Michigan Casino & Travel Tourism Industry Update For April 10, 2021

Michigan Casino & Travel Update

Welcome to the Michigan Casino & Travel Tourism Industry Update For April 10, 2021. For everyone who’s not completely in love with snow and cold, Michigan winters can be pretty brutal. Luckily, the spring is finally here. The flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and this beautiful state is basking in the sunshine. It’s time to put your skis away and pull out golf clubs and start making spring travel arrangements. The state has already begun its warm-weather traveling campaign encouraging people to make their travel plans. Michigan has so much to offer to all tourists. From glorious nature sites to high-end resorts and casinos, each traveler should find something for themselves. It’s finally safe to travel again, although some precautions are still necessary.

Latest Michigan Casino & Travel Tourism Industry Update

Michigan residents, as well as visitors from all over the country, are anxious to get back to exploring everything the state has to offer. However, health and safety are still top priorities. The state of Michigan is taking these issues very seriously. One of the ways they try to keep travelers safe is the Pure Michigan Pledge. It’s an initiative to keep all visitors and communities healthy from the Covid-19. When making travel plans, pay attention to which places have taken the Pure Michigan Pledge. It indicates the commitment of these establishments to upholding health protocols. This includes regular disinfecting and social distancing.

Americans are eager to start traveling again but also still vary about health and safety issues.

Longwood International has recently conducted a survey to check out the current travel sentiment among American travelers. According to the survey, most Americans are ready to get on the road again and feel optimistic about travel plans. On the other hand, most of them indicated that they are only willing to visit places with clear Covid safety protocols in place. This is why it’s important that as many places as possible take the Pure Michigan Pledge. Every establishment that does so will be clearly marked with the signage and other materials. At the moment, more than 600 businesses and travel destinations have committed to the pledge.

The State of Michigan clearly wants people to get back to traveling but in the safest way possible.

To send out this message, they’re launching a brand-new marketing campaign this week. The campaign is supposed to present all the wonderful things casinos in Michigan have to offer, but also encourage safe travel. The last year has been a dire time for the tourism industry and working together can help businesses recover from the pandemic.

The regional and in-state campaign will run all the way through July 4th. The part of it will be a brand-new television commercial, Catch Up. It should invite and encourage travelers to make up for the lost time over the last year with a visit to astonishing sites across Michigan. There will be a couple more commercials that will run in the selected markets. These will include 14 Clubs, Along the Way, Perfect Summer, and Wish You Were Here ads. The campaign will also make the most of digital and video ads, advertising on social media, and radio.

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Michigan Casino & Travel Tourism Industry Update For April 10, 2021
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Michigan Casino & Travel Tourism Industry Update For April 10, 2021
Discover The Michigan Casino & Travel Tourism Industry Update For April 10, 2021. Find Out What Casinos Are Open & Closed.
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