BetSoft Releases Bonuses For The New Spinfinity Man Slot Game

spinfinity man slot game

Online casino software providers usually release one or more mobile slot machines every month. Over the past year, we have seen Betsoft release great electronic gambling games every month. While it is nice to see software providers release new titles monthly, you can count on Betsoft to release quality releases. Last week, they released the new Spinfinity Man slot game.

How Does Betsoft’s New Spinfinity Slot Machine Game Play?

Indeed, the new Spinfinity Man slot game plays excellent. Furthermore, this three-dimensional electronic gambling game has big wins and superpowers. Recently, Intertops, and Juicy Stakes announce deposit bonuses in their latest press release on Lyceum Media .

The press release has the title “Super Powers and Super Bonuses: Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Casino Launch Betsoft’s New Spinfinity Man.” Ultimately, this new online slot machine lives up to all of the hype. With an Evil Mr. X character, you will need to help the Spinfinity Man use his Superpowers to resue Metropolis from a crime spree. Overall, the title’s storyline seems a little bit like “Batman.” However, the 3D graphics and overall innovative design from Betsoft won’t let you down. Also, you can give this new title a test drive with 50 free spins at Intertops and Juicy Stakes.

Help The Superheros Fight Off The Bad Guys While Winning Money

In the press release, the online casino managers at Intertops and Juicy Stakes make a statement. First off, “Superheroes and bad guys — the characters in this game are a lot of fun!” Shortly after that, he says “We’ve come to expect lots of fun AND amazing features from Betsoft, though, and this game is super fun and has super features!”

Starting on June 14, 2019, you can get 10 free spins (no deposit needed) at Intertops or Juicy Stakes. However, this promotion lasts until June 19, 2019. The great news is that if you deposit between June 20, 2019, and June 23, 2019, you will receive up to 50 free spins. Use the codes SUPER1 for Intertops and HERO1 for Juicy Stakes. However, through June 20-23, 2019, use the codes SUPER2 for Intertops and HERO2 for Juicy Stakes.

Learn How Spinfitiy Man Works And How You Can Help Him

Most importantly, the Spinfinity Man slot machine has 7 Reels with seven rows. Additionally, Betsoft installs a unique cascading reels experience with an exploding symbols feature. Once you start getting your symbols to explode, you can start formulating huge winning combinations. Ultimately, you can drag and drop the icons from the grid to create more winning combinations. Moreover, this cascading feature helps create victorious opportunities for even bigger wins.

Once you land a Spinfinity Man symbol on the reels, you will unlock one of his five Superpowers. Furthermore, you can activate his Telepathy, Icy Breath, and Laser Eye Beams. As a result, you will remove or burn off the other symbols, which leaves shatter clusters. If you are successful, you will see you bankroll increase while the Spinfinity Man takes selfies with his girlfriends, who is also a supervillain.

You may want to take your profits while you are up because Mr. X continues to develop a plan to sabotage you. Once you get to the game’s city-shaking bonus round, you will help the Spinfinity Man follow the clues. More specifically, you will help him fill the Mr. X meter, and catch the evil bad guy red-handed.

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Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters

las vegas mgm wynn poker blackjack bitcoin

Casino gambling and legal sports betting continue to expand all across the nation. More and more states are turning to various forms of gambling to fill the growing void in government budgets. Whether it is expansion into land-based casinos or online casino sites, this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

Las Vegas is still original casino gambling capital of the world. It also still takes center stage when it comes to the hottest trends and biggest news stories in the industry. In a recent interview posted on www.forbes.com, investment insider John Navin sits down with Anthony Curtis for a one-on-one interview.

See How Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters

The topic was Las Vegas, and in particular, MGM, Wynn, poker, blackjack, and Bitcoin. Curtis moved to Las Vegas in the late 1970s to make a living playing blackjack. Flash forward to recent years and Curtis was named the World’s Greatest Blackjack Player at Max Rubin’s 2017 Blackjack Ball.

Among his many accomplishments, Curtis also publishes Las Vegas Advisor while running Huntington Press. Residing in Las Vegas for the past 40 years, he agreed to provide his insight into a few hot topics concerning this iconic gambling town.

Asked about MGM’s current business struggles, Curtis attributed the recent loss of 700 jobs to much-needed cost-cutting measures. He added, “the company was choking with debt and has to cut costs. They’re are doing what any company would.” The concern comes with the other business practice of added resort fees, paid parking, tighter odds and fewer comps. Competition in town is too tough to try and gouge the customers.

