Lark Davies Weighs-In on The Future of Cryptocurrency In Recent Interview

Lark Davies Weighs-In on Future of Cryptocurrency In Recent Interview Bitcoin Future Predictions

Lark Davies is not a household name in mainstream media. However, he has made quite a name for himself as “Crypto Lark.” Some of his fame comes from two years as a popular You Tube personality. This is according to Pedro Febrero in a recent post on Coin Rivet.

Lark also has the distinction of being the most famous Bitcoin personality in New Zealand. Growing up on a small organic farm, he was a big fan of Mad Magazine and space travel. These days, Crypto Lark uses his political science background and other studies to tout the benefits of blockchain technology.

How Does Lark Davies Weigh In on The Future of Cryptocurrency?

He has demonstrated keen critical thinking skills. He also wins fans over with his engaging sense of humor. His goal is to spread the word on blockchain solutions on a global scale.

In a recent interview with Coin Rivet, some topics covered were:

  1. The future of cryptocurrencies
  2. The current economic panorama
  3. The development of Bitcoin protocol
  4. Interesting projects in the space
  5. Smart contracts and the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Interestingly enough, the full interview can be viewed on You Tube. Some of the highlights include Bitcoin as “the most secure and robust” crypto. Ethereum is trying to bring something new to the space with the PoS system. This should make the protocol even more scalable.

He also touched on the evolution of Proof-of-Stake in the Ethereum ecosystem. This involves a new consensus algorithm that will aid the adoption.

His thoughts on Binance were:major impact on the crypto space? Lark added, “Even though nobody wants to see an economic recession, that’s what’s most likely to happen in the near future.”

Turning to the current trade war between the US, China and other countries, his thoughts were

“The power of US dollars comes from violence. What has China been doing? China entered Africa and started developing other countries rather than going to war like the US.”

When it comes to the gaming aspect of cryptos and blockchain, Lark had this to say, “with the adoption of NFT’s, gaming will be huge.” Protocols such as Enjin and Loom continue to build the future.

Some of the pioneering blockchain games mentioned were:

  1. Gods Unchained
  2. CryptoKitties
  3. NBA TopShot

The author of the post for Coin Rivet mentioned his recent interview with Dapper Labs founder Roham Gharegozlou. This was in the context of crypto gaming and the three titles listed above.

Coin Rivet offers industry insight into the latest Bitcoin news, crypto analysis and blockchain gaming. It also covers ways to safely buy, sell, convert and hold cryptocurrencies.

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Lark Davies Weighs-In on The Future of Cryptocurrency In Recent Interview
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Lark Davies Weighs-In on The Future of Cryptocurrency In Recent Interview
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