Dogecoin Hits $2 Billion In 2018, The Coin’s All-Time High.

Dogecoin Hits $2 Billion In 2018, The Coin’s All-Time High.

Dogecoin Hits $2 Billion In 2018, The Coin’s All-Time High. The last weekend of January 2018 is the best time for the Doge. According to CoinMarketCap , it is during this time the Dogecoin hits $2 billion. This internet meme doubles its market capitalization in the last 14 days. By increasing, the Doge hits $2 billion, which is the digital coin’s all-time highest market capitalization. But we are now slightly away from the past weekend. In fact, we are deep into another weekend. During these other seven days, a lot can happen. A lot happens in a day. Check out the best Dogecoin casinos over here.
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What Made Dogecoin Hit 2 Billion?

So, it is true that the near to seven days, many things are happening. For instance, according to CoinmarketCAP, the market cap is down. Yes, the market cap is again down to $1.7 billion. Also, this is possible because many things take place in the cryptocurrency trade. Speaking of the Dogecoin, how much do you know about it?

The Dogecoin

DOGE is a virtual token. It comes to life in 2013. The founder of this virtual currency is Jackson Palmer. What is the purpose of Palmer creating this symbol? Or you may ask what is in his mind when he creates this virtual token? When generating this virtual token, Jackson wants to help people send and receive money online. He believes that with it, the sending and receiving money virtually will be easy. For some reason, Palmer gives his virtual token a mascot. It is a Japanese Shiba Inu dog.

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$Doge Is Also An Altcoin Like Ethereum and Ripple

Like Ethereum and Ripple, the Doge is also an altcoin. As you may beware, the altcoin