The share price of WYNN has dropped nearly 40 percent from its peak in 2018. Curtis attributed some of the losses to decreased play at a casino that relies heavily on high rollers. He specifically pointed out the loss of play for baccarat as the game of choice.

Bitcoin In Sin City

Curtis was asked about the impact of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the Las Vegas Nevada casino industry. His response stated:

“It’s been barely a blip. A couple of places installed kiosks, but they’ve made no appreciable impact. I don’t think much of the customer base tries to deal in crypto.”

The 50th anniversary of the World Series of Poker is one of the bigger events in Las Vegas this summer. Going back to his arrival in Las Vegas in 1979, this event was still staged at Benny Binion’s downtown casino, the Horseshoe Club.

When asked about the evolution of this event over the years, Curtis added, “it’s changed immensely.” Even though the boom from the early 2000s at the height of this event has waned, today’s WSOP continues to post some big numbers. His bold prediction was that “the new poker will be sports betting.”

For anyone looking to experience old-school Las Vegas from the 1950s and ’60s, the downtown area is still the place to go. He noted the following three restaurants for that nostalgic feel:

  1. Binion’s Steakhouse in Binion’s
  2. Second Street Grill in Freemont Casino
  3. Hugo’s in Four Queens Casino

• Source: Las Vegas Advisor’s Anthony Curtis On MGM, WYNN, Poker, Blackjack And Bitcoin From Forbes.com On June 10, 2019.

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Azarus Raises Funds for Competitive Gaming Platform Enhancements

Smart Challenge platform blockchain

Blockchain technology is a common news topic these days. Stories are directly related to the crypto industry or for process improvements in other business sectors. However, it would be safe to venture that only a handful of the general population really understands what blockchain is.

Everyone Doesn’t Understand What Blockchain Is?

An easy concept to grasp is that Bitcoin, including blockchain, is a new approach to solving old problems. It could be thought of as a better way to do things in an ever-changing world. One company turning to blockchain for process improvement is Azarus as noted in a recent post by Dean Takahashi for Venturebeat.com.

This groundbreaking new game challenge network has raised $1.8 million for this blockchain initiative. The goal is to build out its blockchain-based “Smart Challenge” gaming platform. Ultimately, this gives gamers the ability to compete for digital assets through casual play and competitive challenges. The money raised came from Galaxy Digital, Kleiner Perkins and SVK Crypto as the three biggest investors. Other related companies are also on the list.

How Is Azarus Raising Funds for Competitive Gaming Platform Enhancements?

The original gaming platform was launched late last year. The “Smart Challenge” platform is designed to motivate play with the use of in-game applications as part of programming interface data (API). Information is also pulled from Twitch extensions as a means to measure performance playing online games. Rewards are paid out to winning players as well as their fans.

Bing Gordon is a partner at Kleiner Perkins and a big part of the fund raising effort. GameBeat recently interviewed him in reference to this new initiative. One of the biggest goals is increased retention and player engagement. Both are critical in the ongoing success of online games. The Azarus challenge and reward platform works to increase a player’s stake in the game itself.

Through the “Smart Challenge” platform, players can create their own rules and challenges. Moreover, this takes place on the EOSIO blockchain to create transparency while ensuring fairness. Blockchain in this explanation.

“A transparent and secure decentralized ledger that powers innovations such as cryptocurrency or supply chain security.”

Gordan’s comments on this new direction were quoted as follows: “I like blockchain and competition, and I like the brand approach as well. I knew (Azarus cofounder) Erik Whiteford when he was at EA Sports and Madden. He hosted the Madden tournament at the Super Bowl for multiple years. I trust his nose for bringing competition to gamers. He has been doing high-level head-to-head esports since the 1990s.”

Both players and viewers can earn AZA credits. There are company enabled amateur and professional e-sports betting streams. The credits are tied to answering historical or predictive questions based on these broadcasts. AZA credits hold value in the Azarus Marketplace. They can be redeemed for rare in-game items, in-game currencies. and digital assets.

Indeed, Sam Englebardt is the co-founder of Galaxy Digital. Acting as the co-head of principal investments, he released the following statement,“We have tremendous confidence in the team’s vision and ability to execute” in terms of the anticipated return on that sizable investment.

