Miss Fashion TV Gaming World Puts A Crown On Their Queen For 2019

Miss Fashion TV Gaming World

The FashionTV Gaming Group has been making big moves over the past few months. Recently we spoke about “The First 2019 Miss FashionTV Gaming World Contest Takes Place In Malta.” However, it seems that they already put a crown on their queen and announces Miss Fashion TV Gaming World 2019.

Which Model Get Crowed The FashionTV Gaming Group Queen?

In the official international contest in Malta, the beautiful and talented “Alina Katlobai” get to be the queen for Fashion TV Gaming World for the next year. Ultimately, this was a lovely event held at the historic Fort St Elmo, which is in the capital of Valletta. Furthermore, this event brings together local celebrities, business industry leaders, high profile individuals for real money gambling, and the world of fashion. It seems like BetConstruct, as well as VBET, did an excellent job sponsoring the show. While Betconstruct and VBET were the major sponsors, they had other sponsors like VisitMalta.com, Malta Fashion Week, AirMalta, and The Malta Tourism Authority.

Also, they had the opportunity to showcase their live casino games as well as their video slots, classic slot machines, plus tons of global sports betting contests.

Represents One Of The Most Unique And Fastest Growing Companies

Indeed, The FashionTV Gaming Group certainly represents one of the fastest-growing unique companies in real money gambling businesses online. Ultimately, their extensive global Fashion TV network backs them. With their television network supporting them, they have the funds to promote their real money gambling brands. If you have not heard of their television brand, they have about two billion loyal viewers around the planet.

Taking The Real Money Gambling Industry By Storm

Over the past six months, The FashionTV Gaming Group has been taking the real money betting industry by storm. Ultimately, they hold several series of glamorous releases all over the planet. Moreover, they spread to world to different countries such as Asia, Africa, India and Europe. The Fashion TV Group makes history becoming the first company to combine virtual real money gambling with high fashion and glamour.

Fashion TV Has A Unique B2B sublicensing Model

With a unique B2B sublicensing model, FashionTV brand and FashionTV Gaming Group allow online casino software providers to sublicense their products. As a result, this leads to more online casinos worldwide being able to have access to their branded real money casino games. Moreover, their online casino games including the lottery, bingo, live sports betting websites, and live dealer casinos.

Mrs. Alona Fischbein is the Executive Director of Fashion TV. With the help of a panel of judges, they select the immaculate, Alina Katlobai, who is from Ukraine to become Miss Fashion TV Gaming World this year. That said, Alina Katlobai is much more than just a beautiful model; she is a smart and talented woman who is proud to be the face of FashionTV Gaming Group in 2019. Over the next year, Alina Katlobai will participate in multiple ventures around the globe as well as winning the cash prizes as The 2019 Miss Fashion TV Gaming World.

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Miss Fashion TV Gaming World Puts A Crown On Their Queen For 2019
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Miss Fashion TV Gaming World Puts A Crown On Their Queen For 2019
Miss Fashion TV Gaming World Puts A Crown On Their Queen, Alina Katlobai, For 2019 And The First Half Of 2020. BetConstruct Funds The Event.
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