Poker is a favorite game. So many people who are making money online get it by playing poker with real cash or Bitcoin. But for you to win money, you need something. Yes, you need a guide to playing online poker. But before you know how to play poker, it is a good thing to gather knowledge. You first need to know the famous poker games in the world.

How To Use Guide To Playing Poker Online

We start this write-up by naming some of the most popular online poker games at mobile casinos

1. Texas Hold’Em

It is evident that there will be no list of favorite online poker without Texas Hold’em. Also, this is one of the best and easy-to-grasp poker games. In fact, it is the preferred online poker in the U.S. In this game; players are dealt two hole cards or pocket. Players then wait for five community cards. Betting on this game takes four rounds. The last bet is when the fifth community card is out. To win, the player must make the best combination of 5 cards.

Texas hold ’em is one of the most popular types of poker games. Some people refer to the game as Texas holdem, hold ’em or holdem. However, this is a simple variation of regular poker that has taken off to the point where people gamble millions of dollars in the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) is televised live around the world. The difference between regular poker and Texas Holdem is that two of the cards are facing downward so you and other players cannot see them. Folks refer to these cards that face downward as “pocket cards” or “hole cards”.

The players start placing their bets once they get their cards, which is known as betting pre-flop. After each of the players at the table are dealt two hole or pocket cards, the dealer puts down three community cards, which are known as the flop. Once the new community cards are put on the table, players can check, raise, re-raise or fold. After the players are done betting after the flop, the dealer with put down the fourth card, which is referred to as (“fourth street” or “the turn”).

After the dealer turns the river, the players will place more real money wagers, re-raise, check or fold. Once they are done placing their bets, the dealer places the last card face up on the table, which is called “fifth street” or “the river”. The players that stay in the hand to complete their betting round go to the “showdown”. The showdown refers to when a player shows their cards to the community. After that, the dealer determines the winner of the pot (all of the money that was bet). Naturally, the bettor with the highest hand will win the pot(pile of cash or chips in the center of the table).

2. 5-Card Poker/Draw

Most importantly, this is a simple poker game. It doesn’t have much. Any person can play this poker game. Both the player and the dealer is dealt five cards as in Texas Hold’em. But there is something unique about this type of poker. During the initial round, the player has freedom. The liberty will help him to trade in up to 3 of the cards.

Guide To Playing Online Poker

3. 7-Card Stud Poker

As the name suggests, in 7-card stud poker, both the dealer and the player receive seven cards. These cards face different directions. Three cards will face down. The remaining four will face up. To beat the dealer, the player must make good use of his cards. At least, he must make good use of 5 out of his seven cards.

4. Omaha

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Omaha? Above all, this is one of the poker games that have many variations. Remember that when a game has variations, there is some goodness. By the way, this is a type of Hold’em. The good thing about this poker game is that it can accommodate many players. Starting with two players, you can play this game. But there are times it provides up to 10 players.

Like in Texas Hold’em, Omaha has four rounds. In a sharp contrast though, both the player and dealer receive four hole cards. Besides, there are five community cards. To have a hand over the dealer, players must make good use of 2 hole cards. Additionally, he has to make good use of 3 community cards. Also, this brings the total to 5 cards on the player’s side.

5. Follow the Queen

This poker game is a 7-card stud. The game has a wild card. It comes up after flipping a queen. In this game, if there is no flipping of queen, there are no wild cards at hand.

6. High/Low Chicago

The high/low Chicago means you can play either by a most upper hand or lowest. In Chicago High, the punter with the highest spade that faces down wins. On Low Chicago, it is the opposite thus winning over the dealer. Yes, in this write-up, you see a guide to playing online poker. Besides, you see six types of poker games.

Jacks Or Better Poker

Jacks Or Better

Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Pot Limit Omaha

Crazy Pineapple Poker

Crazy Pineapple

7 Card Stud