How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

how do slot tournaments work

Have you ever had questions like “what is a slot tournament and how do slots tourneys work”? In this article, EasyMobileCasino.com is going to answer the most frequently asked questions. Also, we will provide you with a specific example of a contest that is taking place. So many people that enjoy playing mobile casino games for real money think that these events are rigged. To tell you the truth, some of them are at rouge casinos. We go out of our way to give readers honest and truthful reviews and rate online casinos based on real players feedback, not compensation. With that said, let’s talk about playing slot tournaments.

How Do Slot Tournaments Work & How Can I Win?

So, how do slot tournaments work? First of all, the land casino resorts and online casinos hold these events to attract new players and get existing customers to make more deposits. Also, there are different types of tourneys. For example, the most common form is a scheduled contest.A schedule tournament is when all players have equal credits. Usually, the online casino has a specific dollar amount for buy-ins and re-buys. Sometimes,resorts refer to buy-ins as entry fees. As a result, the player that has the most amount of money or has the most tourney points wins the guaranteed cash prize.

If you are in Las Vegas, it may be time to play slot machines for prize pools. Sometimes, winning a slots tournament depends on the amount of credits or number of credits you have. In other cases, you have a chance of winning playing in the tournament by betting the most amount of money.

Regardless of the structure of the contest, online casinos offer big prize money with hopes they get more people to gamble. If you want to play slots, we suggest you focus on protecting your potential losses. One way to protect yourself is to set a cooling off period. For example, make sure you stop betting after 20 minutes. This strategy levels the playing field. At the same time, it allows you to put your fingers on the spin button and have fun with hopes it’s time you hit the prize pool.

A Nice Variety Of Video Slot Games To Play With Guaranteed Cash Prizes

A good example of a scheduled contest is the Christmas Slots Tournament from Intertops. This event takes place from December 21, 2018, through December 28, 2018. You can play a variety of Betsoft’s video slots. More specifically, you can enjoy Giovanni’s Gems, Charms & Clovers, Ogre Empire and A Christmas Carol.

Recently, Intertops issues a press release. The manager goes on record to say “When you grab a little slots time over the Christmas holiday”. Shortly after that, he says, “Play the tournament games so you can pick up some extra prize money!” The way this slot tournament works is that any player that plays one of the four BetSoft 3D slots will automatically receive tourney points. The two top people with the most amount of points on December 28, 2018, will split the $2,000 guaranteed cash prize. Also, please read the terms and conditions as there are some playthrough and wagering requirements.

Have you tried playing the Christmas Carol slot game? You may enjoy yourself playing this classic title as if you are in the bedroom of Ebenezer Scrooge watching the classic Christmas tale unfold. Also, Ogre Empire is a great game. Do you like titles with fantasy themes where you have to go to battle? If so, you will have a chance to help set the villagers free and stack up tournament points as your score winning combinations.

Irish themed slot games are always fun to play. These titles are even more fun when they have a great storyline and smooth, realistic graphics with animations. Bring the Irish myth’s to life as you search for a pot of gold playing Charms & Clovers. Have fun with five reels and forty pay lines with cool Irish symbols. For example, you will see pots of gold, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers! Also, score the right winning combination and you will trigger one of four bonus feature that has a sixth reel. Are you getting the idea of how tourney’s work and how to win?

Win By The Most Amount Of Money Or Tourney Points

Remember, not all events are scheduled. This Intertops contest is an example of a non-scheduled event. Ultimately, this means that the people that win do so by scoring the most amount of tournament points. Each online casino has a different rating system for points. Some offer one point per spin and others offer different amounts of points for every 100 spins. Obviously, if you are playing in a Publishers Clearing House (pch) slots tournament, they are scored differently.

Are Slot Tournaments Rigged?

Yes some of them are if you are playing at a rouge online casino. However, if you are playing games at a trusted and licensed site you should not have a problem. For example, Publishers Clearing House holds free tourneys. The odds of them rigging one of their events is slim to none. Are going to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter or Facebook and clicking on the first result you see after typing “slot tournaments”? We suggest you take a look at some reviews and ratings before you decide to put your hard earned money on the line.

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How Do Slot Tournaments Work? Are Online Slots Tourney's Rigged?
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