Lincoln Casino’s New Player Bonus Promotion

Lincoln Casino's New Player Promotion: Crazy Cat Lady for a Spin

Lincoln Casino has a new promotion for players that is sure to be a hit. Lincoln Casino’s Crazy Cat Lady promotion gives players $10 free just for signing up and having their first deposit processed. What better way to get started than with the casino’s most popular slots game? This offer ends May 31st, so make sure you don’t wait too long! Sign up for Lincoln Casino through an EasyMobileCasino.com link, banner, or video.

Enter To Win Lincoln Casino’s New Player Promotion: Crazy Cat Lady for a Spin

Officially, the name of the Lincoln casino bonus promotion is called “Lincoln Casino’s Crazy Cat Lady Slot has Struck a Chord with Players during Lock-down” Last Christmas, during the holiday season when most online casino managers had pulled their casino games for good, Lincoln Casino launched a new game from WGS that seemed quite out of place with the festive spirit. Lincoln Casino has released Crazy Cat Lady as the latest entry in their line of holiday-themed slots. Until December 31, Lincoln players can enjoy a $10 bonus play when they take this game for a spin.

Lincoln Casino is giving players a $10 freebie to take Crazy Cat Lady for a spin.

Ryan Wilson is the casino manager at Lincoln online casino. Recently, he makes a statement about this online casino bonus promotion. We were not excited about this game when we first saw it. The people who made this game weren’t sure how to make it look better. Some people might not want to play it because it doesn’t look good.

“The game has four jackpots that seem to pay out multiple times a day, so there is a high level of player satisfaction there from the start,” said Wilson. But we have other games that go off all the time. This game has resonated with players for some reason! Maybe people like it because they like pets and want to feel more connected with them? Maybe they appreciate their pets even more during lock-downs? It is also possible that we are all becoming a bit like Crazy Cat Ladies.

Arkansas Lincoln Casino Player Strikes It Rich

Carolyn from Arkansas says, “I won money on all four jackpots, but Sam is my favorite. He reminds me of my own cat who loves sitting on my lap when I play. He reaches out his paws and tries to grab the cats as they are spinning in front of him!”

There are many people that go to Lincoln Casino. They like the game Crazy Cat Lady. It has four jackpots and a free spins feature. People don’t need to spend much money for this game.

Lincoln Casino is giving away a $10 coupon for Crazy Cat Lady. You can only use it until May 31st.

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Lincoln Casino's New Player Promotion: Crazy Cat Lady for a Spin
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Lincoln Casino's New Player Promotion: Crazy Cat Lady for a Spin
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