Is Bitcoin Digital Gold? Top 2019 Crypto Gaming Topics

Is Bitcoin Digital Gold Top 2019 Crypto Gaming Topics

It has been an interesting year for the cryptocurrency industry. Even with a crystal ball it would be hard to predict the future of this fascinating ride in digital technology. EasyMobileCasino.com with help from Coindesk took a stab at recapping the biggest stories from this year. They turned to industry insider Ryan Selkis.
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Bitcoin as Digital Gold

Bitcoin is the biggest crypto in the world. That story alone would dominate any discussion given the ongoing roller-coaster ride in market value. Ryan Selkis is the co-founder and CEO of Messari. He took a look at the past year in light of what to expect in 2020.

He likened Bitcoin investing to hoarding a product thought to be “digital gold.” He also mentioned that is not a good thing. The whole concept can be threatening to the mainstream powers that be. This also becomes a harder narrative to sell when it comes to attracting new investors.

Earn.com & Streamium

Selkis mentioned that he is disappointed in what Earn.com and Streamium have become. The potential to monetize your time via crypto is significant. The potential for streaming metered payments is also relevant. He goes on to say that he is shocked there is not a big specialized payroll company offering bitcoins. They could be tied to a certain percentage of a paycheck. Coinbase.com appears to be the closest company headed in this direction.

His company looks for ways to offer free bitcoins. One example was Lolli. This browser extension sends shopping rewards for online purchases. Another company in that game was Honey. It just sold to PayPal for $4 billion.

Unbank the Banked

There is tech for crypto insiders. He described them as misfits, the tinkerers and the dissidents. Regions were rules and regulations are weaker include Latin America and the Middle East. Most of the origins in the US can be tied to Silicon Valley. Blockchain Technology, including Bitcoin made a splash at an exclusive dinner in 2013.

Missionaries vs. Mercenaries

As a direct quote, Selkis went on to add:

“The only crypto communities that will survive in the long-term will have strong memes. On the flipside, most attempts to bribe developers and users with airdrops and developer grants will fail.”

He noted that many have already failed in past attempts. Trying to attract insiders to a cause with pre-sale discounts actually adds disfunction and gridlock to projects. He is concerned that building on infrastructure will eventually get hijacked by ruthless investors. The 2020 outlook for privately funded token networks coming to market is not so good.

Bitcoin Compared to a Platypus

Blockchain Capital’s Spencer Bogart compared Bitcoin to a platypus as follows:

“The platypus is perhaps the most bizarre creature on the planet. It’s a venomous, egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal. Even once the platypus was broadly accepted as a real and legitimate animal, classification provoked arguments. What type of animal is it? In the end…scientists had to create a new animal category to accommodate its unique features. The platypus is a category creator.”

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  Is Bitcoin Digital Gold? Top 2019 Crypto Gaming Topics
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Is Bitcoin Digital Gold? Top 2019 Crypto Gaming Topics
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