Elizabeth Warren Holds the Betting Edge for Democrats

betting odds to win 2020 presidential election

Ahead of another round of debates for the top Democratic candidates for president, Elizabeth Warren is the betting favorite. The updated political betting odds at Bovada have her listed at +200 odds to win her party’s nomination. A strong performance in the next debate could widen her thin lead.

Elizabeth Warren Holds the Betting Edge Over Joe Biden?

Joe Biden had been the party’s frontrunner all summer long, but he as slipped a bit to +250. Two weeks ago on the board at Bovada, Warren was a +220 favorite with Biden a very close second at +240. Both of these candidates continue to widen their edge against the rest of the field.

Bernie Sanders is still a factor in the race as a +550 third-favorite to win. His odds have gone up and down over the past several months. His recent campaign efforts have moved the dial a bit. Two weeks ago, his odds to win were +600 behind Kamala Harris at +550. The two candidates have switched places on the board. Harris is set as the +600 fourth-favorite this time around.

The best of the rest is led by Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg at +1000 betting odds to round out the Top 5. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton is next at +2000 even though she is technically not in the race. Maybe she has a few more tricks up her sleeve this time around. A few of the other interesting names on the list include Michelle Obama (+5000) and Oprah Winfrey (+10000).

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When it comes to the updated odds to actually win the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump remains in the lead. Two weeks ago his odds to win re-election were listed at +110 and they remain the same on the updated board. Warren (+450) now has the slight edge over Biden (+500) for the next spot on the list. The two were in a dead heat a few weeks back at identical +500 odds. Learn where you can bet the 2020 Presidential election over here.

Sanders is a +900 fourth-favorite to win the 2020 general election followed by Harris (+1600), Yang (+1800) and Buttigieg (+2500). Clinton’s betting odds to win the presidency in the next election stand at +4000 along with Tulsi Gabbard.

Mike Pence And Mitt Romney

Vice president Mike Pence is on the board at +6000 and Mitt Romney has long +20000 odds as two Republicans on the betting board. Winfrey’s odds for this political betting prop are also set at +20000.

The two longshots on the board are George Clooney and Kanye West at +90000 odds. Two weeks ago, both of these celebrities were bringing up the rear at even higher +100000 odds.

There is also a betting prop for which party will win the White House following the 2020 presidential election. The Democrats had the edge at the end of August as -125 favorites. The Republicans were set as -105 underdogs. The pendulum has swung the other way in early September with each party set at -115 odds to win.

The next Democratic debate is set for this Thursday, Sept. 12. The top 10 candidates will participate and this should have an interesting impact on the betting odds moving forward.

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 Elizabeth Warren Holds the Betting Edge for Democrats
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Elizabeth Warren Holds the Betting Edge for Democrats
Discover the latest betting odds to win 2020 presidential election. Currently, Elizabeth Warren is the betting favorite for the Democrats.
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