Las Vegas Nevada Lawmakers Consider Legal Marijuana Lounges

legalize control sale medicinal cannabis Legal Marijuana Lounges

Nevada has consistently earned its reputation as one of the more progressive states in the country. Within its borders, gambling, prostitution and private use of marijuana is already legal. Las Vegas has grown to become the casino gambling capital of the world. These is a reason that this casino resort town is also referred to as ‘Sin City’.

Why Are Nevada Lawmakers Considering Legal Marijuana Lounges?

As mentioned, recreational use of marijuana in private residences is already legal in the state. More recently, Nevada lawmakers will now have to consider a bill that would legalize its use in commercial marijuana lounges.

According to a post by John Sadler for www.lasvegassun.com, a bill was introduced earlier in May to create a statewide Cannabis Compliance Board. Now there is a proposed amendment that would give individual counties the authority to issue licenses governing its use in public lounges.

Discussions on the original bill began this week as part of the current legislative session that has 20 days to go. The general counsel to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is J. Brin Gibson. In the role of chair of the Cannabis Compliance Board Advisory Panel, the concern for a cohesive set of laws was high on the list. Given the complicated subject matter, this panel is looking to avoid a set of patchwork laws on the issue.

Under the proposed bill, the state would set up the regulations that each county would have to adhere to. Cannabis would not be sold in lounges and anyone under 21 would be prohibited. There would also be restrictions in place covering the distance between a lounge and a casino.

Krystal Saab is legal counsel for Nevada Organic Remedies and The Source dispensary. She testified in support of the bill. Her exact quote on the matter was:

Legalize And Control The Sale Of Medicinal And Adult-Use Cannabis

“This bill and resulting regulatory framework will further cement Nevada’s cannabis industry as the gold standard for how to legalize and control the sale of medicinal and adult-use cannabis.”

The city of Las Vegas has already taken the lead on this issue by legalizing consumption lounges. This was the first municipality to take this measure in the state. However, under the proposed legislation, individual municipalities would not have the power to circumvent county laws. This means that if Clark County does not approve lounges, they would be illegal in Las Vegas as well.

According to a spokesman for the city of Las Vegas, Jace Radke, “The city is evaluating and monitoring the bill in question.” According to the information in this post, it was unclear if any lounges were up and operating in Las Vegas.

According to a recent post on the Reno Gazette Journal, the vote to allow legal lounges was in response existing Las Vegas city sales. While any number of shops have been legally selling marijuana for the past two years, it still remained illegal to use it in public places. Existing dispensaries would be able to apply for permits to open consumption lounges. Residents and tourists alike would be able use marijuana products in a venue that could also offer meals and entertainment.

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Las Vegas Nevada Lawmakers Consider Legal Marijuana Lounges
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Las Vegas Nevada Lawmakers Consider Legal Marijuana Lounges
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