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There’s A Relationship Between Gold And Bitcoin-Analysts

Cryptocurrency Analysts Find Gold & Bitcoin Relationship

Did You Know Cryptocurrency Analysts Found A Gold & Bitcoin Relationship? The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously over the past few years. Prices of various digital coins have surged during the same period. Because of this reason, many people have had an interest in the digital coin. At the backend, researchers too have been in the chase. They have been digging into the bitcoin. They have done numerous studies. The studies aim to find out why the bitcoin is popular. Why the digital coin is not like real money casino business. is the best digital currency wallet.
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How Cryptocurrency Analysts Found Gold & Bitcoin Relationship

Their finding is shocking. Researchers have shared what they have found out. As a way of tipping you, they have found something significant. It is this thing that makes the price of the coin surge. Yes, perhaps you have also witnessed that the cost of the traditional coin is gaining no matter what.

For now, prices in the digital coin markets have slapped. It is this very thing that now researchers are saying the bitcoin is like gold. Researchers who have done a lot behind the curtains say the correlation is compelling. At the fall of last year, digital currency prices surged. The bitcoin, for instance, hit its all-time highest of $20, 000. What of gold?

Gold Price And Other Valuables Such As Diamonds Fell

The price of gold and other valuables such as diamond fell. Yes, prices plummeted. Everybody in the market was like, what is happening to these gifted goods? As the costs of digital coins started to come down fast, the price of gold and ‘friends’ began to rise. Of particular importance is that as the rice of bitcoin shoots, gold slumps and vice versa. Daniel Marburger who is the director of Coinvest said that he was forced to sell 30 kilograms of gold for bitcoin. Coinvest is a precious metal firm.

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Analyst Agrees There Has Been A Correlation For A Long Time

“We have been inundated with emails, and the phones have been ringing continually with customers asking how they could turn their cryptocurrency into gold,” said Marburger. Another research analyst agrees that there has been a correlation between the two for a long time. Scot Macdonald of Seeking Alpha means that it is not news that there is a relationship. According to Scot, what is shocking is that the inverse proportionality started when bitcoin futures were approved.

Cryptocurrency Is A Serious Business

The analyst winded up his interview by saying that the link between the two, opens up opportunities. He says that investors should be creative. “Based on my analysis, you should make cryptocurrency a serious business. Buy bitcoin today and sell gold in the coming week,” Macdonald said.

Previous News Article: More Americans Fill Their Digital Wallet With Bitcoin

60 Percent Of Americans Know Bitcoin, 5% Own BTC

More Americans Fill Their Digital Wallet With Bitcoin

A new survey to determine the level of awareness of the American towards cryptocurrency is out. It is a joint survey between Survey Monkey and Global Blockchain Business Council. The aim is to know what Americans feel about the bitcoin. The findings are shocking. From the study, it is true that the majority of American people see the bitcoin. However, the number of those that own the traditional coin is small. The study finds another exciting thing. is one of the leading digital currency wallet.

Why Are More Americans Filling Their Digital Wallets With Bitcoin?

In every state, at least there is sufficient awareness of what digital coins are. But the actual number of people who want to enter the trade is small. It may be shocking, though to learn that the U.S. is the world’s leading marketer of digital coins. The survey takes place in the second week of 2018. It involves some 5, 761 adults. The questions of the study are simple. One of the problems is the attitude toward the bitcoin.

Results From Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey , one of the companies has an ingenious method of finding the participants. Being a survey company, it takes individuals from those that already take part. It is this simple. The platform has over 3 million people who regularly take part in surveys. Survey Monkey explains how simple this is. It says, “Our data look much into the age, race, sex, education, and geography. In doing this, we use the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the U.S. The modeled error estimate for this survey is plus or minus two percentage points.”

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The Last Survey Takes Place In The U.S.

The last time such a survey takes place in the U.S is in 2013. Back then, nearly five years now, the percentage is 25. Granted, the bitcoin is only five years old then. With 25 percent of Americans know it is a trial. Five years later, the number of those who know about the coin is now double. In simpler terms, the January survey indicates that 6 out of 10 people hear about the bitcoin. But even as the number looks big, very few have it. The amount that seems to own either a virtual wallet or exchange is at 5 percent, which is a small number when you compare it with those who know it.

