Cryptocurrencies Prices Are Regaining After Weeks Of Lows

Cryptocurrencies Prices Increase After Weeks Of Lows

The past few weeks have been rough for digital coins and real money casinos. The cryptocurrency market has been hit by one stone after another. But now that stones are getting low or let’s say the altcoins are getting used, prices are regaining. For the first time in 2018, the cost of the bitcoin, ether, Ripple, BCH, and other altcoins went down. Bitcoin shrunk as low as $9, 199 two weeks ago. During that time, the coin was hit by the first colossal stone. That was the time when South Korea announced that it was about to impose a ban.

How Much Have Cryptocurrencies Prices Increased?

The coin went below $10, 000, the first time since November 30. Remember that the red-hot altcoin hit its all-time highest in December 2017. During that time, on Thanksgiving Day, the price went up to $20, 000. It is true that since South Korea issued a warning, a lot has happened. In fact, apart from other countries imposing almost similar rules, South Korea came up with laws. While the Korean government did not impose a ban, the rules are restrictive. But there is one thing the bitcoin has proved. It is now clear that it will withstand fierce opposition.

Visa Doesn’t Recognize Bitcoin As Payment Method?

This year, the coin, together with other digital coins has faced a lot of opposition. It is the very year in which Visa CEO declared that Visa does not recognize bitcoin as a payment method. There are many other examples of rouge laws against the bitcoin and crew. In spite of all these, the price has consistently jumped from $9, 199 to above $6,811. By the time of writing this article, one bitcoin trades at $6,811. What does this show? Although there is fierce ridicule, the price of the traditional digital is regaining. It is coming up. Perhaps, if nothing happens, it is likely to go back to where it was in December.

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Countries Impose Bans

What is funny is that the top state currencies that are trading with the bitcoin are the very countries that give sanctions. The top 5 state-issued currencies are:
• USD.
• JPY.
• EUR.
• KRW.

From the look of things, the performance of the bitcoin is a quick reminder. It is true that there might be other stronger and huge stones. But for now, investors are brushing off any fears. People are slowly investing in digital coins. Whether it starts yesterday or the other day, the cryptocurrency market is slowly regaining.

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Cryptocurrencies Prices Increase After Weeks Of Lows
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