6 Reel Slots

When Charles Fey made his first Liberty Bell slot machine it had 3 reels. These classic slot games became so popular they started adding more symbols like fruits. Therefore, the fruit machine was born. Over decades technology improved at such as fast rate and these games became so popular, developers started to make 5 reel slots.

5 Reel video slots are the most popular types of slot machines you see online and at land casinos. Usually, they come with special features like wild symbols, scatter wins, free spins bonus games and sometimes either a fixed-coin or progressive jackpot.

When Did Online Casino Developers Start Making Slot Machines With Six Reels?

Casino developers started to make six reel slots in 2015. Their goal was to expand the possibilities of having more ways to win. Sometimes, these video games come in a regular five wheel format but have a sixth reel that can be activated on the side. In other cases, the electronic gambling title has six vertical rows with symbols on them. We rarely see classic fruits and bars type of game with a sixth wheel. However, maybe in the future software developers will start producing new titles. Over the past few years, we have seen some gaming providers test out games with seven reels. However, these games did not go over well with the online betting public.

Tons Of New of Games Available Online

Most commonly, people don’t care how many vertical rows appear on slot machine games. Obviously, players want to score as many matching combinations to win as much money as frequently as possible. Having said that, it appears that adding more pay lines, which makes it possible to have more ways to win is more popular. Most of the real money gambling public only care about when the game tells them they won, scored a bonus game, or hit the fixed-coin or progressive jackpot.

Realistically, the way slot machine players have a lot more to do with the number of columns and rows with symbols than most people think. Said differently, when you add more spots for icons, you increase the amount of space that developers can work with. As a result, these providers have more opportunities to present a more complex gameplay with some added bonuses in some cases. Usually, when we talk about keeping it simple, we say stick with a 3 reel classic game. However, a six-reeler can be even more confusing than the five reelers. However, they also can be a lot of fun in some cases.

6-reel slots allow developers to open up more possibilities for every spin a player makes. Ultimately, this means that players will be rewarded with even bigger prizes when they score six matching symbols, instead of five or three. This new format creates more ways to win, including adding more pay lines.

One More Wheel Can Mean Far More Possibilities

While the six reelers may appear strange when you first start to play them, you should catch on pretty quick. In many cases, these titles don’t have anything you haven’t seen before in a three or five-reeler. There is just an addition of another vertical row.

Currently, there are not that many 6 reel slots at land casinos. However, you will find a lot more at an online casino. If you are looking to try something fresh, new and unique, you may want to take a look at two very cool games.

6 reel slots
One of the coolest six wheelers we have seen is Red Flag Fleet from WMS. If you like a pirate and Asian themed slot machines this game has a combination of an Asian and a pirate theme. On the first wheel, there are only two symbols positions. However, every time you move over to the right the sixth column forms the seventh position. Also, Red Flag Feel from WMS pays out from the left to the right and right to the left. Hence, an all ways pay slot machine game. As a result, you will be playing one hundred ninety-two pay lines every spin you make, which can result in many more ways to win big. Take a look at SlotoMania Casino review.

Have you ever heard of Germinator from Microgaming? This title has a “Cold And Flu” theme and offers a 6X6 grid with a medi bonus round. During this bonus round, you can score cascading wins. If you like unique titles with a traditional layout, you should check this game out.