What is good is that 21 percent of the people in the survey are considering the coin. They are yet to decide to include it in their portfolio. So, the cryptocurrency is nearly everywhere in the U.S. same as the real money mobile casino business.

Previous News Article: Bitcoin Cash Reaching Out For A Deal With Euro

Bitcoin Cash Reaching Out For A Deal With Euro

Bitcoin Cash Reaching Out For Deals With Euros

Bitcoin Cash heads for bigger things. Above all, this will enable the digital currency to brush ‘shoulders’ with its namesake. BCH has partnered with Euro, a deal which will open in a matter of days. If it sails through, the cryptocurrency will hit higher prices. GDAX has promised Bitcoin Cash that the partnership is here to stay. It will help boost sells of this fast and cheap alternative. Being a subsidiary of, the platform has confirmed that the service will be available. It will not take long before clients start seeing the benefits.

Why Is Bitcoin Cash Looking For Deals With Euros?

The platform has set the date when clients will start using the BCH/EUR level, which will be helpful to all investors in the world. But most importantly, it will be beneficial to investors from Europe. The date is January 25. This process will come with its benefits. Investors will not be forced to go through lengthy procedures. According to the platform, in the past, clients were supposed to do a lot.

Will Bitcoin Cash Seal The Euro Deal?

First, they were supposed to exchange the Euro for the Bitcoin. It is after changing to the BTC that they were able to exchange to BCH. As you all know, that means you would incur a second commission. That’ll be history starting January 25, which will also open the way for more investors for there is no fear of the second commission. Above all, this looked tedious. In fact, for this reason, clients thought it is easy to run a real money mobile casino business than investing in cryptos. Well, it might be right. Also, this program would be up and running by now. The first attempt to bring it on board was in December 2017. But before it could go through, Coinbase halted it.

Exchange The Euro To The Bitcoin

Other issues needed to be solved. Some of the challenges include the inability to handle all the traffic that could result from the transactions. There was also the issue of many insiders trading. For now, clients can trade with BTC. In fact, this was enabled on January 17, just a week before the BCH/EUR pair kicks off.

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GDAX decided that it does this program step by step

The market operation unit in GDAX decided that it does this program step by step, which is so to avoid the mistakes Coinbase raised during the initial launch. Otherwise, when clients are allowed to engage in the cryptocurrency trade this time, everything will be complete. The platform says that the whole process is now quick. It will cut the amount of time by more than a half, which is a good thing compared to the previous lengthy process where one was required to pay double the commission.

Since this article was written, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro have released Bitcoin has with Great British Pound Sterling and Euro Pairs. Now, you can buy, sell and trade Bitcoin cash using BTC/EUR and EUR/BTC. As far as we know, the European Union still considers Bitcoin Cash a commodity, not a currency. Last Updated December 5, 2018, By Arnold Mcarthy Of

Previous News Article: Bitcoin Cash Casinos Doing Relatively Good This Time

Bitcoin Cash Casinos Doing Relatively Good This Time

Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Bitcoin Cash Casinos Doing Relatively Good This Time! The price of the BCH is excellent for those who invested, in this alternative coin, there is the reason to be reasonably happy. According to cryptocurrency analysis, the prices of altcoins are low. Because of this, nobody should expect things to surge in an instant. The truth is that the price has plummeted from $2, 130 to $1, 950. But there is no reason to panic. For the past one or so weeks, digital currency prices have been wobbling, which was as a result of different governments issuing threats. The first one was South Korea, which said that it would impose a ban. During the first announcement, prices of digital coins plummeted.

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What Is The Best Bitcoin Cash Casino?

The answer to the question is straightforward, Slotocash casino . Now let’s get back to the latest news! The bitcoin, for instance, shrank from above $10, 000 to $9, 199, which was the lowest value this year. Above all, this affected all other digital coins. France and China followed. Each country had its own stringent rules on the cryptocurrency business. As each country issued a threat or a regulation, volatility went high. Now that South Korea has finally implemented its law primarily on the bitcoin, how are things going to be? Besides, India has also shut down various digital currency accounts throughout the country.

