New Partnerships Emerge In The United States Of America Regulated Legal IGaming Industry?

united states of america regulated gambling industry

More and more we see new partnerships emerge in the legally regulated IGaming industry. Ultimately, this holds true to real money gambling sites in the United States of America. More specifically, we are seeing a lot more partnerships in The US IGaming markets, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

According to an official press release by Lyceum Media, Game Secure and Sightline Payments decide to work together. If you are not familiar with GameSecure, they are a technology based gaming solutions company. Moreover, the partnerships bridge the gaps in between payment services and digital self-exclusive technology. As the desired result, their goal is to ensure that people gambling their money over the Internet get the best security.

Sightline payments has a headquarters in the city of Las Vegas Nevada. Additionally, Bencon Technology’s headquarters is in Vancouver Canada . From Vancouver to Las Vegas, these companies plan to ensure that the real money customers that are at risk get their access denied for payments and content in real-time.

Security In The United States Of America’s Regulated Gambling Industry

In the first quarter of 2019, The regulated United States gambling market had tons of violations that excludes their honest real money from getting content. Moreover, these violations cost a lot of money and firms continue to be out of compliance. The unfortunate thing is that the damage to those patrons is already done.

However, GameSecure has a solution that includes its real-time database that ensures safety for their customers. If they find a gambling operator that is out of compliance, GameSecure’s real-time database solutions ensure these operators are denied access. With a strong partnership with The Sightline’s Play+ platform, this allows the two companies to install another layer of security for the real money casino players.

Security Of Real Money Players Payements Plus More

In a recent press release on Lyceum Media, The Co-Founder of Bencon Technologies Inc, Cameron Conn make a statement. He says, “The Sightline team has been committed to responsible gaming for more than 20 years. Furthermore, it excites them to announce this important partnership,”

At Sightline, they don’t believe there is one singular solution that addresses all of the concerns that players have as far as security. Ultimately, this is why they partnered with GameSecure, to enable better and more secure content and payment services across The United States. Additionally, he says that together, they can discover better solutions that will continue to give the highest level of security to their real money casino customer in the responsible gaming programs.”

When you think about it, Sightline is in a very unique position In The United States Of America. First of all, their Play+ ecosystem covers almost one hundred percent of digital platforms. Also, Sightline’s Play+ ecosystem covers around ninety percent of the real money US casino gambling management solutions. Kirk Sanford is the CEO and Founder of Sightline Payments. He says, with their SPAN Network, they can work together to help ensure the security of The United States residents that gamble online at regulated sites/apps.

Keith Whyte is the Executive Director of the US National Council on Problem Gaming. He goes on record to in the press release. He says “Congratulations to Bencon and Sightline. Ultimately, this-this step is to help further integrate responsible gaming into payment methods for the regulated gambling industry. Moreover, Streamlining player protection is a very important goal for the National Council on Problem Gambling. More specifically, it pleases them to support this type of innovative effort.”

Sandord goes back on record in the press release. He says that people have been using Self-exclusion programs for many years already. For example, on-premise ATM providers. Having said that, until now nothing exists for the Internet that is going where the regulated gambling industry is going.”

Source: Lyceum Media

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UPayCard accounts Are Accepting New Currencies Like The Israeli Shekel

israeli shekel fiat currencies online casino games

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been roaring. Online casinos that accept Bitcoins and other altcoins have been seeing a huge spike in depositors. It appears that a lot of people that bought Bitcoin and cryptocurrency when it was in its bear market and taking profits. While that is great, it is even better to hear that The UPayCard accounts are now accepting new currencies such as THe Israeli Shekel. In a recent email, UPayCard says that they are proud to offer their customers more channels for making deposits and withdrawals. More specifically, people can send and receive money much faster, easier and safer. Also, they have even more currencies to offer like The Israeli Shekel.

