Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines

Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines | Real Money Casino Slots News

Gambling for real money on slot machines is usually described as playing a ‘game of chance’. You can not control or predict the outcome due to the inherent randomness of a slot machine’s basic design. Just about every land-based and online casino in the world derives the majority of their revenue from slot machines, so creating a set house advantage with these games of chance is a big part of the real money gambling equation.

In a recent article on the Trendin Tech website by Ryan Young, the concept of skill-based slot machines was explored in greater depth. The recent growth of the online casino industry has opened the door to a number of different ways to play games either from a desktop/laptop computer or in more recent years from a mobile gaming platform designed for handheld devices with access to the internet.

What Are Skill-Based Slot Machines?

It has become extremely easy to gamble online from the convenience of your home, office or wherever you can get an internet connection as opposed to heading to a land-based casino venue. This whole concept has become especially appealing to a younger generation with a much older skew in the demographics for patrons of actual brick-and-mortar casinos.

As an offshoot to this growing trend, makers of casino-style slot machines have been forced to come up with much more innovative games to capture a young gamblers’ attention. This new-found creativity in design has led to slot machine games that add a certain level of skill to the mix. This younger generation has already grown up playing skill-based games on Xbox and PlayStation. Another important factor is that recent studies have shown that this demographic has not shown the desire to play slot machines in a land-based casino environment.

In basic terms, this report describes skill-based slots as ‘gambling machines where the biggest factor in winning depends on the player’s ability to play the game.’ Outcomes are dictated by skill instead of mere chance. The skill-based online slot machines are designed to give better players better rewards in the form of a higher payback.

Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines

The traditional way of making a wager, spinning the reels and hoping luck is on your side is starting to be replaced with a more advanced way of boosting a payout with the ability to use the skill as a deciding factor. Skill-based players like the fact that they have the ability to impact the outcome of a game. They also like the fact that their ability to play the game will directly correlate to their overall winning percentage.

Traditional slot machines are designed to payback higher rewards for higher risk. The more money a player bets, the more money they stand to win. This same concept is not being applied to skill-based slot machines. They are not all that new to the casino gambling industry, they just have not caught on with older gamblers.

Skill-based slots do not take into consideration how much money has been wagered. They reward players on how well they can play the game. This is why today’s skill-based slots are geared towards that younger generation that has grown up playing competitive video games.

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Defining Skill-Based Slot Machines | Real Money Casino Slots News