Back to the BCH

There are just some of the reasons why digital currencies are recording low prices. Back to the BCH, which is now many people’s alternative after the traditional namesake. Ever since it went down to $1, 950, the BCH has failed to recover to $2, 100. But there is the reason to believe that it will come back. What is the justification? It was recently that the price was at $2130. It went down to $1950. Two or so days ago, the price came back to hit $2, 000. It is true that it hasn’t gone back to where it was, it was, but there is an improvement.

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A Positive Outlook?

Besides, the difference isn’t that big. It is only $130. In fact, you cannot compare it with its namesake that has a difference of nearly $10, 000! Although there is a reason to express optimism, there is also reason to fear. The current technical hitches facing the traditional coin make BCH the ideal alternative.

That is a positive outlook. But there is the negative part of it. Experts are warning that in case there is a bullish break, many will resort to real money casino gambling business. Many people have done so in the past. So, in case the current trend of high volatility affecting all coins hits back, the price will shrink even more. There are chances the cryptocurrency market will face challenges. Then, the cost of the BCH might be below $1, 500.

Like Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash has had it rough it 2018. 2017 was the biggest year for cryptocurrency to the point where Bitcoin cash was worth almost five thousand dollars per coin. However, the second half of 2018 has proven to be bad for crypto. As a result, Bitcoin Cash is trading a few hundred dollars, which is very low compared to the prices last year or even earlier this year.

Many people like Roger Ver say that Bitcoin Cash is the new Bitcoin and will outperform BTC Core. While Roger Ver makes a valuable point, we don’t see that happening. Bitcoin has a slow processing time for transactions but people have been using Bitcoins for the past ten years. There appears to be a level of comfort amount Bitcoin users that Bitcoin Cash does not have.

Previous News Article: Altcoins Continue To Tighten The Gap Between The Leading Crypto And Others

Altcoins Continue To Tighten The Gap Between The Leading Crypto And Others

Altcoins Continue To Tighten The Gap Between The Leading Crypto And Others

A cryptocurrency expert has said that there are chances of the bitcoin being squeezed. The expert attributed the squeezing to the elaborate developments that are taking place. Unlike in the past years, today, there are many digital coins. Many of them are moving up fast. When you compare their age with the bitcoin, you will agree that they are coming up fast. Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are just examples of the digital coins. The two are placing themselves in the market as traditional cryptos. It is for this reason, mobile casino sites are accepting them.

Why Are Altcoins Tightening The Gap Between The Leading Cryptocurrencies?

Dan Nathan, CNBC Fast Money expert, says that Bitcoin Cash is moving fast. As such, Nathan says that it is likely that BCH will replace the red-hot coin. Although for now, the latter has many billion in the market cap, BCH will do fast to reach it. Dan revealed this in a post. He said that it is shocking, but that is the truth. Nathan says that in recent years, bitcoin faces technical hitches. On the other hand, the CNBC Fast Money expert says that Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash seem stable. Besides, the two seem to be coming up fast.

The analyst even said that following the recent shakeups, the traditional coin has been most affected. He pointed out that whenever there is an announcement that is negative to altcoins, bitcoin is the target. It is most likely that other digital coins suffer. But the red-hot altcoin suffers most, which This is costing the bitcoin a lot. Many people are now trying alternative methods. Investors want to try something else. They have a feeling that by the time other digital coins will face the same problems, they’d have achieved their goal. Dan finishes with his reasons why the two are the options. He takes us back in the days. He says that interest in BCH rose when people realized that it was cheap and faster to transact.

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What Specific Altcoins Are Closing The Gap Between Cryptos?

He says that he buys ether and BCH. The two are faster than the bitcoin. He even says that whenever he tries the traditional coin, he incurs technicalities. Nathan says these are the reasons why people will run away from the first altcoin. “People want to build on the ones where they think it’s cheaper and faster and those are ethereum and bitcoin cash,” Nathan said. Fellow panelist at CNBC Karen Finerman opines with Nathan. The panelist said, “Bitcoin cash is more interesting. The discrepancy with bitcoin is there, but the gap will close, which is the interesting part of cryptocurrency business.”

