DAO.Casino ($BET) Altcoin Soars As Other Cryptocurrencies Crash

DAO.Casino ($BET) Altcoin Soars | Cryptocurrencies Crash

The DAO.Casino ($BET) Altcoin Soars up 31.57% today while other cryptocurrencies crash. Have you heard that Facebook banned Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency advertisements? It appears that this announcement sent real money casino gamblers and traders into a panic. While the DAO.Casino ($BET) Altcoin Soared up 31.57% today, Bitcoin, ($BET) Altcoin has a focus on the real money casino industry. Above all, this cryptocurrency strives to keep anonymous transactions. In contrast, the other retracement appears to be a product of an announcement from Facebook. Bitcoin has been struggling to stay at the ten thousand dollar level. Also, BCH has been trading above one thousand dollars. Earlier today, they both retraced, Bitcoin went down to eight thousand, and BCH went down to nine hundred.

What Other Cryptocurrencies Crashed Today Amid Facebooks Advertising Ban?

Above all, Ethereum tanked all the way under six hundred dollars, which are levels we have not seen in over a month. The central cryptocurrency market has been steady, however with SEC regulations and Facebook bans; they are struggling. There are Alternative coins like DAO.Casino ($BET) is at $17.92 and has over six hundred thousand daily volume. This altcoin is critical in the real money gambling industry and uses blockchain technology.

Learn More About DAO.Casino ($BET)

When you visit the official Dao.casino website, you will see “Blockchain protocol for gambling.“. Most importantly, this may be very important in the real money casino industry online. In contrast to many other gambling cryptocurrecies, many people can use it. Furthermore, online casino owners, real money players, bankroll backers, and developers can make all profit from the new Dao.casino ($BET).

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What Caused DAO.Casino ($BET) Cryptocurrency To Surge?

There was a favorable announcement on the DAO.Casino medium page. Above all, the statement is “DAO.Casino Partnership announcement — DiceyBit”. Most importantly, this can mean big business for the new altcoin and anonymity in the real money casino gambling business.

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