Fast Track Offers Their Award-Winning iGaming Technology, & CRM To Help Parimatch

fast track sportsbook software solutions award-winning iGaming technology

More and more online casino software providers as well as live Sportsbook software solutions team up with real money casino sites and live sports betting bookmakers. Recently, Parimatch and Fast Track strike a deal to utilize their tools to enhance and engage their player strategy.

Fast Track recently enters into a partnership with the online casino operator Twin. Between Twin and & FAST TRACK, their goal is to extend business intelligence and services with their partnership. However, Fast Track is on the move again as this enthusiastic team agrees to work smart and fully customizing the Parimatch platform. Ultimately, their goals are to enhance the moments the players have, which will allow players to have a more interactive experience.

Parimatch Is On The Fast Track To Becoming The First Bookmaker IN CIS To Launch Online Betting Site

If you don’t know much about Parimatch, in 1994, they were one first online bookmakers in the CIS region to launch an online betting site. Ultimately, their brand has been a success and an industry leader in their area. As a result, this allows them to expand into over ten countries. Now, Parimatch is a worldwide company. Located in Cyprus, they offer safe and secure online Sportsbook software solutions and platforms.

Moreover, they have live customer support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Over the past few years, they have had a focus on real money mobile gambling, which allows them to expand their digital platform and retail outlets. Using the betting products from Parimatch, Fast Track can offer an even more exciting form of entertainment. Ultimately, this will enhance their sports betting customers an experience of real money gambling and sports betting.

An Award-Winning iGaming Technology Software Provider

Fast Track is a newer company. In 2016, they were established but quickly became an award-winning iGaming technology and an online casino service and software, provider. With Fast Track, they have a strong vision of making the online casino business more simple and effective. With their Customer relationship management (CRM) tool, they can help other companies give more opportunities for their customers and help monetize their players

On June 4, 2019, Lyceum Media issues a press release ‘Parimatch Enters Partnership with FAST TRACK.’ Now, Parimatch can use Fast Tracks advanced Customer relationship management (CRM) for themselves. Ultimately, they can use this tool to give their customers a better real money gambling experience. Known for having an ambitious team, Fast Track is ready to work smart and helping Parimatch customize their platform, which will give their players a better experience.

Tamara Babits is the Chief Marketing Officer of Parimatch. In the latest press release, she makes a statement. She says, “Parimatch is a dynamic, agile organization. With FAST TRACK CRM, we will have a CRM platform that matches our way of working: data-led and forward-thinking.”

Shortly after that, she goes onto to make another statement. She says “The platform will allow us to interact with our players via the best channels and in the right moment.”

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Fast Track Offers Their Award-Winning iGaming Technology, & (CRM) To Help Parimatch
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Fast Track Offers Their Award-Winning iGaming Technology, & (CRM) To Help Parimatch
Fast Track uses its award-winning iGaming technology, customer relationship management (CRM) & sportsbook software solutions to help Parimatch.
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