Vegas Crest Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

See How UPayCard Accounts Are Accepting New Currencies Like The Israeli Shekel

Recently, UPayCard takes a step in the right direction by adding the Israeli Shekel to their portfolio. Now, customers can use this new currency in their digital wallet or regular UPayCard debit card. Moreover, you have the ability to convert this currency into ILS from other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. If you want to send ILS through a bank transfer, go ahead with ease. The UPayCard is avaiable to download through the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store. While it is a free app to download, you can start your account safely and securely.

In another recent email newsletter, mBit casino announces that they are accept fiat currencies now. They used to be a cryptocurrency-only casino offering Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, now you can make your deposits and cashout your winnings using the United States Dollar, The Candian Dollar, The Euro, AUD, RUB, and JPY. That’s right, you have a lot more deposit and withdrawal options at this real money casino that offers a large selection of live dealer casino games

Bitcoin Casino News

In addition to this news, they are celebrating by offering a chance to win up to 100 Euros in the latest bonus promotion. If you make a deposit now, you can receive a 50% deposit bonus in Euro’s to give your bankroll a boost.

Now, we hope you are excited with more ways you can do your online casino banking. Remember, you have more options with The Israeli Shekel at UPayCard. Also, if you want to play online casino games for real money using fiat currencies at MBIT, you can enjoy them easily.

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New Ownership At The New Hampshire Casino Seabrook Greyhound Park

nevada's eureka resort new hampshire casino seabrook greyhound park

With only eight casinos in the state, The New Hampshire Casino Seabrook Greyhound Park appears to have new ownership. Recently, Nevada’s Eureka Casino Resort purchases the Seabrook Greyhound Park. Ultimately, their goal is to transform the resort into a top entertainment and real money gambling destination.

Indeed, you can find The Eureka Casino Resort In The State Of Nevada. Ultimately, this Nevada-based resort casino business purchases Seabrook Greyhound Park for an undisclosed price. The Seabrook has seventy-five acres and ninety thousand square feet for gaming, entertainment and much more. Since 1973, this park has been a premium destination for off-track betting, charitable casino gaming, and live racing.

The New Hampshire Casino Seabrook Greyhound Park Makes Changes In Phases

According to the official website, Thenewseabrookpark.com, they are making changes in phases. First of all, the new ownership will change the old historic Seabrook Park. Furthermore, they are going to try to make this space into one of the most premier gambling and entertainment destinations on the East Coast. Additionally, Nevada’s Eureka Casino Resort is calling this new space “the original and greatest purebred dog – the Greyhound”.

Unlike most casinos in New Hampshire, it appears that this resort wants to have slot machines. Obviously, slot machines are a big revenue booster. However, The State Of New Hampshire makes dog racing illegal in 2008. As a result, the old owners lose out on taking bets on dog races.

An Approximate Purchase Price?

While the sale takes place with an undisclosed price, we found that The Seabrook Greyhound Park allegedly had an appraisal in 2015. In the recent appraisal in 2015, the entire property reportedly appraises for five million seven hundred thousand dollars. Would The Nevada based casino company pay more for this resort? Well, this remains unknown.

Turning The New Hampshire Casino Into A Profitable Gambling And Entertainment Destination

The new owners, Nevada’s Eureka Casino Resort seems like they have high aspirations for this Racino or Racetrack with a table game. Ultimately, it takes around thirty minutes to get to the Seabrook Greyhound Park from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. In a recent article from the Portsmouth Herald, they report that the new owner details that they don’t want to lobby legislators. Instead, they want to ask The Granite State for permission to increase the entertainment and gambling floor inside the ninety thousand square foot Rockingham County enterprise. However, it appears that they don’t want to make the casino more modern? Additionally, another source says they don’t want to make the off-track betting or poker rooms more modern either.

• Source: 100% Employee-Owned Resort Casino Company Buys Seabrook Greyhound Park From Prnewswire.com On January 31, 2019.

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Native American Indian Tribe Stops Giving The State Of Florida Thier Anual Casino Fee

Seminole native American Indian Tribe state of florida

The State Of Florida has been receiving $350 million dollars per year from the Seminole Tribe. Recently, this Native Amerian Indian Tribe announces they are halting their $350 million dollars annual fee. The Seminole Tribe owns and operates The Hard Rock Casino in Florida. In a local media news, The Seminole Tribe’s chairman, Marcellus Osceola Jr. allegedly, tells Gov. Ron DeSantis they are stopping the largest tribal gaming revenue share deals with the same. Ultimately, this is the largest revenue-sharing deal in the State Of Florida and the entire United States Of America.

