Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters

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Casino gambling and legal sports betting continue to expand all across the nation. More and more states are turning to various forms of gambling to fill the growing void in government budgets. Whether it is expansion into land-based casinos or online casino sites, this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

Las Vegas is still original casino gambling capital of the world. It also still takes center stage when it comes to the hottest trends and biggest news stories in the industry. In a recent interview posted on www.forbes.com, investment insider John Navin sits down with Anthony Curtis for a one-on-one interview.

See How Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters

The topic was Las Vegas, and in particular, MGM, Wynn, poker, blackjack, and Bitcoin. Curtis moved to Las Vegas in the late 1970s to make a living playing blackjack. Flash forward to recent years and Curtis was named the World’s Greatest Blackjack Player at Max Rubin’s 2017 Blackjack Ball.

Among his many accomplishments, Curtis also publishes Las Vegas Advisor while running Huntington Press. Residing in Las Vegas for the past 40 years, he agreed to provide his insight into a few hot topics concerning this iconic gambling town.

Asked about MGM’s current business struggles, Curtis attributed the recent loss of 700 jobs to much-needed cost-cutting measures. He added, “the company was choking with debt and has to cut costs. They’re are doing what any company would.” The concern comes with the other business practice of added resort fees, paid parking, tighter odds and fewer comps. Competition in town is too tough to try and gouge the customers.

The share price of WYNN has dropped nearly 40 percent from its peak in 2018. Curtis attributed some of the losses to decreased play at a casino that relies heavily on high rollers. He specifically pointed out the loss of play for baccarat as the game of choice.

Bitcoin In Sin City

Curtis was asked about the impact of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the Las Vegas Nevada casino industry. His response stated:

“It’s been barely a blip. A couple of places installed kiosks, but they’ve made no appreciable impact. I don’t think much of the customer base tries to deal in crypto.”

The 50th anniversary of the World Series of Poker is one of the bigger events in Las Vegas this summer. Going back to his arrival in Las Vegas in 1979, this event was still staged at Benny Binion’s downtown casino, the Horseshoe Club.

When asked about the evolution of this event over the years, Curtis added, “it’s changed immensely.” Even though the boom from the early 2000s at the height of this event has waned, today’s WSOP continues to post some big numbers. His bold prediction was that “the new poker will be sports betting.”

For anyone looking to experience old-school Las Vegas from the 1950s and ’60s, the downtown area is still the place to go. He noted the following three restaurants for that nostalgic feel:

  1. Binion’s Steakhouse in Binion’s
  2. Second Street Grill in Freemont Casino
  3. Hugo’s in Four Queens Casino

• Source: Las Vegas Advisor’s Anthony Curtis On MGM, WYNN, Poker, Blackjack And Bitcoin From Forbes.com On June 10, 2019.

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Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters
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Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters
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