Las Vegas MGM Casino Resorts Hike Increase Fees In All Its Facilities

Las Vegas MGM Casino Resorts Hike Increase Fees

Las Vegas MGM Casino Resorts Hike Increase Fees In All Its Facilities.Beginning Wednesday, January 31, 2018, you will pay an additional fee to park your car, which will take place at all MGM Resorts. Whether you are in Las Vegas or anywhere else where there is an MGM property. So, all the 11 casinos at the Strip start to charge different parking fee on Wednesday. You must know that the parking fee for all the 11 resorts is separate. According to MGM Resorts, the eleven facilities have three categories. There are those company calls ‘core’ and ‘luxury.’ There is yet another category, which MGM Resorts calls ultra-luxury.

Why Is Las Vegas MGM Casino Resorts Increasing Fees?

On the last category, the most expensive in parking, only a few facilities make it. In this class, you can find Vdara, Bellagio, and Aria. Excalibur, Circus Circus, and Luxor are what MGM call core properties. Above all, this means that if you want to visit MGM Resorts properties with low parking fees, you will choose this section. With the classification of their properties, it is easy to see an increase in the number of guests. Many people who prefer MGM properties will go to ‘core’ facilities where the parking fee is relatively low.
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Self Parking Remains Free

Interestingly, self-parking under one hour remains free in all MGM properties. Following the parking fee readjustment, MGM Resorts gives a statement. In the report, the management assures visitors that it is considering many things. In other words, by raising parking fees, the administration is not burdening visitors. “Occasional parking rate adjustments are necessary. We are also fine-tuning the staff, maintenance and equipment to meet guest expectations,” MGM says.

1st To Introduce Parking Fees On The Las Vegas Strip

For many years, self and valet parking is free for all clients in the Las Vegas Strip. But all these changes in 2016. MGM Resorts is the first one to introduce parking fees on the Strip. Other facilities follow suit soon. Caesars’ resorts are the second to start charging visitors. But it is not the last one. Wynn Resorts is the third. Afterward, several other hotels also introduce parking fees. In April 2017, MGM Resort raises its parking fees for the first time. During this initial parking fee rise, the us casino does not give any explanation.

This time, the management says that it is raising the fees for a reason. MGM says that it is using the additional parking fee to improve the parking lot. Besides, the casino company says that the remaining lot goes to the construction of a garage. MGM is currently building a 3, 000-space garage near its Excalibur facility.

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Free Parking

With the parking fee increase on MGM facilities, many people wonder if they will f