While this may come as a shock to the state, The Seminole Tribes gives them an out by allowing them to get rid of their player designated games from their horse Racetracks. Additionally, they tell the State Of Florida they will also remove their games from other parimutuel venues. After that, The Seminole Tribe says they may reconsider their position.

The Native American Indian Tribe makes an agreement with the State Of Florida in 2010. More specially, they agree to share the profits from some exclusive games such a blackjack. However, they seem to think that these designated games breach the current deal. Are The Seminole’s looking for a way to negotiate their yearly real money gambling fee? After all, they say that after they remove these designated games they will reconsider.

Will The Seminole Native American Indian Tribe Continue Making Payments To Florida?

Since 2010, The Seminole Indian Tribe continues to make their $350 million annual payments. However, things change in 2016. In 2016, a Federal Court Judgement rules in favor of the Native American Indian Tribe. More specially, the Judge says they can offer exclusive games like blackjack until 2030 without approval from The State Of Florida. However, FL doesn’t see it that way. Ultimately, the state feels that they are violating the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act for the disputed games in 2011.

Recently in 2018, Gov Rick Stock tries to make a temporary deal with the Seminoles to have the annual payments continue. However, the state has to enforce the Native American Indian Tribes exclusive rights to these games very aggressively.

The Seminoles Attorney Allegedly Makes A Statement To The Florida Politics Website

First of all, The Seminole Tribe’s attorney is Barry Richard. In the Florida Politics website, he says the enforcement “absolutely did not occur.” Shortly after that, he says “Actually, the state stops all enforcement efforts.” After that, he goes on to say the Native American Indian Tribe’s patience has been wearing thin.

While it appears The Seminoles agree to a thirty-one year deal with the Republican Senate Leaders, it is unclear how they will enforce this. After all, the deal seems to include other games like craps, roulette, and sports betting.

• Source: Compact is a sweetheart deal for the Seminoles because state is underpaid From Floridapolitics.com On April 12, 2019.

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Asia Casino & Gambling Market Welcomes The FashionTV Gaming Group

fashiontv gaming group asia casino online

Asia casino and gambling sites usually have restrictions so folks that live in China, North Korea, Japan, South Korea, The Phillapenes, and Singapore cannot view real money online casino gambling sites. Most people looking for an Asia casino use a virtual private network (VPN). Having said that, there are plenty of Asian casinos like FashionTV Gaming that are on the “Up and Up”. Recently, FashionTV, the MegaBrand announces they will sublicence their online casino software to developers in Asia, This is the first time for this niche, with it’s the unique business to business licensing model in Macau China.

The FashionTV Gaming Group Will Make Asia Casino Games

On14 May 14, 2019, The FashionTV Gaming Group (https://fashiontvgg.com), issues a press release through The Lyceum Media PR Team. If you haven’t heard of this group yet, they are one of the fastest growing businesses in the entire world-wide real-money gambling business. Now, they are taking a leap to enter the Asia casino market by using a sub licensing business model. As a result, several Asian operators and software providers will be able to utilize the FashionTV brand power.

In early 2019, FashionTV Gaming Group launches its services in Africa, India, The UK and across Europe. Furthermore, FashionTV global network funds their business venture, which allows over 2 billion viewers around the world to enjoy their product. Moreover, they will discuss the specifics about their new Asia deal at the G2E Macau Conference on May 21, 2019, through May 23, 2019.

Using this real money gambling business model, online casinos in Asia will be able to use FashionTV branded gaming verticals. For example, their customers will have access to fashiontvpoker.asia, fashiontvlotto.asia, fashiontvsport.asia, and fashiontvcasino.asia. With these new brands, people will be able to play live dealer casino table games plus more. Besides the live casino games, Asian gamblers will have access to games of skill like poker, and blackjack. Also, they will have access to games of chance like slot machines, scratch cards, bingo, social games, and fantasy sports betting.

