Adults Beware: Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers

Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers?

Should Parents & Adults Adults Beware That Free Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers? According to a study, free online casino games can excite adolescents for gambling as well as converting it into financial gambling.

A research published in BMC Public Health journal has revealed the fact that free games with gambling theme can be the entry point for youngsters for paid gambling which can increase the problem of gambling in teenagers.

Can Online Casino Games Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers?

According to Canadian researchers from CAMH or the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, though legal gambling sites and brick and mortar casinos do not entertain teenagers online casinos are open to all. They are known as social and free online casino games as they allow everyone to try his luck with or without using real currency.

They also allow people to bet like financial gambling to win prizes or points within the game. The researchers further said that online casino games are not legally allowed for gambling as no winning money or betting is involved. Tara Elton-Marshall from Institute for Mental Health Policy Research of CAMH said that the participation of adolescents in the safe social games of online casino can increase the risk of gambling problem in future due to their early exposure to this environment.

In a study 12% of Canadian teens from three provinces have accepted to play games on social casinos for three months. They included more than 10,000 students in 9th to 12th grade from Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland in Ontario. The games they played included social games on FaceBook, internet poker, and internet slots.

According to the surveyors, there are more chances of their participation in financial gambling on land-based casinos or online casinos than those who are not involved in such activities.

Elton-Marshall further said that it cannot be said clearly whether the youngsters playing at social casinos are converting into monetary gamblers or monetary gamblers are plying free online casino games. However, as per evidence games of social casinos are encouraging teenagers to play financial gambling games.

Social Casinos May Be Familiar With Low To High-Level Gambling Problems

Nearly 37-50% of monetary gambling youngsters have played at social casinos to be familiar with low to high-level gambling problems. Above all, Researchers further said that nearly 10% of teenagers may have some gambling problem who have played financial gambling without playing social casino games. According to them, a problem gambling scale, specially designed for teenagers, was used to calculate scores on the basis of the band or sport team activities missed by them.


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Social Casino Games Give Better Odds Of Winning, Which Trick Kids Into Real Money Gambling?

According to Elton-Marshall, higher chances of winning social casino games give a false impression to the teenagers about their luck to win monetary gambling. So, it is important for the youngsters, teachers, and parents to care about these risks.

Livia Veselka, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CAMH, said that the number of social casino games as well as the exposure to the youngsters has increased considerably in last