Questions Surround Additional Tejon Tribe Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley

Questions Surround Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley | News

Are you ready to hear the latest Tejon Tribe Casino news? California’s San Joaquin Valley near Fresno already has a thriving real money gambling industry with several casinos owned and operated by Native American Indian tribes. The big question on the table in light of casino expansion along with new project proposals is how much gaming is too much?

In a recent post on by Marc Benjamin , this whole topic casino gambling saturation is discussed at length. There are several casino gambling projects up for consideration between Kern and Madera counties with the proposed Table Mountain casino, hotel and resort near Friant leading the way.

What Are The Questions Surrounding Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley?

Many opponents of real money gambling expansion claim that the Valley is already oversaturated with casinos. Indian tribes behind the expansion plans obviously view the current situation in a much different light. Given the sheer number of additional proposals on the table right now, the conflict between the two sides of this issue is bound to heat up.

In June, Table Mountain Rancheria released its plans for its new casino property that has been in the planning stage for years. Owned and operated by one of the oldest tribes in the region, the plans call for a new events facility, bingo hall, new gaming machines and a 151-room hotel and resort according to the report.

Table Mountain tribal lawyer Daniel Casas expressed the tribe’s desire to improve the entire real money gambling experience for all of its customers. In a direct quote in this report, he stated, “We wanted more floor space, to have people to be able to move around without having to bump into machines and other individuals, so it’s better for the patron, second we wanted to have a higher ceiling for better ventilation.”

The New Casino Gambling Project in San Joaquin Valley Costs $300 Million?

This new project comes at a cost of close to $300 million and it will be self-financed according to Casas. He also went on to mention that casino traffic is expected to double and the tribe has already committed to paying a percentage of more than a dozen road and intersection improvements tied to this plan. These road construction products that are far reaching to the northern fringes of Fresno and Clovis will cost an estimated $10 million. Millions have already been spent by the tribe for improvement of Friant Road as well as for road design for other projects in the early planning stage.

At a recent planning meeting open to the public, there were concerns raised over increased traffic as well as plans for thousands of new residential homes in the area. However, the overall tone was favorable towards the tribe and the Table Mountain project.

Another Native American Indian casino expansion project under consideration is the relocation of the Eagle Mountain Casino from its rather remote foothills location to the Porterville airport. Owned and operated by the Tule River Indian Tribe, the cost of this project is estimated to be $180 million.

The report also mentions Auberry’s Big Sandy Rancheria expansion plan by the Tejon Tribe that has been held up by the federal government along with a Momo Indians’ expansion plan for the North Fork Rancheria near Madera.

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Questions Surround Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley | News
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Questions Surround Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley | News
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