Euro 2020 Betting Odds: Why France & England and France Are Favorites At Sportsbooks

Euro 2020 Betting Odds Why France & England and France Are Favorites At Sportsbooks

France and England continue to be the favorite at sportsbooks in Euro 2020 betting odds. Last year, the coronavirus forced people to postpone the best European tournament. Now it’s going to start soon and will happen in less than a month. Our coverage on Euro 2020 Betting Odds ends with an in-depth analysis of the knockout stages. England and France are the favorites to win Euro 2020. Belgium, Germany, and Spain are also good teams. Portugal is currently at +900 to defend its title. Learn how to bet on soccer online and win.

Who are the Euro Cup Betting Favorites?

Online Soccer Betting Odds To win Euro 2020



England +500
France +500
Belgium +600
Germany +700
Spain +800
Portugal +900
Italy +950
Netherlands +1200
Denmark +2800
Croatia +3300
Turkey +6000
Poland +8000
Sweden +8000
Switzerland +8000
Ukraine +10000
Russia +10000
Austria +12500
Czech Republic +15000
Wales +15000
Scotland +25000
Slovakia +25000
Hungary +25000
Finland +35000
North Macedonia +50000

Choosing A Favorite To Win Euro 2020

is +500 and France is also +500. The odds for France have decreased, so they are a joint favorite with England. The odds for Euro outright have not changed. But the odds for France have changed and it is now tied for first place with England. Do you think that England is worth betting on? You might win. The team has played in the English Premier League. All of their players have played in it, except for Jadon Sancho. England will go to the FIFA World Cup and they will be a contender.

France has a really good team. Kylian Mbappe is one of the best players in soccer. Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud are also very good offensive players.France plays in different ways. When they are attacking, it will be hard to catch them. They have a player who is a defender and we call him the holding midfielder. The implied probability for England and France to win is around 50%.,

Why Are Will Belgium Have A Difficult Path To Winning The Euro 2020

Belgium has been given odds of +600. This means that it is a good bet to make. Kevin De Bruyne has been the best player in the English Premier League for the past 2 years. Eden Hazard is getting better after he was injured. Romelu Lukaku will be on Belgium’s team in Italy now and will start as their striker when they play other teams at Euro 2020. In order to win tournaments, you need to score goals. That is why the quality of chances created is important. Belgium will be able to score goals because they have good players like De Bruyne and Hazard. The implied probability that the Belgians will win this tournament is 14.29%.

Are Spain Or Germany A Good Soccer Bet?

Germany is listed at +700 while Spain is listed at +800. Both of the teams have won major tournaments recently. Both of them should be very confident going into this tournament. That said, Spain and Germany have lost some of their key players, which places Germany in the Group of Death (Group F). The sharp gamblers seem to be staying away from betting on Germany. It may pay to be patient with these Euro 2020 betting odds .

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Euro 2020 Betting Odds: Why France & England and France Are Favorites At Sportsbooks
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Euro 2020 Betting Odds: Why France & England and France Are Favorites At Sportsbooks
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