Types Of Slot Machines

When Charles Fey invented the classic Liberty Bell slot machine, he probably could not imagine what software developers have used technology to develop different types of slot machines. In the 1800’s, all there were no different types of slot machine games, there was the Liberty Bell, which was a classic fruits and bars game. In 2018, we can choose from thousands of 3D video slots to play from your mobile Smartphone or tablet.

Learn The History About How The Slot Machine Was Developed

Shortly after Charles Fey develops the Liberty Bell, he runs into a problem. The game requires someone to be present to make a payout a token to the player. However, In 1893, Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze develops the Horseshoe slot machine. Not long after that, Charles Fey modified the Liberty Bell to work like the Horseshow, which paid out tokens to players automatically.

In 1898, Charles Fey opened up his own workshop and redevelops “Liberty Bell Slot Machine,”. To this day, this is the most infamous type of slot machine game. This game features three bells in a row with a fifty cent payout. When you scored all three bells, you won fifty cents. According to an article on Wikipedia, Fey installs his first Liberty Bell in The State Of California. However, gambling was illegal in California, which meant he was not able to get a patent. Ultimately, he was not rewarded monetarily for his work in developing the Liberty Bell. However, The United States eventually legalizes gambling in Nevada along with Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and other states. As a result, private companies that developed machines patented their devices.

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Different Types Of Slot Machines

The Liberty Bell and the Horseshoe are examples of the classic style fruits and bars slots . While this style is very old, it is still very popular to the point where you can see traditional Las Vegas-style games on casino floors. In the late 1900’s, software developers started making video slots with game show themes like “The Wheel Of Fortune” and “The Price Is Right”. Basically, we categorize games by saying they are video, classic, 3D and/or fruits and bars(which is a feature of the classics).

What Type Of Slot Machines Pay The Best

It depends, sometimes a classic with a fixed-coin jackpot and/or multipliers can have bigger wins than a video game. However, titles with progressive jackpots usually pay out the most. All of these terms are different features, which we will discuss later. First things first, we want to tell you about how the developers categorize the games.

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Facts – How Software Developers Categorize

· By Denomination
· Number Of Reels
· Type Of Jackpot
· Video, Classic Fruits & Bars Or 3D
· How Many Ways You Can Win Or Pay Lines
· Class II and Class III Slot Machines
· Loose Or Tight

Types Of Slot Machines | Choose 3D, Video, Classic Fruits & Bars Slots

Choose Your Game By Denominations

One of the most simple ways to categorize and choose a game is by the denomination. For example, some people like to play for high stakes. In that case, there are specific games made to play with high limits like over one hundred dollars per spin.

While high stakes and higher limits are fun to discuss, the majority of people like to play with fewer denominations. That is why we use the term penny slots. However, the denominations are not limited to pennies or one cent. You can play for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters an dollars. Ultimately, this makes a different category for penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar slots.

Make Your Selection By The Number of Reels

Depending on if you are playing a video or a classic slot machine, you may have a specific number of reels you want to play in a game. If you are not familiar with the “reels”, we will elaborate. When you look at an online slot machine and spin the wheels, you will see the spinning symbols in the front. The reels are what the symbols are spinning on. In the old days, they used to be inside a large metal hoop but know, they are there for show. Even newer classic slots are made on video screens.

Usually, the classic fruits and bars types of slot machines have three reels. Some of the newer vintage games have five wheels. Some folks like fruits and bars game with five reels because they feel you can score larger jackpots. Having said that, the newer video pokies have six and seven reels in some cases.

Make Your Selection By The Type Of Game

We spoke a little about the types of games when we mentioned classic and video slots. However, there are more types of slot machines that offer immersive sounds that are interactive and with feature-rich 3d video. In addition to classic and video, you can play fruits machines, pokies, 3D and AWP slots.

Learn About The Difference Between Class III and Class II Slots

Now that we have covered the number of reels and the types of slot machines, we want to discuss the different classes of slot machines. Depending on where you live, or your jurisdiction, a pokie machine may be considered Class II or III. Having said that, we are referred to what we believe the lawmakers have classified the titles in the US.

It appears that Class III games are the traditional type of game and commonly found in Atlantic City, Nevada, and other large gambling destinations. Also, Class III is usually referred to as “Las Vegas-style” or video slots. While large betting establishments and local Native American tribes have them on their casino floor. People determine the outcomes for Class II slot machines by the outcome of the number and value of matching symbols after you spin the reels. Said differently, folks determine the value based on whether you win or lose a spin.

Class II slot machines are similar to the lottery or bingo games. While gamblers play Class II games against the house, people play Class II games against each other. When you hear of someone trying to win a jackpot, it is often in the context of lottery or bingo. While the title name look and feel like a traditional pokie machine, the mathematics and mechanics behind the game is very different.

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Learn The Difference Between A Fixed-Coin Jackpot And Progressive Jackpots

Flat Top or fixed-coin jackpot offer different ways of winning than Progressive Slot Machines. The definition of progressive, which is forward moving, proceeding step by step and happening or developing gradually or in stages. This is true for a progressive jackpot because the jackpot continues to increase and grow until someone hits it. After that, it is reset to a predetermined value called the “Seed”.

On the other hand, a slot machine with a fixed coin jackpot refers to games that have the largest wins set in stone. These types of pokies are more common and the odds of winning a fixed-coin jackpot are better than a progressive. If you are looking for electronic gambling games with life-changing wins, you may want to stick with ones that have a progressive jackpot.

Furthermore, software developers have created sub-categories for progressive jackpots. For example, some jackpots are site-wide in cases of online casinos. However, some progressives are just for the individual game, which is known as standalone progressives. The standalone progressive machine is more common that a jackpot that links to multiple devices.

Learn The Difference Slots That Are Tight Versus Loose

Have you ever heard someone refer to a slot machine as being loose or tight? Well, if you have or have not, we are going to explain what the person may have meant. When someone discusses a loose pokie, they are referring to a game that pays out frequently. However, if you hear the term tight, they may be talking about a device that does not pay out very frequent.

How Many Ways To Win Are There Can Refer To The Number Of Paylines

Over the past decade, online casino developers have made Las Vegas-style slot machines with over thousands of ways to win. Microgaming coined the term “243 ways to win series” several years ago. However, most traditional machines that consist of fruits and bars have one pay line. This does not directly refer to the number of ways you can win. Obviously, different numbers of matching symbols have separate values, which mean pokie machines with one pay line can have many more ways to win. Having said that, the symbols have to fall on the one line, in order for you to win.

New slot machine games have thousands of ways to win and huge amounts of pay lines. Usually, these games have five reels instead of the three reels that are on traditional games. WIth more pay lines, you have better odds of winning something per spin. Another thing that newer pokies offer are bonus games, and other bonus features like scatter wins and wild symbols. A wild symbol is like a wild card in poker, you can use it to replace any of the other cards or symbols that are on the reel. However, when playing video slots and score a wild symbol it will automatically substitute for other icons to form a winning combination.

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