Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps On Demand

Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps On Demand | Gaming News

Everyone knows that real money gambling is big business all around the world The expansion of lavish land-based casino hotels and resorts continues along with an expansive network of internet-based casino sites offering online play. One of the biggest catalysts for real money gambling online as been the rapid growth of specific casino apps for almost every type of personal handheld device with internet access.

According to a recent post by Erik Gibbs on the site, there is a new casino app that allows real money gambling online through an actual United States casino with a catch.

What Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps Are On Demand?

It all started with a casino in Auburn, Washington partnering with a gaming software company to develop an casino app that can be used anywhere in the country. The Muckleshoot Casino and Playport Gaming Systems are the two principals involved in the project. The app will allow gamblers to download casino games at a price with the intention of using real money to place bets from anywhere they want.

Given all the US federal restrictions that still exist for online gambling with real money, this idea sounds like a great way to expand your gambling options. It also sounds too go to be true. In reality, it is a combination of both.

The lone caveat to the legality of real money gambling on a casino app from anywhere you want still involves the physical casino floor. Any financial transaction related to playing the games must take place at Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington. One of the interesting facets of this app is that the casino games are not played against the house. However, the financial transactions must take place there.

Mobile Gambling App is that the Real Money Casino Muckleshoot Indian Tribe?

One of the particulars involving the casino app is that the casino itself is owned and operated by the Muckleshoot Indian tribe. This means it is not subject to Washington State law, but it is still heavily tied to the federal government in Washington DC. This keeps the casino exempt from the state’s ongoing efforts to shut down the use of casino-style games through special apps. Even if they are not designed to pay out real money, gaming companies are facing issues in a state that is known for having some of the toughest online gambling laws in the country.

This is Playport’s first foray into the US market for real money casino apps after setting up some similar operations in Mexico. The company stated that downloading the casino app will take place at Playport’s point-of-sale and loyalty platforms.

The company uses proprietary technology to provide gambling solutions for casino and lottery retailers. It has formed strategic partnerships with legal land-based casinos to provide software for expansion into online gambling operations. These partnerships are located in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Playport is looking to expand its presence in the US market, especially when it comes to tribal casinos. It is already a member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

The games that will be offered in this partnership are classified as “Class II” gambling activities under federal US law. They are regulated by federal and tribal authorities outside any state jurisdiction. This gives casinos such as Muckleshoot much more leeway in offering this type casino app.

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Real Money Mobile Casino Gambling Apps On Demand | Gaming News
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