Online Casino Softare Helps Gambling Sites Bring Down Marketing Costs

The FashionTV Megabrand offers it’s clients many advantages. Furthermore, they will be able to capitalize on using their worldwide reach while reducing their marketing costs dramatically. Additionally, they will have new online gambling operators with fresh games across Asia. After all, The FashionTV Megabrand already offers a large number of software solutions. For instance, they offer Evolution, Playtech Affiliate Software Platform, Net Entertainment, The Stars Group, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Betconstruct, plus more

In the recent press release, Aviva Baner, who is the Head of Media, at FashionTV Gaming Group makes a statement. He says “FashionTV is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Furthermore, we have already enjoyed huge fast-growing success the online gaming space through the various FashionTV Gaming Group ventures with distinct partners around the world.” Shortly after that, he says “We have identified Asia, which is FashionTV’s biggest global market. As a market, Asia offers tremendous online casino opportunities to expand our reach even further. Moreover, We are looking to work with operators and Software suppliers. More specifically, we have an interest in the potential of this mega brand power, by launching real-money gambling websites along with branded Asia casino games across Asia.

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Missourians Want To Limit The Amount Of Slot Machines In Missouri Casinos

number of casinos in missouri real money gambling slot machines

Some people love talking about and participating in real money casino gambling and sports betting. However, a lot of other people don’t like to gamble, nor do they want casino resorts near or close to their home. If you have ever been to Las Vegas Nevada, you know that you will see slot machines everywhere. When we say everywhere, we mean you can find different slot machine games at a convenience store. Once you get off the plane at The McCarran International Airport, you will see columns of electronic gambling games.

People that live in Nevada and folks that travel to Las Vegas expect to see this grand display of gambling games. However, when it happens in other states, a lot of folks get their back up. In this case, people that live in Missouri (known as Missourians) don’t like real money gambling in their state. In 1994, they voted to limit the number of casinos in Missouri. They were not successful the first time. In 2008, the Show-Me State passes legislation to limit the number of casino resorts in MO to thirteen.

Recently, The Show Me State introduces The HB 422 bill. Ultimately, this is a bill that proposes the expansion of casino gambling in Missouri. In fact, the bill can even bypass Missourians. On April 12, 2019, The Missouri Gaming Association misses a press release announcing an expansion of gambling throughout the state. According to the Thesalemnewsonline.com article, the gaming board says “the largest expansion of gambling since the Missouri casino industry was established in 1994. Furthermore, this allows thousands of new lottery slot machines at retail establishments throughout the state.”

While there still may be a limit on the number of casinos in Missouri, the gaming commission appears to try to introduce slot machines almost everywhere. For example, people may have video slots and classic slot machines in a restaurant, a truck stop, a convenience store, and a bar. Basically, this gambling expansion bill allows private companies to place slot machines on almost every corner.

Instead of having to drive or travel to an actual land casino resort, you may be able to head to your local bar and grill to play pokies. While this is great for THe MGA, Missourians are not happy about it. Ultimately, this can result in having a game of chance located in almost every place you can go to. Moreover, some folks feel that it is not the right thing to do. Would you want your children around slot machines and video poker when you go grocery shopping? Naturally, there is a time and a place for real money gambling right?

Well, maybe not if the MGA gets their way. The state of Missouri is a rural place to live and most folks don’t engage in real money gambling. While this may be entertaining to some people, it doesn’t seem like Missourians want to bet their online bank account.

• Source: Slot machines belong in Vegas and casinos, not all over rural Missouri From Thesalemnewsonline.com On April 23, 2019.

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Cashback Bonus Casinos Offer Free Spins On The Best 3D Slot Machines

cashback bonus casinos free spins 3d slot machines

If you are looking to earn more money, you can participate in these bonuses where you can win guaranteed cash prizes. Over the next week, these cashback bonus casinos are offering free spins on the best 3D slot machine games. In addition to the top three dimensional titles, these cashback bonus casinos are having spectacular no deposit bonuses for all types of pokies like fruit machines, video slots and classic slot machines.

