FAST TRACK Wins Home Multi-Channel Supplier Award & Partners With Casumo Online Casino

Fast track casumo online casino customer relationship management crm

Fast Track has been making big moves and expanding its business over the past few months. Ultimately, they are one of the leading iGaming Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Recently, they won The EGR’s Multi-Channel Supplier of the Year Award! In addition to that, Fast Track recently partnered up with Casumo, one of the leading online casino operator.

If you don’t know about Casumo, they are an award-winning online casino platform. Furthermore, they were established in 2012 and used the best technology and tools to rise in the competitive real money gambling industry. At Casumo, they have a vision and goal to provide players with the best real money gambling experience.

Fast Track Partners With Casumo Online Casino

In a recent press release by Lyceum Media, Casumo, the award-winning online casino, announces their partnership with Fast Track. With Fast Track, Casumo will use their customer relationship management (CRM) to help provide their players will the most engaging games and activities. Said differently, Fast Track offers Casumo with a ‘bespoke solution’. Ultimately, this bespoke solution will help them tie individual moments into unique, one-of-a-kind lifecycle for a player. Moreover, engaging players is one of Casumo online casino most significant strategy. As a result, they can communicate their offers their players more effectively.

About The Fast Track Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With Fast Track’s customer relationship management, Casumo can design and develop a personal experience for each player. Ultimately, this truly achieves and allows a much more efficient process of understanding and communicating what their players want. In the recent press release, Ludovic Diler, the Player-Engagement Lead at Casumo makes a statement. She says, “We have been looking for a CRM platform tailored to our approach of retention, but also to taking into consideration the specificity of our industry. We believe Fast Track is the only company sharing our vision of player engagement and how we should take care of our players.

More Accomplishments Than Just Partnering With Casumo Online Casino

In addition to partnering with Casumo online casino, Fast Track wins the Multi-Channel Supplier category at the EGR B2B Awards 2019. On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, the IGaming community deems Fast Track as one of the top three B2B suppliers in the real money gambling business. More specifically, the iGaming business feels that Fast Track’s Customer relationship management (CRM) gives operators the best experience with real-time customer engagement platform. During the awards, they highlight how they use email marketing, SMS text messaging, online casino bonuses with rewards and loyalty systems to help their partners. As a result, their partners (like Casumo online casino) can understand and communicate with their players.

Indeed, Fast Track’s CEO, Simon Lidzén make a statement in the latest press release. He says “The award is a wonderful conclusion to the first half of this year and a reflection of the achievements and efforts of our team. We couldn’t be more proud of how everyone has performed, especially with the unprecedented level of interest we have had in FAST TRACK CRM.”

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FAST TRACK Wins Home Multi-Channel Supplier Award & Partners With Casumo Online Casino
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FAST TRACK Wins Home Multi-Channel Supplier Award & Partners With Casumo Online Casino
FAST TRACK Wins Home Multi-Channel Supplier Award Plus Partners With Casumo Online Casino Offering Them Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
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