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There is only one casino in Utah. In that one Utah casino, you will not find any slot machines or table games. However, you can always take a trip to find other gambling resorts that border the Beehive State. For example, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada border UT.

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What Are The Best Places To Gamble In Utah?

When people search for the best places to gamble in Utah, there are not many local resorts. However, people in the Beehive State can play online casino games for real money at any of the gambling sites we list on That said, Utah is not a gambling-friendly state. Unless you want to play games at the Southgate Dinner & Bingo hall, you have to gamble online or drive to a local casino resort outside of The Beehive State.

What Is The Largest Casino City In Utah?

As far as the largest casino in Utah, there are not many to choose. The only gambling resort in UT is the Southgate Dinner & Bingo Hall. Furthermore, you can find them at 3725 South 900 East in Salt Lake City. They opened their doors to the public on January 1, 2002.

If you are looking for a very low-key place to gamble, then The Southgate Dinner & Bingo hall may fit your needs. However, most of the people in Utah either bet their money on the Internet or head to a casino in Las Vegas. With The Southgate Dinner and bingo hall, there is not much to say about them. Interestingly, they don’t have an official website, a facebook page, or even a twitter feed.

Having been in the gambling business since 2001, we find it strange that they don’t have any Internet exposure. More specifically, we went to local rating and review sites like yelp, groupon, and urbanspoon, and didn’t find any coupons or reviews.

People that live in UT say you will find a good bingo game at night time around 5PM. According to anonymous sources, even if you are just are eating, they give you bingo cards. On Sunday’s, the dinner and bingo games start at 3 PM and run until 6:30 PM.

Utah Casino Patrons Gamble Millions At Bingo Halls?

According to an article on,”Millions being spent gambling at 2 bingo parlors, search warrant says, it seems like there is more gambling in Utah than meets the eye.

It appears that there are more places to gamble in Utah that may not be legal. According to the article on in 2016, the state of Utah released search warrants for Frankie’s Dinner and Bingo, 4510 S. 900 West. Ultimately, the search warrants were for suspicion of real money illegal gambling.

Illegal Gambling In Utah?

However, according to the article, this is not a surprise to the police and crime fighters in Riverdale. In 2007, the Riverdale City Counsel appeared to revoke The Riverdale Dinner and Bingo hall’s business license. Allegedly, they rescinded their license based on allegations that they are violating the state’s gambling laws.

The owners of Riverdale Dinner and Bingo hall didn’t appear to go down without a fight. It seems that they owners file a federal lawsuit against the city of Riverdale. Moreover, it appears they claim that the police threatened to arrest people that work for them in 2006 if they didn’t close down their business.

In 2008, the restaurant opens back up under a different business license. Furthermore, people now refer to them as ‘Frankie’s.’ At Frankies, it appears that now you can legally eat dinner and play bingo games for real money. If you win, it seems that you have the opportunity to walk away with actual cash legally. However, this story is not over by a longshot.

In 2010, the crime fighters and Riverdale Police start allegedly start to investigate them. More specifically, they are looking into a sweepstakes program they have known as “The Magic Ball.” Again, it appears the owners file a lawsuit against the state of Utah as well as the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Moreover, it appears they claim that Utah’s gambling statute was ‘unconstitutionally vague.’ That said, the police seem to have had an undercover officer in their five times for allegedly illegal gambling.

After all of this fuss looking for a local Utah casino close to you or ‘nearby’, it may be best if you take a ride to a casino on Las Vegas Strip or just play at one of the online casinos at

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