Gambling On Divorce Odds At Top Online Sportsbooks

Gambling On Divorce Odds At Top Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are still looking for ways to build out their betting board during the coronavirus pandemic. Plans are underway to restart the NBA and NHL seasons. Online books are hoping to have MLB games on the board with Opening Day planned for July 24. Yet, there is still a void waiting to be filled.

The Oddsmakers at MyBookie are always thinking out of the box. The team is led by a famous Las Vegas handicapper who is only limited by his imagination. The result has been a number of betting options for politics, religion, entertainment, and pop culture.

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How Can You Find On Divorce Odds At Top Online Sportsbooks?

Stepping way out of the box, the latest idea is betting on is divorce. The unique twist is that any married couple can create their own betting odds with the use of the MyBookie Divorce Calculator. The coronavirus shutdown has been tough on everyone. Being quarantined in the same house for weeks on end can add stress to even the strongest relationships.

The Divorce Calculator is a series of questions designed to determine the betting odds for any couple staying together. To take the test, simply go to www.mybookie.ag/divorce-bet/.

The main motivation for this real money gambling project was the surging divorce rate in China.

A report on Bloomberg noted the increased rates through the end of March. The other motivation was an interesting betting alternative due to the lack of live sports and sporting events.

The head oddsmaker at MyBookie noted that his own history of divorce gave him some keen insight into the topic. He released the following quote in a recent Newsweek post covering this story:

“As a man who’s had multiple wives, I find myself to be somewhat of an expert on divorce and associated things. And I thought it would be sort of a fun thing to do as we come out of quarantine and things like that. As all of our relationships were stressed to the maximum.”

He added that the calculator is meant to be something fun for “people to look at and see what their chances are based on the opinion of one expert.”

You will not be able to bet on your own odds at MyBookie but you can probably get some action from friends and family members. Each question comes with a set percentage. At the end, the calculator uses all the numbers to formulate the actual odds.

MyBookie fully understands this whole concept may rub certain people the wrong way. However, they also admit that it “probably wasn’t for you in the first place.” The popular online betting site added that it was trying to “take the lighter side of it.” This pertains to the whole lockdown situation.

One thing you can bet on at MyBookie is celebrity divorces. The following is a list at the actual divorce odds for a couple of high-profile couples:

  1. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
    YES: +300 NO -700
  2. Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin
    YES: +300 NO -600
  3. Donald Trump & Melania Trump
    YES: -140 NO +110
  4. Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas
    YES: -2000 NO +600

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 Gambling On Divorce Odds At Top Online Sportsbooks
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Gambling On Divorce Odds At Top Online Sportsbooks
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