Keeping Casinos Safe Through Advanced Technology

Keeping Casinos Safe Through Advanced Technology | Casino Apps

When it comes to real money gambling at a land-based casino or on the Internet through access to an online casino app, safety and security are two very important concerns. As a player, you want to be reassured that all of your real money gambling activity is being conducted in a safe and secure manner. As a real money casino, either land-based or online, you want to make sure that your operating systems retain their integrity while also keeping your business interests secure from any outside cyber threats.

The topic of casino safety was recently addressed by Irish Tech News. The sheer amount of money that is involved in a business of this nature makes any real money casino an automatic target for thieves and other criminal elements looking for ways to tap into all that wealth. Another target of these criminals is all the personal information stored online that could be used for consumer fraud.

How Can You Keep Online Casino Safe With Advanced Technology?

Money is still the top target for thieves considering the overall size of the gambling industry. The collective size of this industry in 2009 was estimated to be $20.5 billion. According to this report, that estimate should expand to $52 billion by the end of this year. This represents close to a 300 percent rate of growth in fewer than 10 years.

In the UK, the growth of real money online gambling has outpaced the growth of gambling revenue in traditional land-based casinos. The Gambling Commission estimated that online real money casinos account for 33 percent of gambling revenue with a gross profit of 4.5 billion pounds. As a general rule, the gambling industry does not like to broadcast cases of theft and fraud to prevent copy-cat crimes. One such incident in 2011 was the theft of 400 billion chips from an American poker site adding up to several million in value.

One tool that is used by both land-based and online casinos is known as Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis (NORA). This software technology was first developed in 2002 and according to Irish Tech News, its primary function is to uncover and analyze any links between individuals searching for data online. It delves into social media and other forms of online activity to link together individuals engaged in any type of suspicious conduct.

What Does The Las Vegas Casino Industry Have To Do With It?

The Las Vegas casino industry spearheaded this endeavor and it has been expanded to online casinos in recent years. NORA has been so successful in identifying questionable links it is also being utilized in the United States by Homeland Security.

Another key piece of software that has been developed to keep online casinos safe is Iovation’s Reputation Manager 360. This software is designed to search the database whenever an IP address attempts to make a transaction. Based on the results of this search, a rating of Allow, Review or Deny is assigned to the individual device. To counter attempts to use a proxy server to avoid detection, the latest innovation to this software is the “Real IP” application that can trace all connections back to where the IP address originated from.

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These are just a few examples of the measures cited in this Irish Tech Report that real money casinos have taken to keep them as safe as possible. Collectively, they have all proven to be effective at minimizing risk for all parties involved.

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Keeping Casinos Safe Through Advanced Technology | Casino Apps
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