How To Get Cash Back Weekly At These Cashback Bonus Casinos

First of all, the way to get started to is to sign up for Intertops and Juicy Stakes through EasyMobileCasino.com. Once you sign up, you can tell customer service that we sent over. As a result, you will receive exclusive free spins and other big deposit bonuses.

Once you have signed up for Intertops and/or Juicy Stakes, you are in store for a wide variety of online slot machines you can play on the go using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In addition to their full inventory of Betsoft slots, you can enjoy Las Vegas casino games from Worldmatch, and Lucktap.

This is a big week at these cashback bonus casinos. After the free spins, you can get on Worldmatch and Betsoft slots, you can claim the 35% Cashback Casinos Offer over next weekend. At Intertops and Juicy Stakes, they are pulling out all of the stops. Until next Friday, May 13, 2019. you can win up to $400 in guaranteed cash prizes. Additionally, this is on to of your other winnings playing Worldmatch and Betsoft slots.

Getting Your Free Spins To Play The Best 3D Slot Machines

From May 13, 2019, through May 17, 2019, you can earn points playing specific 3D slot machines. For example, you can enjoy Las Vegas on the go with Mr. Vegas and Sin City Nights. Along with these titles, you can earn points towards the $400 prize pool spinning Reels of Wealth, and Carnaval Forever. If you happen to bust your deposit using these free spins playing any of the best 3D slot machines, you can get cashback on May 18, 2019, and May 19, 2019. Head to the Worldmatch tab, and click on the cashback button.

Recently, these Cashback bonus casinos issue a press release. The real money casino manager has a few things to say. First of all, he says “Even if we can’t go to Vegas whenever we want to, at least we can get some of that Vegas vibe with a couple of the games we chose for free spins this week.” After that, he says “We were due for our monthly Cashback weekend so it turned into quite a week!”

The free spins week runs from May 13, 2019, through May 17, 2019. At Intertops Poker use the code 4EVER to claim 25 Free Spins on Carnaval Forever. However, atJuicy Stakes use the coupon PARTY after you make a $25 deposit. If you want 50 Free Spins on Reels of Wealth, just make a $50 deposit or higher. After that, use the codes RICH for Intertops and ROW for Juicy Stakes.

If you make a $75 deposit or higher, you can earn 75 Free Spins on Sin City Nights. Just use the codes CITY or NIGHT1 at the cashback bonus casinos. In order to get 100 Free Spins on Mr. Vegas, you have to deposit at least $100. For Juicy Stakes, use the code Vegas1. At Intertops, use the coupon WINN.

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Enjoy Big Rewards With New Online Casino Games For Mother’s Day

play online casino games

Spending Mother’s Day with your children or parents is a great way to show appreciation and love for the number one woman in your life. Additionally, this is a time to celebrate the love and appreciation you have received and/or given over the years. Depending on what types of gifts you like to receive or like to get, an online casino account may be a good fit for you. If you want to purchase something special for yourself or the number one woman in your live, open up a new online casino account for them and/or yourself!

Spending Mothers Day With Family, Friends And A New Online Casino Account

Obviously, you will have plenty of time to spend with the people you love. However, these days you can play online casino games for free, with Bitcoin or using real money from your mobile device. Whether you have a Smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t matter. With the real money casino apps at EasyMobileCasino.com, your mobile devices will work.

That said, let’s discuss the first no deposit bonus codes from Miami Club. First of all, after signing up through EasyMobileCasino.com, you don’t need a specific bonus code to open your free online casino account. After that, you can enjoy The Mother’s Day Tournament. Ultimately, this tourney runs until May 13, 2019. Sunday night. If you like horror or Halloween themed slot machines, you will love the Vampire Vixen 5 reel slot machine. This tournament offers $1200 in guaranteed cash prizes!

