Newton vs. Brady: Online Betting New England and Tampa Bay NFL Win Totals

Newton vs. Brady: Online Betting New England and Tampa Bay NFL Win Totals

Cam Newton led the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015 during the same season he was named league MVP. This was followed by a few injury-plagued seasons that eventually ended his run in Carolina. The former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback has finally found a new place to call home. He was recently signed as a free agent by the New England Patriots. Now, let’s discuss Newton vs. Brady and the online betting odds for New England and Tampa Bay NFL Win Totals.

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Betting New England And Tampa Bay NFL Win Totals With Newton vs. Brady

New England is no stranger to Super Bowl runs with Tom Brady as its quarterback. However, all good things must end. Brady is now the starting signal-caller for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In light of these recent developments heading into the 2020 season, it creates some interesting betting possibilities. The first would be betting on New England and Tampa Bay’s projected win total in the regular season.

New England Win Total Betting Odds

MyBookie online sportsbook has set New England’s projected win total at nine games. The betting odds favor the UNDER at -140. The odds the Patriots win 10 or more games are +110.
With Brady under center, the Patriots posted double-digit victories in the last 17 regular seasons. They even won 12 games in 2008 when Matt Cassel took most of the snaps with Brady sidelined due to injury.

With Bill Belichick as head coach, New England won five games in his first season (2000) and nine games in 2002. He has led the team to at least 10 wins every other season at the helm.

Brady is without a doubt a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But this winning streak is more a product of Belichick’s system. Even if Newton does not win the starting job, I would take the plus-money +110 odds on the OVER. Nine wins would still earn a PUSH in this bet.

Tampa Bay Win Total Odds

The projected win total for Tampa Bay has been set at 9.5 games. MyBookie has -160 odds posted for the OVER and +130 odds for the UNDER.

One of the main reasons why Brady is playing for Tampa Bay is his perceived value at age 42. He still believes he is a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback worth a high-dollar contract. Belichick did not see things that way.

The Buccaneers’ record over the past several seasons pales in comparison to Brady’s previous team. The last time they won 10 games was in 2010. Since then, the Bucs have finished with a losing record of seven wins or less in eight of nine seasons.

Public money has driven up the odds for the OVER only to add more value to the UNDER in this bet at +130. Winning 10 or more games is going to be a tall task for this team even with Brady. Once again, it is a matter of the system vs. the player and I am betting on the system.

New England vs. Tampa Bay

You can actually find odds for a head-to-head matchup when it comes to total team wins. The odds that New England wins more games are set at +140. The odds swing towards Tampa Bay at -160 it finishes with a better record.

I already love the plus money on the Patriots. The Buccaneers are way overvalued in most of their 2020 NFL future odds.

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Newton vs. Brady: Online Betting Odds New England and Tampa Bay NFL Win Totals
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Newton vs. Brady: Online Betting Odds New England and Tampa Bay NFL Win Totals
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