Join BetOnline Sportsbook MLB Pick Contest For The Chance To Win Up To $10,000

MLB Pick Contest For The Chance To Win Up To $10,000

After a long wait, baseball is finally back. The new MLB season starts on Thursday and we all couldn’t be more excited. However, BetOnline is kicking things up another notch. The reputable sportsbook will spice up the first weekend of the season even more. Starting Friday, they will launch an MLB contest worth $10,000. The winner will take home a cool $1000 and the top 101 contestants will also receive cash rewards. Sign up for BetOnline, TigerGaming, SportsBetting.ag, SuperSlots, or Wild Casino now or start making money promoting these gambling sites working from home today!

How To Join BetOnline MLB Pick Contest For The Chance To Win Up To $10,000?

The MLB Pick’em Contest at BetOnline will run from Friday, April 2nd to Sunday, April 4th. Players can already join in on Wednesday and will be able to do so until Sunday at 8 pm ET. Registration simply requires logging into BetOnline and making your picks for every day of the competition. Be aware that you can only sign up for the contest online, not through chat, e-mail, or phone. The picks you make are not final. If you change your mind, you can alter your selection any number of times before the scheduled start of the game.

$10,000 MLB Pick’em Contest

The registration itself is free. Still, to be eligible for the prizes, you’ll need to fulfill a wagering requirement. To qualify, you’ll have to place $25 worth of real-money bets on MLB games during the weekend. Pay attention that parleys don’t count towards the wagering requirement. Only qualifying bets are straight wagers. For the bet to count it must be placed before the first pitch. Live bets also qualify. You can bet on the money line, run line, or totals.

One account can make only one entry. Also, using multiple BetOnline accounts to register will lead to disqualification.

How Does It Work?

Taking part in the contest is fairly simple. You must pick the winners for each MLB game taking place during the contest. Once you’ve made your pick, it will be automatically saved. As we mentioned, you have to make your pick before the scheduled start of the game, but you can change your pick before the game in question begins.

Every correct pick will bring you 1 point counting towards the leaderboard. The points will be received only for the selected games. So, if you miss a game that means no points. Points also won’t count if the game is canceled or postponed so it’s not completed before 3 am ET on Monday.

All picks are considered moneyline selections and are official after 5 innings. If the home team is winnings then the picks are official after 4.5 innings.

The Prize Pool

The overall pot for the contest is $10,000. It will be shared according to the ranking on the leaderboard.

The winner takes home $1,000. The runner-up will pocket $750. If you place third, you’ll win $500. The rest of the prizes will be awarded as follows.

4th Place – $400
5th Place- $300
6th Place – $250
7th Place – $200
8th Place – $175
9th Place – $150
10th Place – $125
11th Place to 15th Place – $100
16th Place to 25th Place – $90
26th Place to 40th Place – $80
41st Place to 55th Place – $70
56th Place to 75th Place – $60
76th Place to 101st Place – $50

In case of a tie, the contestants will split the money, plus the prize for the next lowest ranking. Each cash prize holds a 3x wagering requirement.

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Join BetOnline MLB Pick Contest For The Chance To Win Up To $10,000
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Join BetOnline MLB Pick Contest For The Chance To Win Up To $10,000
Enter For Your Chance To Win Cash Money Instantly When You Join BetOnline MLB Pick Contest For The Chance To Win Up To $10,000.
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