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The Playtika-owned and -operated social gaming online casino, which was the first to deliver free casino games to social networks, was launched and developed.There are now hundreds of different social gaming apps and platforms to select from, but Slotomania is still one of the best.

Slotomania Casino REview Free Slots

 Slotomania Review

Slotomania is a fantastic choice for anybody who loves playing slots but doesn’t want to risk their own money.They offer a wide range of slots, bonuses, and graphics that are sure to keep you entertained.You won’t be glued to your computer if you want to play.Thanks to mobile gaming, you may play your favorite slots on the move using a mobile device, whether at home, on the bus or anywhere else you have a few spare minutes.

Software And Games

Slotomania is a social gaming app that’s fun for everyone and available on all platforms, including PC, Mac, and mobile devices.Many people opt to connect with others through the social networking site Facebook.Slotomania works with any device or download capability and is adaptable to your preferences!We had no problem downloading the app and getting it to work; in fact, we found that playing through a web browser provided an excellent experience as well.

At Slotomania, we have a wide variety of slots for you to choose from – 70 in total! Plus, every single one of our slots has been designed with lots of care and attention. In reality, the features appear to be identical to those found in top-rated real money online casinos. Furthermore, because this location only has slots from Slotomania, you won’t find them anywhere else online.

You can’t play all the slots right away, you have to unlock them as you go.You’ll earn coins while you play, and these coins may be utilized to acquire new games from the portfolio.You may only be able to access to the Vegas Cash slot, but soon enough you’ll be able to unlock many more.

It’s worth noting that Slotomania’s staff is very vigorous in coming up with new and innovative slots for you to enjoy.So, more new and exciting ones will be added to the real money casino site.In other words, you’ll always have fun while playing here.

Mobile Casino

Players may now play their favorite free casino games anytime, anywhere thanks to mobile gaming applications.You can find and download this social gaming app in various app stores, including the Google Play Store, Windows App Store and Apple App Store, .

The app design of Slotomania is great, allowing you to play the game right from your email, no matter where you are.There are updates on a regular basis to keep the app user experience fresh and exciting.

The app is totally free to download. However there are in-app purchases available that can improve your experience with the games.You may play Slotomania mobile social gaming on Facebook if you don’t want to clutter up your phone or tablet with downloads.

The Slotomania app and website’s graphics are bright and engaging, with no lagging.Playing on your phone won’t sacrifice quality, and playing on a device with high-quality graphics will enhance your gaming experience further.Said different, play this game on any mobile device without worrying about whether it will work or not.


Privacy is important to us, they will never disclose or sell your personal information to third parties.To improve your gaming experience, we may use your contact information to send you newsletters and special offers. You can feel free to unsubscribe from any these communications at anytime.Slotomania only works on the most popular and reliable social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Bonus Promotions

Bonus programs are just one of the many ways Slotomania helps you maximize your potential earnings.You earn bonus coins when you join up, and if you decide to purchase more coins, you may receive a special bonus every two hours.You’ll be able to get more coins for your money if there are any particular events taking place or if it’s a holiday.In addition to the traditional present-giving alternatives, there are additional activities that provide players with new opportunities to advance and gain benefits. Jackpots are also prevalent, and they may offer you with more coins or in-game goodies.

Free coins, tokens, and other incentives are periodically given to people who follow Slotomania on social media platforms like Facebook, so keep checking the Slotomania Facebook page. This is yet another approach that they employ to get individuals to interact with them on this platform, and it’s definitely one of the most lucrative ways to play.

Slotomania’s rewards program is excellent if you’re looking for something more structured. As you play and level up your status, you’ll continue to get additional benefits and perks.Each Playtika user is assigned to one of seven levels in the company’s loyalty program, with the highest level being Black Diamond.

You begin by being a Bronze Rewards member, which gets you a regular gift of 250 coins each day.You can become a Silver Rewards member easily! You qualify after you make a purchase or simply by playing and advancing in status.You’ll receive a 500 bonus, double status points for increasing your level, and 15% more on the Mega Bonus prize as a Silver Rewards member.

To achieve Gold status, you must acquire at least 4,000 status points.A Gold Rewards member receives a 100,000 coin daily bonus and more than twice the status points on leveling up and purchases.

In order to reach the level of Platinum Rewards, you need 30,000 status points. To obtain Diamond status requires 250,000 points while Royal Diamond Status needs 2,000,00. The Black Diamond Status is only given to those with 8 000 000 points.

As you move up through our VIP levels, the daily bonuses and other perks get better and better. In fact, the Black Diamond level has such amazing perks that we can’t even share them publicly!

Trust, Reputation And Reliability

Some might not understand why or how Calvin Ayre chooses to run his business the way he does. In the end, our process has often resulted in a better solution than what our competitors offer. has been shown to meet the standards for trustworthiness, dependability, and reputation by our own experiences.From our findings, many other professional players feel the same way about this operator. Overall, these opinions show that this operator is worth your time and effort.We have no reservations about recommending it to EasyMobileCasino visitors.

Security And Safety aces safety and security, which are critical aspects of any casino gambling website. You’ll want to protect yourself, your money, and your account, as well as keep an eye out for any incidents of underage involvement.

Utilizing SMS message validation in combination with 4-digit PINs creates a secure environment for both players and accounts.

The website is equipped with SSL encryption, and in the event of any security breach, warning alerts are sent to registered devices.Furthermore, the website is safeguarded against spam and abuse through Google reCAPTCHA.

We ran a scan on the website with website scanning software to make sure there were no major vulnerabilities. The Google Safe Browsing site status checker and Norton SafeWeb both showed that my website was safe from any malicious content.

If you want to stop gambling, there is an easy way to do so. Just contact the casino and ask to be put on a self-exclusion list. This can mean you will not be able to gamble at the casino anymore. There are also support organizations that can help you if you have a gambling problem.

How To Create A Online Casino Account

There are several reasons to create an account that we’ve discussed while looking at, but undoubtedly the most important ones are to play casino games and perhaps receive a nice welcome bonus. You’ll need to do either if you want to participate.

To create an account, you must provide your information.The only tough part is picking which bonus to accept, but we’ve got you covered in the section below on bonuses.


 How do I connect Slotomania to Facebook?

  1. Open up your setting in your Facebook App.
  2. Enable the “Links Open Externally” from being disabled.
  3. Head over to the Free Coins post and click or tap on the “Free Coins” tab or link.
  4. Have fun after you collect your FREE COINS!

Who owns the game Slotomania?

Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Playtika was founded in 2010, and one year later, Playtika went public and was acquired by Caesars Entertainment Corporation in May 2021.Out of all the users, approximately half are located in America while the others come from numerous countries.

How to get free coins for Slotomania?

What’s the best way to earn more free cash in Slotomania? Every day, you may collect coins through Special Lotto and Mega Bonuses, our Facebook fan page and email bonuses.In addition, you can collect free coins every three hours, all day and night, seven days a week, 365 days a year!