7 Reel Slots

Online slot machines come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. Most people love that there is such a large selection of Las Vegas slot machine games. However, a lot of people did not like the 7 reel slots. In 2015, software developers started to launch 6 reel slots, which went over pretty well. These six reelers offer more bonus rounds, cool themes, realistic animated graphics and more ways to win. After they had success with adding a sixth wheel, they decided to make 7 reel slots.

When Did Online Casino Developers Start Launching 7 Reel Slots?

Most people believe that online casino developers started launching their 7 reel slots in 2016. However, Wager Gaming Solutions (WGS), which is formerly Vegas Technology came out with this idea in the late 2000s. Some people found these games exciting and a nice change of pace. Other folks did not like the seven reelers at all and thought that they were way to complex. Usually, you see online slots with three or five reels. A sixth wheel was a push and the seventh wheel did not go over very well with the real money gambling public.

Why Did Gaming Developers Come Out With Slots With Seven Reels?

Now let’s get back to the basics, a “reel” is the vertical row that holds the symbols. When you hit the spin or autospin button, you will trigger the reels to spin. As a result, you will see a new combination of symbols (hopefully a winning one). So, why would a gaming developer add the seventh wheel when three, five and six reels work fine? Well, it appears that they thought that offering more wheels would increase the number of ways you can win. However, many years ago software producers started to add more pay lines and made the 243 and 1024 ways to win the series. Adding more pay lines was much more successful than adding an additional reel.

7 reel slots

Gamblers And Numerologists Think A 7th Reel Will Bring Luck?

It appears that many gamblers and numerologists thought that adding a seventh reel would bring luck. Obviously, in the American culture, the number 7 is considered lucky. Does this have anything to do with a seventh vertical row on a slot machine game? It depends on who you ask because there are some people that love online slot machines with seven wheels. However, most people don’t like them and find them confusing. We have heard people say that they feel 7 reel slots have a very limited capacity.

Another thing that people don’t like is jamming in seven reels on a slot machine that they are playing on their mobile device. A Sixth wheel was enough vertical rows to see on your Smartphone or tablet. However, it seems that a seventh wheel was too much for people and it did not go over well.