NFL Super Bowl LIII BetAnySports Betting Update

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As the week wears on towards Sunday night’s Super Bowl LIII matchup between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, the betting lines for the game at BetAnySports continue to dominate the board New England opened as a slight one-point favorite and the spread almost immediately jumped to two points. It moved again to 2.5 points early last week and it has held firm ever since. BetAnySports opened the total line at 58 points and it was bet down to 56.5 points by the end of last week where it has held steady ever since.

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If you are looking to bet the moneyline for Super Bowl LIII, you can get New England at -132 with the betting odds on Los Angeles set at +122. The biggest action on the board this week has been the addition of hundreds of prop bet opportunities. Covering everything from the singing of the National Anthem to the postgame celebration, if something pertains to Super Bowl LIII either on or off the field, you can probably bet on it at BetAnySports.

The betting odds that the Patriots score first have been set at -120 with even-money +100 odds that the Rams put the first points on the board. The betting odds for which team scores last are set at -110 for either team. As a parlay play, you can bet that the team that scores first goes on to win the game at -165. The odds that the first team to score does not win are set at +145.

You would have to risk -190 to win $100 betting that the first score of the Super Bowl is a touchdown. The return on a $100 bet that the first score is a field goal or safety is +165.

Just about every key offensive player for either team has their own set of prop bet odds. The odds that Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady throws for OVER 2.5 touchdowns are set at +140. However, if you lower that total to 1.5 touchdowns, the odds now favor the OVER at -185. The odds for the OVER on Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff vary from -155 for OVER 1.5 to +185 for OVER 2.5 scoring throws. CBS has the broadcast rights the game with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo in the booth. The odds that either announcer mentioned the age gap between Brady and Goff favor YES at -230.

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NFL Super Bowl LIII BetAnySports Betting Update
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NFL Super Bowl LIII BetAnySports Betting Update
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