Most Altcoins and even the bigger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash have had a hard time in 2018. Many cryptocurrency investors and stock market traders got involved in the cryptocurrency trading market because of the volatility. While this idea sounded good, most of the investors and stock market day traders lost money.

Unless you are one of the very few people that can successfully make a profit day trading, you may find it even harder to bet on Bitcoin and other cryptos in 2018. Having said that, people like Tom Lee from Fundstrat have high hopes for Bitcoin and other altcoins in 2019. Their extrapolations were very wrong in 2018 to the point where they predicted Bitcoin to high over twenty thousand dollars. Will the cryptocurrency market turn from a bear market into a bull market in 2019? Only time will tell.

Previous News Article: Dogecoin Hits It’s All-Time High At $2 Billion In 2018

Dogecoin Hits $2 Billion In 2018, The Coin’s All-Time High.

Dogecoin Hits $2 Billion In 2018, The Coin’s All-Time High.

Dogecoin Hits $2 Billion In 2018, The Coin’s All-Time High. The last weekend of January 2018 is the best time for the Doge. According to CoinMarketCap , it is during this time the Dogecoin hits $2 billion. This internet meme doubles its market capitalization in the last 14 days. By increasing, the Doge hits $2 billion, which is the digital coin’s all-time highest market capitalization. But we are now slightly away from the past weekend. In fact, we are deep into another weekend. During these other seven days, a lot can happen. A lot happens in a day. Check out the best Dogecoin casinos over here.
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What Made Dogecoin Hit 2 Billion?

So, it is true that the near to seven days, many things are happening. For instance, according to CoinmarketCAP, the market cap is down. Yes, the market cap is again down to $1.7 billion. Also, this is possible because many things take place in the cryptocurrency trade. Speaking of the Dogecoin, how much do you know about it?

The Dogecoin

DOGE is a virtual token. It comes to life in 2013. The founder of this virtual currency is Jackson Palmer. What is the purpose of Palmer creating this symbol? Or you may ask what is in his mind when he creates this virtual token? When generating this virtual token, Jackson wants to help people send and receive money online. He believes that with it, the sending and receiving money virtually will be easy. For some reason, Palmer gives his virtual token a mascot. It is a Japanese Shiba Inu dog.

cryptoslots casino bitcoin crypto anonymous gambling sites

$Doge Is Also An Altcoin Like Ethereum and Ripple

Like Ethereum and Ripple, the Doge is also an altcoin. As you may beware, the altcoin is a peer-to-peer digital token. In other words, it is an open source digital coin. Put simply: it is a form of payment that is an alternative to the traditional means of the Bitcoin. There is no difference in the way this coin works with other digital coins. The way to get it, use it, and even sell it is similar to the way you’ll others.

Over 100 Billion Coins On The Market

For instance, you can mine, purchase and sell the Dogecoin on digital currency exchanges. But to your surprise, there is a big difference with the traditional red-hot coin, which is when it comes to supply. The Dogecoin has over 100 billion coins in the market. With this massive number of coins in the market, it is easy to trade in the coin. You see! It is easy to trade in this coin when you compare with the BTC. For many investors, especially those who miss the opportunity in the red-hot coin, seek for alternatives. There are many other alternative coins. The Dogecoin is one of them.

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What is more is that there is not much difference between the Dogecoin and these other altcoins. They have almost the same characteristics. If anything, there is fierce competition amongst them, which is healthy anyway. They are all fighting to have a chance in the same tight virtual space. There is something you need to know about the Doge. It is something to do with the fear of missing out. Many people call this FOMO. This fear is making many people try to grab any opportunity in the digital currency business. You too should.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin in 2013 as a joke. However, this joke turns out to be a very profitable one to the point where it gets the attention of Russian President and Former Soviet Union KGB Agent Vladimir Putin. More specifically, Billy Markus releases this Open source peer-to-peer digital currency called Dogecoin on December 6, 2013. According to Wikipedia, there are still one hundred thirteen billion coins that have been mined.

