Learn How To Win Betting On Kentucky Derby With Our Kentucky Derby Betting Guide

Learn How To Bet On Kentucky Derby With Our Kentucky Derby Betting Guide

The biggest horse race of the season in the US is almost here. The 2021 Kentucky Derby is scheduled for Sunday, May 2nd. It’s also one of the biggest betting occasions of the year. What Super Bowl is for football, Kentucky Derby is for horse racing. As the first leg of the Triple Crown, the race is traditionally held on the first Saturday in May on Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville. Are you ready to learn how to win betting the Kentucky Derby? Read our Kentucky Derby betting guide and learn how to win cash money.

Use Our Kentucky Derby Betting Guide To Learn How To Win Betting On Kentucky Derby

Most of the established books such as BetOnline and MYBookie.ag have a racebook section offering horse racing markets. When choosing where to wager on the Kentucky Derby make sure that the racebook is safe, respectable, and trustworthy. Once you’ve selected the bookie, sign up for an account.

Where and How to Bet on Kentucky Derby?

If you fulfill the necessary age and geographic requirements, it’s rather a simple process. When your account is confirmed, you’re free to make your first deposit. There’s a variety of payment methods available. Besides credit cards which are the most popular transaction method, most racebooks accept deposits from e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill) or debit cards. Lately, an increasing number of bookies accept cryptocurrency.

After all this, all that’s left is placing the bet. Select the Churchill Downs track and Kentucky Derby race. Now all you have to do is pick a horse, type of bet, the amount you plan to wager, and submit your bet slip.

Understanding Kentucky Derby Odds

When looking at the betting futures at a betting site, each horse has different assigned odds to win. For example, at BetOnline, the top of the list looks like this:

Essential Quality +275
Rock Your World +500
Known Agenda +700

The horse with the lowest horse racing betting odds next to his name is favored to win the race. In this case, it’s Essential Quality. The rest of the horses are underdogs and have less chance to win Kentucky Derby. The +275 odds mean that betting $100 on that particular horse will provide a payout of $375, or the wagered $100 back plus the $275 profit. Of course, the shortest odds don’t necessarily mean that that particular horse will win. The history of the Kentucky Derby is full of huge upsets. Two years ago, the winner, Country House, came to the race priced at +6500.

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Types of Bets for the Kentucky Derby

There’s a variety of different types of bets available for the Kentucky Derby. Finding the best value is the key and each of these bet types can lead to big winnings.

Straight Bet

Straight bets are the easiest to understand and follow. They’re the perfect starting point for novice bettors.

The win bet is the simplest one you can take. All you need to know is in its name. It simply means betting on the race winner.

Betting on the horse to place is similar to win a bet, only the wager wins if a horse places first or second. The odds here are understandably shorter, but this bet carries less risk.

With show betting, the bet is won if a horse finishes first, second, or third. The payout is even smaller than with the place betting, but you’re giving yourself a better chance to win.

Across the board betting combines more than one bet on a single ticket. If the selected horse wins, you get payouts for win, place, and show. The second place will earn you a place and show payout. Finally, if the horse comes third, you’ll get paid only for the show bet.

Horse Matchup Wagering

Horse matchup betting is the most popular wager among sports bettors as it pits only two horses against each other, instead of the whole field. The bet involves moneyline odds, similar to sports wagering. In this case, the bettor is not interested in the overall winner of the race. For a winning bet, it only matters that the selected horse finishes ahead of the one it was matched against.

Horse Racing Futures Bet

Futures bet involves placing the wager weeks, or even months before the race. Betting on the Kentucky Derby winner early can usually get you pretty juicy odds, often significantly higher than right before the race. But, if the horse fails to show up at the race, for whatever reason, the bet is lost.

Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6, and Daily Double Betting

Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6 wagering involves picking winners of multiple races in a row. The number in each bet type corresponds to how many consecutive winners you have to pick. Daily Double bet means that you have to select the winning horse in two consecutive races.

Exacta Betting

Exacta or Perfecta bet requires guessing the top two finishers in the correct order. Box bet is the type of exacta bet where you choose a group of more than three or more horses from which two have to finish at the top in the correct order. Key box bet is a variation of box wager where you pick one horse that is featured in every possible box combination.

Trifecta, Superfecta, and Super High Five Betting

Trifecta is similar to the exacta bet, only this time you need to guess the top three finishers in the correct order. The risk involved is higher, but so are the potential payouts. Superfecta and Super High Five bets follow the same principle, only you have to pick the top four and five horses, respectively.

Quinella Betting

Quinella bet is the same as exacta, except you don’t have to guess the correct finishing order of selected horses. The payoff is the same no matter which horse finishes first.

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Learn How To Win Betting On Kentucky Derby With Our Kentucky Derby Betting Guide
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Learn How To Win Betting On Kentucky Derby With Our Kentucky Derby Betting Guide
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