• Source: Azarus raises $1.8 million for blockchain-based competitive gaming challenge platform From Venturebeat.com On June 5, 2019.

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Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem Sells PA Casino To Double Down In Asia

Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem

Sheldon Adelson, who is the majority shareholder of Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem is allegedly selling Sands Bethlehem casino in PA. Recently, we found an article on Yahoo Finance, which originated from Travis Hoium from The Motley Fool. It says, ‘Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) Sells Pennsylvania Casino to Double Down in Asia.’ As most people know, Sheldon Adelson is a savvy investor and casino mogul. So, why would he want to sell a Pennsylvania casino to invest more in Asia?

Why Is The Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem Selling Their Casino In PA Doubling Down In Asia?

In the article from Motley Fool on Yahoo Finance, it appears that investors thing The Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem is an odd hotel resort for the $LVS stock portfolio. First of all, the Pennsylvania Casino is not in a major gambling city.

Is Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem Good For The $LVS Portfolio?

Some people feel it is suitable for The LVS portfolio as Pennsylvania did legalize online gambling for real money). If you are familiar with the US casino markets, PA is not the largest market. Obviously, on the West Coast there are casinos in Las Vegas Nevada. Also, on the East Coast, the biggest gambling market is at the casino resorts in Atlantic City New Jersey.

LVS Has The Opportunity To Sell The Property For 1.3 Billion Dollars

Regardless of Pennsylvania legalizing real money gambling online, Sheldon Adelson has never seemed to be a big fan of online casinos. That said, LVS investors are not surprised that Sheldon Adelson jumps on the opportunity to sell the Sands Bethlehem casino in PA for one billion, three hundred million dollars. Moreover, it appears that the Poarch Band of Creek Indians of Alabama are ‘flush was cash’ and want to get involved in the PA gambling market.

How Are They Doubling Down In Asia?

You know the old saying ‘The rich get richer’ and ‘The Poor Get Poorer”. So, is this the case with Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Bethlehem property? After all, they don’t have any substantial debt based on the debt-to-EBITDA ratio. That said, this seems like a good deal for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The LVS investors may be happy to get their dividends from the sale of Sands Bethlehem.

Indeed, it seems like Las Vegas Sands is freeing up extra cash to double down on their investment to expand their casino resorts in Singapore and Macau. Ultimately, The Sands Cotai Central in China gets a cash infusion of one billion, one hundred million dollars. As a result, they will use this money to add a London-themed resort.

As far as their second double down in Asia, they are putting more cash in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands. More specifically, they are using three billion, three hundred million dollars to expand The Marina Bay by adding a new luxury hotel tower.

It appears that Las Vegas Sands will be looking to win a big long term in Japan. Ultimately, they are looking to get casino licenses now that the Japanese Government legalized gambling. In the Motley Fool and Yahoo Finance articles, it seems like LVS is looking to invest up to twelve billion dollars in the gambling market in Japan.

• Source: Las Vegas Sands Sells Pennsylvania Casino to Double Down in Asia From Finance.yahoo.com On June 9, 2019.

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VICI Purchases Downtown Detroit Greektown Casino In Michigan

downtown detroit greektown casino

Recently, the gambling rumors and stories in their online casino forums say that “VICI completes their purchase on Greektown Casino In Detroit.” While we heard stories about this earlier in 2019, it appears that this casino deal went through. According to a press release on the Businesswire on May 21, 2019, four Michigan Gaming Control Board members approve the c casino sale for Downtown Detroit’s Greektown Casino-Hotel to Penn National Gaming, Inc.

When Does VICI Complete Their Casino Sale In Detroit’s Greektown Casino?

It appears that the casino sale took place in late May 2019. In 2018, the Gaming Operator Jack Entertainment seemed to announce the sale is taking place. Since then, rumors have spread. However, It appears that this all-cash casino sale went through for one billion dollars. Furthermore, the person and/or company that purchases the Downtown Detroit Greektown casino is Dan Gilbert. If you are not familiar with Dan Gilbert, he is the owner and founder of Quicken Loans. Also, he owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

In a recent article on Crainsdetroit.com on May 24, 2019, called What’s next after $1 billion sales of Greektown Casino-Hotel? it seems like the deal went through. According to CrainsDetroit.com, VICI Properties purchases the real estate as well as the land assets of the Detroit, Michigan for 1 billion dollars. Furthermore, it appears that VICI, the NY based company who is a REIT, puts down three hundred million dollars to start the contract.