Billy Markus is supposedly the true inventor of Dogecoin but we don’t know how much of a role Jackson Palmer played. We do know that DOGE features a picture “Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” and was thought of as a “joke currency”. Having said that, this alternative coin develops a strong online community and raises sixty million dollars in the beginning of 2014.

Previous News Article: Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? Here Is The 2018 Dissection

Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? Here Is The 2018 Dissection

Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? | Crypto Gaming News

Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? The popularity of altcoins is inevitable. Litecoin is one of these alternative coins whose demand is growing fast. Because of this, many people think that it will soon replace the Bitcoin . Is this so? Will this ever happen? What do you expect in 2018? The only best way to know what happens in something is to do research. And as you well know, an excellent study is to talk to people who know. In the review of the LTC, who do you think we should look up to for information? In this line of research, investors are the best people to talk to. Well, this is a good idea. But there is also one person we should start with, the founder.

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Discover If Litecoin Will Replace The Bitcoin Digital Currency

Charlie Lee is the founder of this alternative digital coin. As the year starts, Charlie decides to tell his clients. He informs them of what is going to happen in 2018. The founder of this digital currency does so through a tweet. Partly, the tweet says that it is a good thing to trade in the coin. He also assures clients that 2018 will be a good year. He finally urges the audience to purchase in the LTC. The tweet reads, “The Litecoin team is hard at work working with companies to support Litecoin. Nothing to announce yet! But here’s what’s in the works: Merchant processor, popular online wallet, and goods trading platform. There’s one huge surprise. The year 2018 will be a good one for Litecoin!”

New Peer-To-Peer Online Commerce

It appears that the excellent trading platform the founder is talking about is Open Bazaar, which is a new peer-to-peer online commerce platform. The good thing about it is that it has zero fees. About the surprise that will come in 2018, nobody knows it yet. So many people, of course, investors allied to the digital coin have so many speculations. Some of them are saying that it may be Amazon collaborations. Others are saying that it may be Facebook. Lee is not speaking anything of either company. Maybe he is to confirm. There is still some time.

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He Sells Off His Litecoins

What is now shocking investors is what Lee says recently. He confirms that he sells off all his Litecoins. Although it is hard to confirm this, experts still believe otherwise. They say that there is a reason to hope for big things from the coin. At least, there is a reason to hope that something big will come. Experts believe that as the world of the Bitcoin changes, other coins will too. But they agree that LTC is a much smaller project. Because of this, experts argue that the changes will be evident fast. What is their message? The message is clear: there is a reason to be vigil. There may be something big coming up in 2018 for this little project.

Two Main Changes

From the expert point of view, two main developments are awaiting the coin this year. One primary event is the Lightning Network. What the hell is this? Above all, this will ensure that it will be easy, fast and affordable to use the LTC. The other development is the Atomic Swaps. What is this? Also, this is the ability to transfer the Litecoin into bitcoin. All these are 2018 grand expectations.

Previous News Article: We’ve No Plans To Ban Cryptocurrencies, S. Korea Says As It Uncovers $600 Million Illegal Trades.

We’ve No Plans To Ban Cryptocurrencies, S. Korea Says As It Uncovers $600 Million Illegal Trades.

South Korea Isn't Banning Cryptocurrencies | Crypto Gaming News

We’ve No Plans To Ban Cryptocurrencies, S. Korea Says As It Uncovers $600 Million Illegal Trades. “South Korea does not have any plan to ban cryptocurrency exchanges,” the Finance Minister says. For more than one week, digital currency investors are worried. They are apprehensive that the government of South Korea will soon shut down cryptocurrency trade. By yesterday, the government, through the Ministry of Finance issues a statement. Kim Dong-Hyeon, the Finance Minister, reads a statement in behalf of the government. Kim says that the government does not have plans to ban digital coin exchanges .

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What About The $600 Million Illegal Trades?

