Intertops Poker offers a Cashback Bonus This Weekend On Worldmatch Slots

Intertops Poker | Cashback Bonus This Weekend On Worldmatch Slots

The month of March starts off with a bang at Intertops Casino with a cashback offer up to 35 percent of your last deposit. In a press release from Intertops on Tuesday, Feb. 27, the highly popular online gaming site is offering instant cash back up to 35 percent to players that bust their deposit from March 2 to March 4.

How Can I Claim Intertops Poker Cashback Bonus This Weekend On Worldmatch Slots?

The offer extends to anyone playing real money slots on any Worldmatch machines located within the online poker software that the site has to offer. If you make a deposit and lose the whole amount playing Worldmatch slots over the three-day period, you can request cash back up to an amount that equals 35 percent of that deposit. You would have until next Wednesday to make that request. The press release goes on to suggest that using the site’s chat feature is the best way to request your Cashback Bonus. However, other means of communication such as email and telephone will also be accepted.

Hercules HD is Expected To Be In High Demand

This offer is extended to every Worldmatch slots machine that is part of the poker software package, but Hercules HD is expected to be in high demand. As part of Intertops’ press release, this game has been described as follows, “In this epic high definition game, the Roman hero and god slays the Hydra, captures the Cretan bull and brings back Cerberus’. It goes on the add that ‘He also rewards players by multiplying their bets in a stunning bonus game’.

Lowering Your Risk And Increasing Your Rewards

That review alone should be enough to pique anyone’s interest in giving this online real-money slots machine a try. While nobody sets out to lose their entire deposit, it is good to know that your risk has been lowered by 35 percent. The only stipulations surrounding this offer is a 10x play-through of the bonus refund. There is no maximum on any cash out requests.

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