A One Billion Dollar Casino Sale

After many months of hard work on both sides, the deal appears to close with VICI putting seven hundred billion dollars to close the deal. Now, VICI (The New York Real Estate Investment Trust) owns the Greektown casino resort. Now, Wyomissing, who is a Pennsylvania-based operator, has no stake in that casino resort.

Is The Downtown Detroit Greektown Casino In Debt?

In late summer or early fall of 2018, The Detroit Free Press website reports that Penn National State Gaming owes four hundred million dollars on the Downtown Detroit Greektown casino. However, Greektown is the third biggest revenue earner in Detroit? So, how is that possible? Well, we don’t know if that is true or false. According to our research, the only other Michigan casinos that come close to doing their revenue is The MGM Grand Detroit and The Motor City Casino. We don’t know the financial situation on any of these companies.

In the recent press release, Wilmott reportedly goes on the record. According to the Detroit website, he allegedly says, “The fact that we’re the smallest casino of the three certainly gives us opportunities for improvement.” Shortly after that, it appears that the Penn National CEO doesn’t have any significant plans to change the property.

This Greektown Casino Gets AAA Rating

It seems that Penn National establishes this Downtown Detroit Greektown casino-hotel in 2000. This casino offers a high-rise hotel with AAA Four Diamond hotel rooms. Ultimately, there is fourteen thousand square feet for business meetings and one hundred thousand square feet for the casino floor. At this Michigan casino, you can play over twenty-seven hundred slot machines, sixty table games and real money poker in their poker room. Additionally, they have a coffee shop, several restaurants, multiplier bars, and some fast food.

• Source: VICI Properties Inc. Completes Acquisition of Margaritaville Resort Casino and Lease to Penn National Gaming, Inc. From Businesswire.com On January 2, 2019.

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Win $2000 In Guaranteed Cash Prizes With This Asian Slots Tournament

asian slots tournament

If you are interested in playing casino games to win $2,000 in guaranteed cash prizes, you should check out the upcoming Asian Slots tournament. Online slot machine tournaments are a great way to have fun, win some actual money as well as compete against real players. There is something about competing with other players that makes the real money gambling experience more fun. Over the next week, two of the top US friendly casino apps are having tourney’s where you can win up to $2,000 in guaranteed cash prizes on top of your other winnings.

How Can I Win $2000 In Guaranteed Cash Prizes With This Asian Slots Tournament?

The way you get started to enter to win $2,000 in guaranteed cash prizes with the Asian slots tournament is by signing up for Intertops, and Juicy Stakes through EasyMobileCasino.com. While you don’t have to sign up for both, we recommend it because both US casinos offer different betting options. In this case, Intertops and Juicy both have Betsoft, Lucktap and Worldmatch casino games with real money poker rooms. However, Intertops offers a mobile live betting Sportsbook and Racebook. Also, you can bet on e-sports at Intertops. Therefore, having an account with both US casinos is a benefit in our opinion.

After you sign up and fund your accounts, head to the promotions tab. Under the Betsoft promotions tab, you will see the “Asian slots tournament”. Moreover, it starts next Monday, June 10, 2019, and continues until Friday, June 16, 2019.

Which Slot Machines Can I Play In The Asian Slots Tourney?

Indeed, there are four online slot machines you can play in this Asian slots tournament. Remember, you can play them with real money or Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Moreover, the four games are 4 Seasons, Dragon Kings, Great 88, and Fa-Fa Twins. When you play these electronic gambling games, you will earn tournament points. As a result, sixteen players with the most tourney points can win a piece of the $2,000.

Taking Players To The Far East

In a recent press release, Lyceum Media interviews the online casino managers from Intertops and Juicy Stakes. One of the managers says “We have so many casino games now; we like to have tournaments to encourage players to try these new casino games they might not even know we have!” After that, he says, “This month, and we’re taking players to the Far East with 4 of the best Chinese games.”

