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Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Baltimore Ravens Betting Picks, Odds & Predictions

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Baltimore Ravens Betting Picks, Odds & Predictions

Sport betting has been trending for the last few years, with more and more people joining the thrilling game. Before making any bet, you must make sure that you understand the game well, to ensure you do not lose your money. As much as betting is fun, it may turn out to be disappointing if you do not pick the winning bets carefully.

You cannot also pick your bet if you have no understanding of the game and the players. It means you have to watch several matches to understand the game and how the players are performing. For the last few days, all eyes have been on the Baltimore Ravens and their performance.

Baltimore has also been a leading name in the sports docket since 1971. In the first part of October this year, the team has been dominating their opponents, winning all the first 7 games played during the season. That means their opponents have to work a little more before they can turn around the results.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Baltimore Ravens Betting Picks, Odds & Predictions

The Philadelphia Eagles have to work extra time day and night to catch up with the Baltimore Ravens. With the Ravens leading with over 23 pints in the last eight home games, it leaves the opponents with nothing but hard work.

Many bets were changed after Baltimore’s win since many predictions gave the team only -7.5 points. However, their winning lead gave them seven more over the predictions. That left the Eagles way back as they have never been able to pull a 7 point in one game since 2006. During their last game, the Ravens proved that they have more than the stamina they need to pull a win. The surprise was on the way the Ravens pulled behind until the last quarter of the game.

Baltimore’s defense made sure that nothing touches the net even after numerous trials by the opponents.

Being third in the NFL with 10 turnovers is still way ahead. However, the eagles have promised to push 11 turnovers in the next battle in the field.

Baltimore Raven seems to love home performances because they have ensured they do not lose any 7 home games. However, it may also seem that home or away, the Ravens are still committed to keeping their flag high by pulling 6-0-1 on away games.

Now it is upon the eagles to ensure they reverse the scores in the next coming games. They need to work most on changing the game to generate more offenses at home. Because they have never pulled more than 23 points in any of their games played in the last few seasons, they have to change tactics to make a difference.

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Currently, all the statistics are pointing to the Ravens taking the crown. However, it is not for you to make conclusions too fast. It would be best if you focused well before casting your bet. That is the only way you can be sure of the win.

Do not kill the possibility of making changes even when chances are slim. The betting pick at the moment stands at Baltimore -7.5, leaving Philadelphia to make a turnover. However, that will still be costly for the Eagles.

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