What Are Donald Trump’s Betting Odds To Win The 2020 Presidential Election?

Donald Trump's Odds To Win The 2020 Presidential Election

The popular online sportsbook Bovada has had a few select political betting props on the board all year long. They mostly deal with the 2020 presidential election. Although you can occasionally find a few betting options for world politics.

The actual odds tend to follow the ongoing saga of Donald Trump as the likely incumbent in the next election. As president, you would think he would have a built-in edge as the favorite. At one point early in the year, that was the case. As he continues to move from one controversy to the next, that edge has all but disappeared.

What Are Donald Trump’s Odds To Win The 2020 Presidential Election?

Early this month the odds were set at -115 for both the Democratic and Republican party winning. This pertains to their chances to win the 2020 election. The odds have shifted back in favor of the Democrats at -125. The betting odds the Republicans maintain control of the White House are now -105.

Following the current round of Democratic debates, Elizabeth Warren was able to improve her odds as the favorite to +150. Before those debates, her odds to win the party’s nomination were +200 as the favorite. She has been on a steady climb to the top over the past few months.

Former Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden’s current odds to win the party’s nomination are +275. These odds have been trending the other way. Before those recent debates, the former vice president was a +250 second-favorite. At the end of August, those odds stood at +240.

Bovada is starting to see this prop as a two-way race to the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders’ odds to win are now +650 followed by Andrew Yang at +1000. Both Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg are next on the list at +1100. None of these candidates have been able to make a significant move up the board in recent months. Robby Wells is last on the list as the biggest longshot at +20000.

The betting prop to actually win the 2020 presidential election still has Trump as a slight +110 favorite. However, his gap against Warren as the Democratic frontrunner continues to shrink. In early September, she was a +450 second-favorite to win. The current odds on the board to win are down to +375. At this rate of movement, she could technically surpass Trump as a favorite by the end of the year.

The other Democratic hopefuls are sliding in the wrong direction on Bovada’s updated prop bet board. Biden was a +500 third-favorite to win earlier this month. Post debates, his odds now stand at +550. Sanders slipped from +900 to +1100, but he is still fourth on the list. Next is Yang at +1500 followed by Harris and Buttigieg at +2500.

If you are looking some more adventurous betting props for Trump, check out the political options at MyBookie.

You can get +1200 odds that Trump did visit Orchids of Asia Day Spa before being elected president. You can also get +5000 odds that he visited that particular Florida massage parlor as president.


Washington State Casino Crazy Moose Accuses a Player of Cheating

crazy moose casino No Cheating

Anyone who loves real money gambling at a land-based or online casino is always looking for an edge. Sometimes a player can cross a line they should not in search of that winning edge. A local Washington news site www.kiro7.com posted a report of a cheating incident in Snohomish County.

Local Casino In Washington State Accuses Player Of Cheating

The player was accused of cheating a local casino in Washington State out of more than $38,000. His alleged sleight of hand tactics were caught on an in-house surveillance camera. The video was released by the Washington State Gambling Commission. It showed 51-year old Fredrick Steven Nolan using sleight of hand to manipulate cards at a table game.

The land-based gambling venue was Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace. As a spokesperson for the Washington State Gambling Commission, Heather Songer stated:

“Our suspect visited the casino almost daily for a six week period. He was careful, though. We reviewed and it looks like he never went to the same dealer more than about twice a night.”

Back in January, Nolan played three spots of High Card Flush. He was able to distract the dealer when exchanging chips. He then used sleight of hand to move a card from one spot to another. He then folded on two of the spots while winning with a straight flush on the third. Investigators said that this cheating incident alone cost the casino $3,280. Prosecutors in the case said that the total cheating incident added up to $38,335 over the course of time.

Songer went on to add:

“Casinos are a big target. There’s a lot of money flowing through and there’s a big temptation. Unfortunately, we do see frequent situations where people switch cards or utilize other cheating schemes. But they’re almost always caught.”

Nolan was charged in Snohomish County. He faces counts of a felony and a gross misdemeanor. King County prosecutors are in the process of reviewing all the evidence. This involves the multiple numbers of alleged cheating practices that took place.

The Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace is part of the Washington Gold group of gambling venues. There are nine different land-based operations in the state. There is another Crazy Moose in Pasco along with three Silver Dollar Casinos. They are located in Mill Creek, Seatac, and Renton.

Also part of the Washington Gold casino network are:

  1. Royal Casino Everett
  2. Red Dragon Poker Mountlake Terrace
  3. Club Hollywood Shoreline
  4. Coyote Bob’s Roadhouse Casino Kennewick

The parent company is Nevada Gold located in Las Vegas. They also operate the Club Fortune Casino in Henderson, Nevada. The Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace features a trio of highly popular table games along with High Card Flush:

  1. Player’s Edge 21- An interesting twist on standard Blackjack.
  2. Texas Shootout- A 5-card poker game with fast-pace play.
  3. Head-Up Hold ‘Em- A variant of Texas Hold’em connected with the World Poker Tour (WPT).

In conjunction with football season, Sunday’s big promotion at Crazy Moose is Gameday Giveaways. This includes five cash drawings of $500 throughout the day.


New Multi-hand Aces & Faces Video Poker ComesTo WinADay Casino

New Multi-hand Aces & Faces Video Poker

If you like to play video poker, you may have already tried the Multi-hand version of Aces Of Faces. Ultimately, it is a unique video poker variation where you can have up to four times of wild cards than the regular version. Also, you can decide to play anywhere from two, three, and four hands at a time. Place your wagers anywhere from twenty-five cents up to five dollars per hand.

With Multi-Hand Aces Of Faces video poker, you can have five wild cards that offer up a 10,000 coin jackpot when you are betting the maximum. Usually, the house uses anywhere from two to four decks of cards. Also, these decks consist of 53 cards because they include the joker, which is wild in addition to deuces.


When Does The New Multi-hand Aces & Faces Video Poker Come To WinADay Casino?

While many online casinos have this game, a new version of this game is coming out! The great news is that WinADay Casino has made their own version of a fast-paced new Aces & Faces Multi-Hand Video Poker on Wednesday! On Wednesday, WinADay casino celebrates the new multi-hand video poker game, Aces & Faces Multi-Hand. They are celebrating by offering new and existing players an introductory bonus of up to $150 until September 30, 2019. However, the folks that sign up through a link, banner or video on EasyMobileCasino.com can use our no deposit bonus code to get free chips.

Different Types Of Bonuses

Depending on where you want to try the new game out or make a deposit, there are different bonuses available from September 25, 2019, through September 30, 2019. If you make a deposit between twenty-five dollars and one hundred fifty dollars, use the bonus code TRYME100. As a result, you will double your deposits with 100% more cash! That said, there are 32X wagering requirements and a 10X maximum cashout you should be aware of. Also, these rewards are limited to Aces & Faces Multi-Hand only.

If you are depositing up to two hundred fifty dollars, use the bonus code VIDEOPOKER. As a result, you will receive fifty percent in video poker bonuses, and you can redeem these rewards up to three times every day. However, there are 26X wagering requirements attached to this bonus. The good news is that these rewards are valid for all video poker games. If you want to play the slot machines, you can claim a 40% bonus using the bonus code SLOTS.

Progressive Jackpot Reaching $200,000

At WinADay casino, they have a site-wide progressive jackpot that is coming close to reaching two hundred thousand dollars. Recently, the celebrated their 11th birthday. Currently, they have forty-five premium slot machines with twenty penny slots. Also, now they offer thirteen video poker games plus other blackjack, online keno, and roulette.