Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? Here Is The 2018 Dissection

Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? | Crypto Gaming News

Will The Litecoin Finally Replace The Bitcoin? The popularity of altcoins is inevitable. Litecoin is one of these alternative coins whose demand is growing fast. Because of this, many people think that it will soon replace the Bitcoin . Is this so? Will this ever happen? What do you expect in 2018? The only best way to know what happens in something is to do research. And as you well know, an excellent study is to talk to people who know. In the review of the LTC, who do you think we should look up to for information? In this line of research, investors are the best people to talk to. Well, this is a good idea. But there is also one person we should start with, the founder.

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Discover If Litecoin Will Replace The Bitcoin Digital Currency

Charlie Lee is the founder of this alternative digital coin. As the year starts, Charlie decides to tell his clients. He informs them of what is going to happen in 2018. The founder of this digital currency does so through a tweet. Partly, the tweet says that it is a good thing to trade in the coin. He also assures clients that 2018 will be a good year. He finally urges the audience to purchase in the LTC. The tweet reads, “The Litecoin team is hard at work working with companies to support Litecoin. Nothing to announce yet! But here’s what’s in the works: Merchant processor, popular online wallet, and goods trading platform. There’s one huge surprise. The year 2018 will be a good one for Litecoin!”

New Peer-To-Peer Online Commerce

It appears that the excellent trading platform the founder is talking about is Open Bazaar, which is a new peer-to-peer online commerce platform. The good thing about it is that it has zero fees. About the surprise that will come in 2018, nobody knows it yet. So many people, of course, investors allied to the digital coin have so many speculations. Some of them are saying that it may be Amazon collaborations. Others are saying that it may be Facebook. Lee is not speaking anything of either company. Maybe he is to confirm. There is still some time.

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