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Learn How To Win Money Playing Craps Online And Using Mobile Devices


Casino craps are one of the most popular table games to play. Most importantly, playing casino craps gives you some of the best odds against the casino. Said differently, it is one of the ‘best bets is the casino”. Above all, the house only has a 1.41 percent edge over the player. Indeed, these odds are better than playing roulette, online poker, baccarat, and especially online slot machines.

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Learn How To Win Cash Playing Casino Craps Online And On Mobile Apps

The best way to win money playing this online casino game is to avoid making bet wagers. Indeed, having great odds does not ensure victory. Above all, you have to play craps or online blackjack for real money smart by placing good bets.

Roll The Dice Intelligently

When you play slot machines you spin the reels. Playing poker requires a dealer to deal cards. In contrast, you roll the dice playing craps. Above all, there are too many real money bets playing craps to list. Therefore, we are going to narrow down the list by showing you the smartest bets(in our opinion).

Use The Pass Line Bet To Win At Craps

Most importantly, readers should learn the pass line bet. Above all, the pass line wager pays evenly, which means if you bet ten dollars you stand to win ten dollars. First of all, wait for the come-out roll. After that, put your chips in the pass line area. Above all, all craps tables have pass line areas. Once the shooter rolls their come-out-roll, place your bets strategically.

Win Rolling The Dice Playing Craps Online Strategically

What do we mean by placing your bets strategically? In this scenario, if you follow the rules you can place specific bets. For instance, place a seven or an eleven and win. However, if you bet, two, three or twelve you crap out and loose. In contrast, you can bet on numbers to get you to the bonus round. That said, bet on four, five, six, eight, nine and ten. As a result, you will most likely head to the bonus round. Also, most people call the bonus round “The Point”. We are just trying to make it easier to understand. Remember, you need to bet smart when you get to the Point or the bonus round. For example, roll a seven and loose instead of winning. Follow these steps and increase your chances of winning the next time you play online casino craps for real money.

Learn More In Our Glossary Of Craps Terms

As you know, craps is a dice game that is fairly easy to play. However, there are some common and uncommon slang terms that you may want to know. At, we have published this glossary to help you understand the game better and hopefully win more money rolling the dice. We are going to start in alphabetical order, which means we will start with ace deuce. Ace Deuce is a term the craps players use when you score a roll of three.

If you heard the term Big Red at the craps table, you should know that the number seven of a bet that consists of any number seven have appeared. Have you ever heard that slang term bones? Bones is another way to say dice. Also, online casino fans consider the numbers 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 to be box numbers. Having said that if you have a roll or a bet on the number twelve, you may hear the term boxcars.

The term center field is referred to when you roll a nine. Some craps players will refer to this as a center field nine. If you stumble across a craps game that is cash only you may hear the term change only. Also, people refer to change only when you are betting on colors. If you want to break down our chips into smaller denominations, it is known as a check change. Also, when you change your chips for larger denominations, this is referred to a coloring up. Last but not least, we are going to explain cold dice. Cold Dice refers to a craps table when players are having trouble scoring wins.

As you know, craps is a nice game that you can play at a land casino resort or at an online casino. After someone rolls the dice, you wait to see what the outcome is based on the numbers on the dice. In some cases, people make illegal wagers, which folks refer to as “Street Craps” outside of a casino. However, when playing this dice game for real money legally most people refer to it as “table craps” or “casino craps”

The History Of Casino Craps In The United States Of America

Craps started off becoming popular in Europe and eventually when the Europeans migrated to the United States of America, they made up a simplied version of the game. The simplied version was referred to as the western European game of hazard. We are not sure where the origins of Hazard lead to but we do not that it comes from London and made it’s a way to New Orleans in Louisianna in 1807. Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville gets the credit for bringing the game to the states. He was a younger attorney, who loved gambling that came from a very rich family that owned land in Lousiana.