All of these games are available to download or play in your Internet browser. Also, you can play most of the casino games on your mobile Smartphone or tablet. Remember, you can earn one tourney point by betting at least fifteen cents on one of the four games. Also, you must roll your prize money over at least one time to cash out your winnings.
guaranteed cash prizes

Win $28K In The SOFT Series II Mid/Low Buy-in Freerolls

If you like to play Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha or other poker variations, we have a freeroll that may interest you. Next week at Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes casino, they have a Soft poker tournament Freeroll series. Ultimately, this Freeroll tournament offers up to $28,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. The great thing is there are low buy-ins, which are great for recreational or casual players (versus someone who plays real money poker professionally).

Indeed, a lot of people play in real money poker tournaments and cash games because they are Sportsbook customers. That said, a lot of the Sportsbook customers are casual or recreational players. Because of that, this US friendly poker room is offering the casual and recreational player the chance to participate in freeroll tournaments with big cash prizes but low buy-ins. Ultimately, Juicy Stakes and Intertops call these freeroll tourney’s The SOFT Series.

If you want to participate in the soft series, it takes place from June 10, 2019, through June 16, 2019. There is $28,250 in guaranteed prize money at stake during the entire series. Moreover, 21 events start with two freerolls this Monday. Ultimately, this can culminate into playing in the Champions tournament on June 16, 2019. Furthermore, the winner of this tournament gets a chance to win the $6,500 prize package to play in the European Poker Championships in Velden, Austria this summer.

Most of the Soft Series buy-ins start at five dollars and go up to ten dollars. Ultimately, the majority of the games are no limit Holdem. However, there will be some Pot Limit Omaha events. During these 21 events, there are 2 Turbo and 3 Max tournaments. With these tourney’s, the prize pools range from $500 GTD up to $2000 GTD.

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Fast Track Offers Their Award-Winning iGaming Technology, & CRM To Help Parimatch

fast track sportsbook software solutions award-winning iGaming technology

More and more online casino software providers as well as live Sportsbook software solutions team up with real money casino sites and live sports betting bookmakers. Recently, Parimatch and Fast Track strike a deal to utilize their tools to enhance and engage their player strategy.

Fast Track recently enters into a partnership with the online casino operator Twin. Between Twin and & FAST TRACK, their goal is to extend business intelligence and services with their partnership. However, Fast Track is on the move again as this enthusiastic team agrees to work smart and fully customizing the Parimatch platform. Ultimately, their goals are to enhance the moments the players have, which will allow players to have a more interactive experience.

Parimatch Is On The Fast Track To Becoming The First Bookmaker IN CIS To Launch Online Betting Site

If you don’t know much about Parimatch, in 1994, they were one first online bookmakers in the CIS region to launch an online betting site. Ultimately, their brand has been a success and an industry leader in their area. As a result, this allows them to expand into over ten countries. Now, Parimatch is a worldwide company. Located in Cyprus, they offer safe and secure online Sportsbook software solutions and platforms.

Moreover, they have live customer support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Over the past few years, they have had a focus on real money mobile gambling, which allows them to expand their digital platform and retail outlets. Using the betting products from Parimatch, Fast Track can offer an even more exciting form of entertainment. Ultimately, this will enhance their sports betting customers an experience of real money gambling and sports betting.

An Award-Winning iGaming Technology Software Provider

Fast Track is a newer company. In 2016, they were established but quickly became an award-winning iGaming technology and an online casino service and software, provider. With Fast Track, they have a strong vision of making the online casino business more simple and effective. With their Customer relationship management (CRM) tool, they can help other companies give more opportunities for their customers and help monetize their players

On June 4, 2019, Lyceum Media issues a press release ‘Parimatch Enters Partnership with FAST TRACK.’ Now, Parimatch can use Fast Tracks advanced Customer relationship management (CRM) for themselves. Ultimately, they can use this tool to give their customers a better real money gambling experience. Known for having an ambitious team, Fast Track is ready to work smart and helping Parimatch customize their platform, which will give their players a better experience.

Tamara Babits is the Chief Marketing Officer of Parimatch. In the latest press release, she makes a statement. She says, “Parimatch is a dynamic, agile organization. With FAST TRACK CRM, we will have a CRM platform that matches our way of working: data-led and forward-thinking.”

Shortly after that, she goes onto to make another statement. She says “The platform will allow us to interact with our players via the best channels and in the right moment.”

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Miss Fashion TV Gaming World Puts A Crown On Their Queen For 2019

Miss Fashion TV Gaming World

The FashionTV Gaming Group has been making big moves over the past few months. Recently we spoke about “The First 2019 Miss FashionTV Gaming World Contest Takes Place In Malta.” However, it seems that they already put a crown on their queen and announces Miss Fashion TV Gaming World 2019.