“There is no intention to ban or suppress cryptocurrency (market). Our full intention is to ensure that digital business is a clean business. The government’s immediate task is to regulate exchanges,” Kim says. Kim’s statement that comes out on Wednesday is a relief. But many local investors and those from around the world worry. They are not sure who to trust. In recent days, there are conflicting statements. These statements come from a different faction of the government. The government announces in January that it will impose a ban.

Digital Currency Will Have Tougher Rules

Later, when releasing rules, it says that it will introduce even tougher rules. On Wednesday, when issuing the last statement, the minister says another thing. He now says that there is no intention to ban exchanges. Kim even mentions China, saying that S. Korea will be tough on digital coins but not as China. Currently, there is no trade of digital currency. South Korea is a major hub for the trade of cryptocurrency. According to world rankings, the country is the third in digital currency trade. It is behind Japan and the USA.

Since the government releases new rules, it is uncovering illegal cryptocurrency foreign exchange. The government, through the ministry of finance, says that the illegal trade is worth $600 million.

Customs service is closely looking at illegal foreign exchanges

The report says, “Customs service is closely looking at illegal foreign exchanges. The illegal trading is using cryptocurrency as part of the government’s task force.” For many months leading to months, Seoul is in the forefront to push for regulations. Above all, this follows the surge in digital coin prices. Thanks to digital coins receiving extensive media coverage, many students join the bandwagon. Homemakers too engage in the business, which is happening in spite of warnings from policymakers.

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Bitcoin Plummets To Its Lowest In 2018

During the first announcement, Seoul says that it will shut down all local exchanges. Following this announcement, all major digital coins shrink. After the announcement, the price of the Bitcoin plummets to its lowest in 2018. The coin shrinks to $9, 199. But after clarifying, the price starts to rise. The coin takes long before it comes backs to $10, 000. But it ends the month well above this level.

Later, officials clarified that the ban on local exchanges is the last option. For now, the government aims to streamline the sector. Much consideration goes to the client who the government says it intends to safeguard. Last week, South Korea fined eight exchanges that violate new regulations. Many are saying that the government is imposing strict rules. But the government maintains that it is for the better of investors.

Previous News Article: Samsung Embarks On Developing Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

Samsung Embarks On Developing Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

amsung Develops Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

Samsung Embarks On Developing Cryptocurrency Mining Chips. There is something special about Samsung. The world’s number 1 mobile phone maker is now doing more. The company announces recently that it is now into cryptocurrency mining business. Do not confuse the industry the company is into. Samsung is not mining digital coins. The number one mobile phone developer is now designing chips for cryptocurrency mining. Upon entering this sector of the market, it is now official that the company is also leading. This South Korean company is not resting. It announces that it will expand its business to deliver chips to all its clients.

What Is Causing Samsung To Develop Cryptocurrency Mining Chips?

The number of clients in the digital currency mining sector is growing fast, which is even as several countries are imposing tough rules on digital currency trade. TechCrunch reports that Samsung is confirming its involvement in the business. The site reports that Samsung is will embark on the work of creating hardware. The company is now into the creation of chips for mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. A spokesman for the company says that the digital coin mining industry is growing. Because of this, Samsung is taking the opportunity to produce chips. The chips will aid in the mining of the digital coins.

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Samsung Is Unable To Disclose Details

“Samsung’s foundry business is currently in the manufacturing of cryptocurrency mining chips. But we are unable to disclose further details about our customers,” the spokesman says. The kinds of chips the company is making are unique. It is not the first time a company is designing such types of hardware. Application-Specific Integration Circuits (ASICs, are for digital currency mining. These are very specific to perform a task. They are not like multi-processors that are on computers or mobile phones. ASICs perform a single computational task.

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The Demand For Cryptocurrency Chips Grows

The demand for such chips is growing. So many people are now into the bitcoin and other digital currency investment. What is more, if the demand for digital currency is high, the need for more chips also arises. It is for this reason that this phone developer decides to venture into such business. The work of these chips is to solve complex mathematical problems. Solving of such problems is essential. Mathematical issues become hard, which is because the number of people mining cryptocurrencies is also increasing. Thus, there is a growing need to create more chips to help miners.

