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Learn How To Win Money Playing Craps Online And Using Mobile Devices

Casino craps are one of the most popular table games to play. Most importantly, playing casino craps gives you some of the best odds against the casino. Said differently, it is one of the ‘best bets is the casino”. Above all, the house only has a 1.41 percent edge over the player. Indeed, these odds are better than playing roulette, online poker, baccarat, and especially online slot machines.

Learn How To Win Cash Playing Casino Craps Online And On Mobile Apps

The best way to win money playing this online casino game is to avoid making bet wagers. Indeed, having great odds does not ensure victory. Above all, you have to play craps for real money smart by placing good bets.

Roll The Dice Intelligently

When you play slot machines you spin the reels. Playing poker requires a dealer to deal cards. In contrast, you roll the dice playing craps. Above all, there are too many real money bets playing craps to list. Therefore, we are going to narrow down the list by showing you the smartest bets(in our opinion).

Use The Pass Line Bet To Win At Craps

Most importantly, readers should learn the pass line bet. Above all, the pass line wager pays evenly, which means if you bet ten dollars you stand to win ten dollars. First of all, wait for the come-out roll. After that, put your chips in the pass line area. Above all, all craps tables have pass line areas. Once the shooter rolls their come-out-roll, place your bets strategically.

Win Rolling The Dice Playing Craps Online Strategically

What do we mean by placing your bets strategically? In this scenario, if you follow the rules you can place specific bets. For instance, place a seven or an eleven and win. However, if you bet, two, three or twelve you crap out and loose. In contrast, you can bet on numbers to get you to the bonus round. That said, bet on four, five, six, eight, nine and ten. As a result, you will most likely head to the bonus round. Also, most people call the bonus round “The Point”. We are just trying to make it easier to understand. Remember, you need to bet smart when you get to the Point or the bonus round. For example, roll a seven and loose instead of winning. Follow these steps and increase your chances of winning the next time you play online casino craps for real money.