Which Model Get Crowed The FashionTV Gaming Group Queen?

In the official international contest in Malta, the beautiful and talented “Alina Katlobai” get to be the queen for Fashion TV Gaming World for the next year. Ultimately, this was a lovely event held at the historic Fort St Elmo, which is in the capital of Valletta. Furthermore, this event brings together local celebrities, business industry leaders, high profile individuals for real money gambling, and the world of fashion. It seems like BetConstruct, as well as VBET, did an excellent job sponsoring the show. While Betconstruct and VBET were the major sponsors, they had other sponsors like VisitMalta.com, Malta Fashion Week, AirMalta, and The Malta Tourism Authority.

Also, they had the opportunity to showcase their live casino games as well as their video slots, classic slot machines, plus tons of global sports betting contests.

Represents One Of The Most Unique And Fastest Growing Companies

Indeed, The FashionTV Gaming Group certainly represents one of the fastest-growing unique companies in real money gambling businesses online. Ultimately, their extensive global Fashion TV network backs them. With their television network supporting them, they have the funds to promote their real money gambling brands. If you have not heard of their television brand, they have about two billion loyal viewers around the planet.

Taking The Real Money Gambling Industry By Storm

Over the past six months, The FashionTV Gaming Group has been taking the real money betting industry by storm. Ultimately, they hold several series of glamorous releases all over the planet. Moreover, they spread to world to different countries such as Asia, Africa, India and Europe. The Fashion TV Group makes history becoming the first company to combine virtual real money gambling with high fashion and glamour.

Fashion TV Has A Unique B2B sublicensing Model

With a unique B2B sublicensing model, FashionTV brand and FashionTV Gaming Group allow online casino software providers to sublicense their products. As a result, this leads to more online casinos worldwide being able to have access to their branded real money casino games. Moreover, their online casino games including the lottery, bingo, live sports betting websites, and live dealer casinos.

Mrs. Alona Fischbein is the Executive Director of Fashion TV. With the help of a panel of judges, they select the immaculate, Alina Katlobai, who is from Ukraine to become Miss Fashion TV Gaming World this year. That said, Alina Katlobai is much more than just a beautiful model; she is a smart and talented woman who is proud to be the face of FashionTV Gaming Group in 2019. Over the next year, Alina Katlobai will participate in multiple ventures around the globe as well as winning the cash prizes as The 2019 Miss Fashion TV Gaming World.

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US Poker Rooms Get In New Casino Games Like Mermaids Pearls Slots & Offers The Chance To Win $150,000 In The Treasure Chamber Bonus Contest

treasure chamber casino bonus contest

USA Online casinos, US poker rooms, Sportsbooks, and Racebooks are getting excited about Realtime Gaming’s new online slot machine release, Mermaids Pearls. It is not often that we see a full one-stop-shop real money gambling site that offers live sports betting, a Racebook, a US-friendly poker room with a USA online casino that carries the latest RTG slot machine games. In this case, we have a very trustworthy online casino that is notorious for their live sports betting, poker room, and Racebook.

Which US Poker Rooms Are Getting The New Casino Games Like RTG’s Mermaids Pearls Slots?

On Wednesday, Intertops Red (not to be confused with Intertops Classic ) is getting the latest Realtime Gaming slot machine, Mermaid Pearls in their inventory. In addition to adding the new RTG slots, Mermaid Pearls, they are offering free spins until the end of June 2019. Additionally, they are having other promotions like The $150,000 Treasure Chamber bonus contest, which also continues until the end of June 2019.

How To Get Your Free Spins And Enter The $150,000 Treasure Chamber Bonus Contest

If you want to claim free spins or enter The $150,000 Treasure Chamber bonus contest, stop by our Intertops review. After that, sign up for Intertops Red (Real-time Gaming casino games with a live Sportsbook, and Racebook) and Intertops Classic, which has Betsoft, Lucktap, and Worldmatch casino games.

Additionally, they have a top-rated US poker room with a live Sportsbook and Racebook. Make sure you sign up and make a deposit before June 30, 2019, using the deposit bonus code MERMAIDFUN. In return, Intertops is giving all EasyMobileCasino.com newsletter subscribers 50 free spins on Mermaid Pearls. Remember, these 50 free spins are in addition to your 100% deposit bonus. While this promotion has a 10X free spins playthrough requirement, there is no maximum cashout limit.