For The Mother’s Day Tournament, the buy-ins and re-buys cost five dollars. Once you buy into the tournament, you can start to play Vampire Vixen. The more you play, the more points you score. As a result, the person that has the most amount of tourney points on Sunday night gets a piece of the $1,200 prize pool. Additionally, you can use the no deposit bonus code MOMMIE, when you make anther, deposit. As a result, you will receive 125% in match bonuses. Also, you will win 100 spins on Dolphin Reef!

Win 54 Free Spins To Play ‘Cash Grab’, Popinata, and ‘Caesar’s Empire’

If you want to play online casino games at different gambling sites, we have some free spins for you. Popinata, ‘Cash Grab’ and Caesar’s Empire are very popular slot machines. WGS makes the first game, while RTG makes the second. Although you may have to play these real money titles at different apps, you can rest assured because they have the same owner.

First of all, you can claim your 44 Free Spins for Cash Grab using the code GRAB44 at Red Stag. Until May 22, 2019, you can use this coupon and they don’t require a deposit. However, there is a 40X wagering requirement and a $150 maximum cashout limit. In addition to those rewards, we have a completely different code that has no maximum cashout. To claim 500% in match bonuses, use the code 500BANDITS. While there is no maximum cashout limit, there is a 50X wagering requirement.

At Fair Go, you can win 10 Free Spins on Caesar’s Empire. After you sign up through EasyMobileCasino.com, enter the coupon code EMPIRE-10 and you don’t have to make a deposit. Remember, these rewards run until May 15, 2019. Also, there is a 60X wagering requirement and a $180 maximum cashout limit. If you are looking for a promotion with no maximum cashout, no worries. Claim 300% up to $3000 plus 40 Spins on Popinata. Remember, use the code POPINATA30.

Two other gambling sites that are having good promotions are Slots Capital and Desert Nights. At Slots Capital, you can use the code ADOREMAY to claim300% up to $1500. Make a $35 deposit and there is no maximum cashout limit. However, there is a 45X wagering requirement and you must claim these rewards before May 31, 2019.

If you prefer to play Rival online casino games at Desert Nights, use the code BIGDAY300 or MOTHERSDAY-400 before May 15, 2019. As a result, you can win the Mother’s Day Special. Ultimately, this allows you to claim 300% in match bonuses that are valid up to $1500.

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US Online Casino Releases Free Summertime Magazine Loaded With Bonuses

free spin bonuses rewards

When it comes to finding a mobile casino bonus, it is pretty simple. However, it gets harder when you search for trusted gambling sites that offer generous bonuses, tournaments, contests, and events. In addition to that, most US online casinos don’t go out of their way to send actual paper magazines for free. Naturally, most US casino apps send out emails with free spin bonus rewards and even regular mail with one or two papers in it. Sometimes there are some valuable rewards. However, nothing compares to a free glossy magazine that comes every season packed with giveaways, bonus codes, trivia contests and much more.

How Can I Get My Free US Casino Magazine Subscription?

It is as simple as signing up for the right US online casino through EasyMobileCasino.com, telling them we sent you over and asking them for a free copy of their Summertime magazine. That’s right, as simple as that!
Remember when Mr. Sloto told our readers about the last edition of his magazine? Well, it’s that time again. When you sign up for Slotocash through EasyMobileCasino.com, you will be able to receive exclusive free spin bonus rewards plus a subscription to a print and an email magazine that has no cost to you. Start to get ready for some serious coupons and some winning entertainment articles with no deposit bonus codes up until August 2019.

Tons of Free Spin Bonuses, Rewards, Tournament Dates, Freerolls, & Exclusive Promotions

With the latest version of Mr. Sloto’s Magazine, you will have access to tons of free spin bonuses, rewards, freerolls, tournament dates, promotions and much more. After you join Slotocash and become one of the 20,000 people in The United States Of America that receive free magazines, you will be one step closer to having the insight into what events and coming up. Also, you may find some of their tips helpful.