There are some key differences between shooting craps and playing Hazard. During a hazard game, a dice player may select a value from 5-9 to be their main number. However, Xavier Philippe de Marigny simplified this by making the main number seven by default. 7 is the optimal choice when someone that plays Hazards selects a value from five through nine. When Hazard and it’s new variation, craps, was introduced to the betting public people rejected both versions. Even members of his upper wealthy social classic did not like to play either variation.

Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville decides to take his new variation and introduce it to the lower social classic. As a result, many people started to play craps and taught their friends using dice and even with poker cards sometimes. This new version became so popular people were gambling up and down the Mississippi River. Eventually, Marigny bought a new home in New Orleans, which is where he gave the new Hazard variation the name craps.

In Louisiana, some people with thick accents referred to the game as crabs. However, in London, there was actually a game called crabs that was a joint epithet that consisted of betting on the numbers two and three. It did not take very long for sharp gamblers and criminals to learn how to cheat people and casinos out of their money by using fake or unfair dice.

A Dice Game Betting On Pass Or No Pass

Around the time of 1907, a dice manufacturer from Philadelphia came out with a new layout. John H Winn was his name and his version of the dice had options to bet on a pass and not passing. Most of the casinos used his invention to stop people from cheating and stealing.

During World War II, the games popularity increases as a lot of Americans gained exposure to the European culture and different social classes in the military. Amerian Soldiers loved to play the street version of craps. Most of the time they used a blanket for the shooting surface. As a result, after people came home from the war Las Vegas casinos eventually adopted the game.

Learn The Rules And Strategies

Depending on which casino resort you visit, you may find different payouts. However, the payouts are typically very similar. Having said that, all of the other rules and strategies are the same amongst all casinos. The person shooting or rolling the dice is the “Shooter”. The shooter can bet real money after they place chips on the marked section of the table. After all of the best are placed, the shooter rolls the dice.

If you are the shooter or the person rolling the dice, you have to bet on either a “pass” line or a “Don’t Pass” line. Some casinos use different terms such as “Win”, “Don’t Win”, “Right” and “Wrong” bets. The game is played in the round and the shooter usually rolls multiple dice that the dealer or stickman gives him. With remaining dice left in the bowl, the shooting can select two pairs of dice for each round.

Come-out and point rounds

When it comes to referring to different rounds, use the terms come-out and point. The dice are passed to the left the new shooter makes a come-out roll. Keep in mind, when rolling the dice on a craps table, both dice must hit the back end of the table. There may be a few instances when casinos make an exception. However, this rule is strictly enforced by casinos to the point where the casino may deem a roll invalid.

Have you ever heard the term “crapping out”? It comes from rolling specific numbers such as 12, 3 and 2. Also, crapping out refers to someone that bets on the pass line and looses. However, if someone is betting on the Don’t Pass line after a roll of two, twelve or three it is usually a push, which is a tie.

Even if you crap out, you can still continue betting and rolling the dice. However, the dice are required to be passed if a shooter “sevens out”, which means he rolls a 7 after a point has already been established. In this case, a pass line wins but a Don’t Pass line loses.

4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. are more potential numbers that the shooter can roll for a come-out roll. This results in a “Point” to “Pass” or “Win”, which means that if a seven comes up they have to roll the dice again. During the second phase of the betting round, the dealer will put the “On” button. As a result, the players know that they are moving to the second phase of the betting round.

Players Can Bet On A Pass Or Don’t Pass As Long As Points Have Not Been Established

Any player can place a real money wagering on a pass do a don’t pass, as long as the dealer has not established a point. People at the table are able to increase their bets and odds when they are behind the pass or don’t pass lines. As a result, gamblers refer to this a “Taking It Down” In Craps.

The table maximum is usually the maximum bet for a Come bet, pass, lay, buy or a place. Remember a lay bet is equal to the table maximum win. If someone wants to lay out a four or a ten, they can wager double the table amount for the win to be table maximum. In some casinos, they allow and offer better odds based on the table maximum.