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Playing casino games online is just as fun as the real deal,what with all the new releases from game developers, players have more variety as well. Now you don’t just have to play on your PC, mobile compatible versions of all your favorite releases allow some fun on the go. Online casino gaming moving to the mobile platform has also made it possible for players to catch up on all the latest news about games they like.

Though it is a major plus for everyone involved, online play misses some of the aspects of playing live that make land-based casinos what they are. First off, you will be missing out on the premium treatment you can only find at the casino. Wagering is also more fun when you can interact with other players one on one. You also get the chance to rub shoulders with the high rollers, which for one reason or the other is enchanting to gamblers.

Top 5 land-based casinos in Canada

Since the legalization of gambling in Canada in 1972, the industry has grown a lot. There are some 80 land based casinos spread all over the country. Canadian casinos offer all the charisma and lively gaming synonymous with Las Vegas. You just have to know where to go. Here are five Canadian casinos you should visit if only for the experience.

1.Casino Niagara, Quebec

The two-story casino is one of the largest in Canada and boasts 95,000 square feet of floor space. The casino has 30 tables where players can try out all variations of table games as well as over 1,300 slot machines. The casino has been around since 1996 and as such has a renown Poker Room where the best often find their match.

The large screens plastered across the walls will immediately catch your attention. These giant HD screens show all the live gaming. Casino Niagara also caters for the sports fans with their dedicated sports section.

Like any reputable casino, you will find pulsating live entertainment here on Fridays and Saturdays. There are four well-known restaurants for the 5-star dining experience to complete the night. You will also like the fact that they offer complimentary tickets for members for any number of reasons.

2. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Ontario

The Hotel and Casino is one of the major entertainment spots of its kind. Named the number one casino of the year 16 years running, the casino at Caesar’s Windsor is an obvious attraction from gamblers as well the typical partygoer.

Aptly, located just across the border a short from Detroit, the casino also attracts a lot of gambling fans from the United States. The hotel has plenty of room with around 700 luxury rooms as well as a steakhouse serving delectable cuts.

The sprawling gaming lobby is a maze-like the layout of slot machines in the thousands as well as an ample supply of gaming tables. Revelers not interested in
gambling can always have fun at the sports bar with giant screens showing all the live games.

3.Casino Rama, Ontario

Casino Rama has been running for 20 years and recently got an upgrade, adding the number of slots and gaming tables. Players can choose from a total of 2,500 slot machines and 110 gaming tables.

Part of the revamp and one of the main attractions at Casino Rama is the entertainment complex. The complex has hosted notable names such Carrie Underwood, Jason Derulo and Jerry Seinfield. Gambling fans are sure to have fun here even when they are not in the mood to wager.

1. River Cree Resort, Alberta

As one of the first aboriginal casinos in Alberta, the casino has a lot of history behind it. All through its decade-plus of running the casino has always been an attractive place to play at. Here you will find a whopping 1100 slot machines including all the classics you are not likely to find anywhere else such as the three-penny slots. The casino also has 39 tables, enough to keep you playing for hours never running out of a game to switch to whenever you feel like trying your luck elsewhere.

About Their Poker Room

The Poker Room here is very high stakes so be warned, play only if you are
really as good as you say you are. The casino also has a sports betting section and one dedicated to horse racing. The 4.5-star hotel has cuisine from across the world for your sampling pleasure complete with plush high-thread-count cotton. Get the free membership card and get gifts and vouchers the more you use it.

Playing In Canada For High Limits At River Rock Casino, Vancouver

The casino is one you can always stop at when you land from the closely located Vancouver National Airport. An expansive entertainment complex spanning 70, 000 square feet, the River Rock Casino is the largest in all of British Columbia. Fans of slot machines have a thousand machines to play at. High rollers also have designated spot at the High Limit VIP room.

Attacting A Countrywide Audience

The casino has established itself as one of the favorites when it comes to poker tournaments hosting tournaments attracting a countrywide audience. Aside from gambling fun, the hotel also has all the creature comforts you could ask for including a spa. The River Rock Theater also hosts all sorts of art exhibitions you just have to watch out for the dates.

Are you a tourist looking for a fun time in Canada, these are some of the fun spots sure to liven up your night. There are lots of other top-rated Canadian casinos that did not make it to the list. Feel free to explore and find one you fancy.

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