UPayCard accounts Are Accepting New Currencies Like The Israeli Shekel

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been roaring. Online casinos that accept Bitcoins and other altcoins have been seeing a huge spike in depositors. It appears that a lot of people that bought Bitcoin and cryptocurrency when it was in its bear market and taking profits. While that is great, it is even better to hear that The UPayCard accounts are now accepting new currencies such as THe Israeli Shekel. In a recent email, UPayCard says that they are proud to offer their customers more channels for making deposits and withdrawals. More specifically, people can send and receive money much faster, easier and safer. Also, they have even more currencies to offer like The Israeli Shekel.

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See How UPayCard Accounts Are Accepting New Currencies Like The Israeli Shekel

Recently, UPayCard takes a step in the right direction by adding the Israeli Shekel to their portfolio. Now, customers can use this new currency in their digital wallet or regular UPayCard debit card. Moreover, you have the ability to convert this currency into ILS from other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. If you want to send ILS through a bank transfer, go ahead with ease. The UPayCard is avaiable to download through the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store. While it is a free app to download, you can start your account safely and securely.

In another recent email newsletter, mBit casino announces that they are accept fiat currencies now. They used to be a cryptocurrency-only casino offering Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, now you can make your deposits and cashout your winnings using the United States Dollar, The Candian Dollar, The Euro, AUD, RUB, and JPY. That’s right, you have a lot more deposit and withdrawal options at this real money casino that offers a large selection of live dealer casino games

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In addition to this news, they are celebrating by offering a chance to win up to 100 Euros in the latest bonus promotion. If you make a deposit now, you can receive a 50% deposit bonus in Euro’s to give your bankroll a boost.

Now, we hope you are excited with more ways you can do your online casino banking. Remember, you have more options with The Israeli Shekel at UPayCard. Also, if you want to play online casino games for real money using fiat currencies at MBIT, you can enjoy them easily.

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UPayCard accounts Are Accepting New Currencies Like The Israeli Shekel
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UPayCard accounts Are Accepting New Currencies Like The Israeli Shekel
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