Normal Integrated Graphics For Mining?

To do mining work easy, many miners are trying several methods. Although many are using normal integrated graphics in the past, they no longer do so. Some are now using gaming GPUs. But, there is another small group of elite miners who are now turning to ASICs. The latter is for easy digital currency mining. Hitherto, it is not clear the kind of products Samsung intends to produce. But according to South Korean media reports, the mobile developer is teaming up with TSMC. The latter is a Taiwanese firm. TSMC is currently supplying chips to many firms whose main business is to mine digital coins. One of the companies that enjoy the chips from TSMC is Bitmain, which is the kind of business Samsung wants to do.

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It Is Now Possible To Play Bitcoin Cash Games And Playing For Them Using BCH Thanks To Roger Ver

Where Can I Play Games Using Bitcoin Cash?

Have You Been Wondering Where You Can Play Games Using Bitcoin Cash Or Any Cryptocurrency? Roger Ver, a distinguished cryptocurrency advocate, is making things easy for BCH users. The entrepreneur set up an online gambling site. Also, this is not just an ordinary site. You can play Bitcoin Cash games on this site. There are very few bitcoin cash casinos In the world. Many online casinos that accept digital coins usually use bitcoin. But when Roger launches his site with the BCH on board, it is good news. Now, a player who prefers Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment is free to do so. Check out the article Where Can I Play Real Money Casino Games With Bitcoin Cash? over here

What Are The Best Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Cash?

If you have been asking yourself what the best online casino that accepts digital currency like Bitcoin Cash, Slotocash is a good choice.

Now that Ver’s site is out, BCH wagering is at the next level. But this is not the first time digital currencies are launching games. In September 2017, launches Bitcoin Games. The September launch of Bitcoin Games opens the way for an online casino. But the platform utilizes the old legacy of Segwit Bitcoin. Above all, this is the same platform that is now compatible variation with Bitcoin Cash Games.
online casinos dogecoin bitcoin litecoin bch cash

Players Have A Much Lower Fee With $BCH

The good news about this new launch is that players can have the experience at a very lower fee. Regarding the new launch, Ver says that it is a good thing. “The BCH network and currency have proven itself to be reliable. Above all, this also offers transaction fees that are so cheap ($0.01 or even less). It is fair to say that they are practically non-existent,” Ver says.

Real Money Casino Games On The Platform

The game palette on the Bitcoin Cash games gives a chance to play a variety of real money casino games. Are you a fan of poker and craps? You will get a chance to play these games. As you can see, the fee is almost zero. Other games on the palette are dice, roulette, blackjack, keno, and of course online slots. Each of the games on this palette comes with an RTP of 99 percent. No other platform can give you such a return to a player percentage. What is more, this platform awards players? If you enlist a new player in the system, there is a huge prize. The platform gives you 25 percent of the house edge for each player you enlist.

native Android Mobile App

It seems that this platform has many good things. For instance, use the platform’s native Android mobile app. You will realize that it is entirely anonymous. As such, you do not require any registration to take part in the play. But all is not smooth to all punters. The U.S. federal government does not allow mobile phone gambling. The paranoid regulatory environment does not give players who live in it to enjoy. For many years, Ver shows his Bitcoin advocacy publicly. His love for the red-hot coin is so strong to warrant the nickname.

BTC Bondage

His love for the traditional digital coin does not fade away. This is even after the mushrooming of hundreds of other alternatives. In recent years though, he is adding his voice in the advocacy BTC namesake BCH. He also gets a new name ‘Bitcoin Moses’ because he takes people from BTC bondage. In the end, he successfully delivers them to now Bitcoin Cash games.

So, It Is Now Possible To Play Bitcoin Cash Games And Playing For Them Using BCH Thanks To Roger Ver? Well, it seems like that specific casino is not available anymore or may have moved. Also, many online casinos started allowing their players to play the best online casino games using Bitcoin Cash. While Bitcoin Cash and other cryptos are in a bear market, it doesn’t seem to stop gamblers from using BCH or other altcoins for deposits and withdrawals.

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