is why today’s skill-based slots are geared towards that younger generation that has grown up playing competitive video games.

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Fill Your Summer With Some Online Casino Gambling Fun

Fill Your Summer With Some Online Casino Gambling Fun | Free Casinos

Are You Ready To Start To Fill Your Summer Real Winning Money With Some Online Casino Gambling Fun? has some great bonus promotions from several different mobile casinos with a large variety of games and tournaments. The summertime is in full force and we are having fun but working hard on finding readers the top bonuses and tournaments from reputable online casinos. Above all, we understand the most important thing (besides having fun) is to gamble your money at a safe and secure gambling site.

Fill Your Summer Real Winning Money With Some Online Casino Gambling Fun

Red Stag Casino is offering some great no deposit bonuses when you sign up through As a result, you can claim thirty-five free spins on the Cash Cow online slot machine. Furthermore, use the no deposit bonus coupon 35COWS after you sign up through In return, you will claim your free spins from July 19, 2018, through July 29, 2018. Moreover, there are forty times wagering requirements attached to this promotion. Also, the maximum amount you can cash out is one hundred fifty dollars at a time.

Enjoy High Stakes at High Noon With A 200% Blackjack Welcome Bonus

Are You Ready To Enjoy High Stakes at High Noon With A 200% Blackjack Welcome Bonus? New Red Stag players can use the coupon code HIGHJACKS from July 19, 2018, through July 29, 2018, when you make a twenty-five dollar deposit or higher. As a result of using this code, you will claim two hundred dollars in free cash to wager on any real money blackjack games. Another great thing is that this promotion does not have a minimum or maximum cashout. However, there are some wagering requirements.

Win Cash Instantly At The Chicken Pot Pie Tournament At Miami Club Casino

Are you looking for one of the best online casinos? has a great online slots tournament from Miami Club. Above all, there are fifteen hundred dollars up for grabs on top of your other real money winnings! Furthermore, the Chicken Pot Pie Tournament features the Funky Chicken slot machine. Also, this tournament runs until July 29, 2018. Remember to enter the bonus code DOGDAYS after you sign up for Miami Club through In return, you will receive free spins plus your one hundred percent match bonus and an extra twenty-five free spins on the Fat Cat slot machine! Also, the buy-ins and the re-buys for the Chicken Pot Pie Tournament are five dollars. Have some online casino gambling fun!

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