Since the new Sloto Magazine Summer Edition is coming out, we have some rewards and incentives for you. Once you make a $35 deposit or more at Slotocash (using EasyMobileCasino.com links) you will automatically be subscribed to the new magazine. In addition to that, you can use the code 200-SUMMERMAG to claim 200% in match bonuses that can go up to $1000 until May 15, 2019. Remember, to enter the second coupon 200-SUMMERMAG for your free $25 Subscriber Ticket.
free spin bonuses rewards

The Summer 2019 Magazine Features Enhanced Promotions Calendar

Just like in the last Mr. Sloto magazine, you will see the latest and greatest real money gambling bonus contests on the planet. This edition comes with aggressive and competitive tournament and freeroll dates so you can plan ahead. Additionally, you will receive coupon codes for bonuses as high as 200% plus free spins on the most popular slot machines online.

With new sections, the Summer 2019 magazine features enhanced promotions, calendars to make new and better experiences. Jump on the wheel of cash and optimize your life by reading interesting articles about the Chinese Zodiac and infamous casino cheaters. Also, take a travel back in time without using the Delorean From The Back To The Future to see the value of precious stones!

Exclusive Tournaments Plus The Old Classics

With the 2019 Slotocash Summer Magazine, you will have access to exclusive passwords. Ultimately, these passwords unlock VIP tournaments and freerolls where you can compete against real players to win thousands of dollars in guaranteed cash prizes. If you are a fan of the older sections, which we refer to as “The Classics”, no worries. At Slotocash, their 2019 Summertime magazine has all of the old classic section like The Life and Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sloto and the “Scan, Redeem and Win section”!

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Online Casino Operator Twin & FAST TRACK Extend Business Intelligence Services Partnership

press release online casino operator twin fast track business intelligence

The online casino operator Twin and mobile gaming software developer Fast Track decide to extend their business partnership. Ultimately, this extended partnership also includes its business Intelligence services. With Fast Track’s smart Business Intelligence platform, Twin casino will be able to offer more services that are higher quality to their customer. More specifically, they have access to Fast Track’s new and improved software solutions.

At Fast Track, their headline says it all, ‘Introducing the only CRM tool for iGaming’. The Twin online casino provider will have access to their innovative Computer Software and Customer-relationship management platform. As a result, they can use their software provider to increase current players experience and obtain new online casino customers. Those that use FAST TRACK Business Intelligence, say it is very powerful data science and an amazing visualisation solution.

Details Of Online Casino Operator Twin And Fast Track’s Partnership

Recently, Fast Track and Twin announce they’re extending their partnership by issuing a press release with The Lyceum Media Press Release Team. In the press release, it says that the debate continues to build on the companies current relationship. Additionally, they will become strong together by Twin having access to the real-time Customer-relationship management and Computer Software from Fast Track. Ultimately, the talks begin in January 2019 but recently they have struck a fresh deal.

With FAST TRACK Business Intelligence platform, the online casino provider will be able to follow real-time trends. Furthermore, they can see these trends using a unique segmentation model. As a result of using this unique model, Twin will be able to review their play sessions. Ultimately, giving them more insight to extrapolate the future betting habits and the value that each customer brings. Moreover, this online casino software solution has a large range of dashboards that can display several Key Performance Indicators or (KPI).

The Press Release Explains The Benefits Of Using Fast Track Business Intelligence

Recently, Simon Lidzén, who is the CEO of FAST TRACK makes a comment. In the press release, he says “We are delighted to have built on our successful partnership with Twin and now provide the operator with FAST TRACK BI.” “This will allow Twin to follow trends and statistical data in real-time, meaning they can react quickly and with confidence to what the stats are telling them. Shortly after that, he says “The fact that Twin has extended its relationship with us shows that our products and services are second to none and that they are helping operators to improve engagement and drive growth.”

Recomended Reading:

Marcin Jablonski is the Chief Brand Officer at the online casino operator Twin. In the press release, he says “ FAST TRACK’s CRM platform really impresses us. Furthermore, it makes sense to use their Business Interllege Solutions.” Shortly after that, he says “We believe being able to access trends and stats in real-time. As a result, this gives us the ability to stay ahead of the game. Moreover, FAST TRACK’s data science model means that we can obtain actionable insights in an instant.”

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