Earn Rewards Points By Playing Slots And Win Top Prizes

At Intertops casino, Sportsbook, poker room and Racebook, you have the chance to earn loyalty points every time you play the online slot machines for real money or using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. As a result, the person with the most loyalty points takes home an extra $500 on top of their winnings. In June, you also have the opportunity to participate in the Treasure Chamber Casino Bonus Contest. If you want to compete to win up to $30,000 in weekly prizes, head to the promotions tab and click on ‘ Treasure Chamber Casino Bonus Contest.’

During The Treasure Chamber Casino bonus contest, you compete against other players for top prizes. However, the top US poker rooms that have the newest casino games like Mermaid Pearls slots choose winners randomly on Thursdays.

Intertops classic, Red casino, live Sportsbook betting, Racebook and poker room have been entertaining real money gamblers for over twenty years. As one of the most trusted US poker rooms, USA online casinos, live Sportsbooks, and Racebooks, you can choose from hundreds of real money casino table games and slot machines. Additionally, you can play these online slot machines, table and specialty games with real money using your mobile Smartphone or tablet.

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Win The $6,500 Prize Pool In The European Poker Championships Satellites

online casino European poker championships satellites

Whether you like to compete in cash games of play in real money Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, we have some tourneys with guaranteed cash prizes. Two of the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin and other altcoins from players all across the globe are offering bonus promotions to celebrate and entice players to join their online poker rooms. Ultimately, the European Poker Championships satellites begin this Wednesday. At the online satellites for The European Poker Championship, there will be a $6,500 prize package award up for grabs on June 9, 2019.

How Do You Enter The European Poker Championships Satellites?

The next series of real money satellite poker tournaments are the daily $3 European Poker Championships Satellites in Austria. You don’t have to look for a European casinos that accept players from Austria, but you can win a trip to Austria all expenses paid.

The Juicy Stakes casino and The Intertops poker room are both offering the online satellite tournaments. As a result, there will be several lucky winners to join the Intertops and Juicy Stakes casino team in the Main Event at the Poker EM European Poker Championship in July 2019.

Recently, Intertops held a real money poker tournament for Pot Limit Omaha. Several readers that subscribe to the free EasyMobileCasino.com got a chance to enter and compete in the main event. Will you take this opportunity to start an account with either Intertops or Juicy Stakes and play in real money poker tournaments?

One of the online casino and poker room managers went on record in a recent press release by Lyceum Media. First off, she says, “It’s a short series this time.” Right after that, she says“Daily satellites start on Thursday, and we’ll award the prize package on Sunday.”

Win The $6,500 Prize Package And This Sunday’s Final includes €2700 Buy-In

If you are the lucky player that wins the $6500 prize package, you will also be able to get a free buy-in. More specifically, the free buy-in for the winner of Sunday’s Final, which includes €2700 buy-in to the main event. Additionally, this consists of 5 nights paid all a five-star luxury resort. If that isn’t enough, these online casinos and poker rooms reward the winner with travel expenses.

Both online casino and poker room managers for Intertops and Juicy Stakes will be there to greet you. Ultimately, people consider this gambling spot in Austria, a lovely place to stay, play, and dine. Moreover, if you win the satellites, you will have fun on your free vacation in Velden and Wörthersee. So, get ready for the EPC Main Event.

Online Satellite European Poker Tournament Schedule

First of all, you start with the first step on June 5, 2019, at 8:10 AM EST. The buy-in for one ticket costs three dollars and thirty cents, and the winner takes home a free ticket to buy-into step 2. Moreover, you can buy-into step 2 for eleven dollars if you don’t win step one. Furthermore, step two starts on June 5th @ 3:05 PM EST. The winner takes home a free ticket to enter the Final. However, there is another opportunity to win a free ticket to the final.

Buy-into the Last Chance Wild West Satellites on LAST CHANCE WILD WEST SATELLITES Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 5:05 AM. The fee is only two dollars and twenty cents per person. Also, the winner will receive a free ticket to the final, which takes place on Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 3:10 PM EST. At the final, the is the $6500 prize package up for grabs. However, if you don’t win steps one through two or the Wild West Satellite, no worries, you can always buy-into the final for one hundred ten dollars.

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