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Donald Trump’s Impeachment is a Sure Bet at Sportsbooks

Donald Trump’s Impeachment is a Sure Bet at Sportsbooks

It seems that Donald Trump’s Impeachment is a Sure Bet at Sportsbooks? But Why? Well, The US House of Representatives appears primed to impeach Donald Trump as president as early as this week. The top-rated online sportsbook tends to heavily agree that this is a done deal. As part of its regular selection of prop bets covering major US political events, impeachment is back on the board.

The odds that Trump will be impeached have been set at -1100. The odds the upcoming vote does go his way are set at +575. To put these odds into perspective, a bettor would risk losing $1100 to make $100 betting Trump gets impeached. Bettors can look forward to futures betting odds on his chances to be removed from office by the Senate. Ultimately, the gamblng sites know that even if Donald Trump’s Impeachment is a Sure Bet at Sportsbooks, he won’t be removed from office.

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Why Are US President’s Donald Trump’s Impeachment A Sure Bet At Sportsbooks?

Trump is obviously in the fast lane to becoming just the third US president to be impeached. However, it is not all bad news at Sportsbook. The betting odds have remained the same that a Democrat or Republican will win the 2020 presidential election. They are still set at -115 either way.

His odds to get re-elected to a second term as president improved slightly to -105. They were set at +125 two weeks ago. The book is banking on the idea that Trump will be acquitted by the Republican-led senate.

The biggest Political betting prop on the board covers the Democratic candidate for president in 2020. Joe Biden is back on top as a +275 favorite.

Next is Elizabeth Warren at +400 odds followed closely by Bernie Sanders (+425) and Pete Buttigieg (+450). Biden made a slight move in the right direction from +280 in early December. Buttigieg is heading in the wrong direction from his +300 odds during that same time frame. Two weeks ago, Warren was at +400 so she held her ground. Sanders was previously fourth on the list at +500. This could show that there is still some steam behind the Bernie or Bust movement.

The betting public is starting to warm to the idea that Michael Bloomberg is the best choice.

Two weeks ago, the former New York City mayor was fifth at +900. He is still holding down the fifth spot on the updated list at +750. There is still quite a bit of value in that bet as this number continues to drop.

As far as winning the 2020 general election, Biden is set as a +600 second-favorite. Those odds were +500 two weeks ago. Sanders made the move into third at +800 from +850 earlier in the month. Bloomberg improved his chances to win his party’s nomination. Yet, his odds to win the presidency slipped from +850 to +1400 on the updated list. Bloomberg should remain a very interesting betting option over the coming weeks and months.

If you are tired of taking about the 2020 election props, there is a new betting prop. The best online Sportsbooks has set the odds at -215 that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will run for governor of Arkansas in 2020. The odds she decides not to run are set at +160.

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You Don’t Have To Take Psychedelic Mushrooms To ‘Trip On Shrooms Playing The Magic Mushrooms Slot Machine

win big cash prizes playing magic mushrooms slot machine

Taking a trip on Shrooms or Psychedelic Mushrooms (Magic Shrooms) can be fun if it is done in a safe and legal environment. If you have ever taken magic Mushrooms, you may know the pleasure it brings and the hallucinations you see. Now, some people in the medical field feel that Psychedelic Mushrooms can help treat depression (debatable). Also, it appears that some doctors and experts feel that these drugs can enhance a person’s performance when it comes to working. It seems that business people and using Shrooms as performance enchancing drugs to make their work more efficient and fun. The great news is that with the release of this new online slot machine, you can have the experience without wondering, “How long do shrooms and shroom trips last?”

How Can I Take A Trip Or Get High Without Taking Psychedelic Mushrooms Or Tripping Shrooms?

In a recent press release, it seems that Real-time Gaming is coming out with a new video slots game called Magic Mushroom slot. As you may know, anytime a new software provider releases a new game, online casinos start to offer bonus promotions. In this case, Intertops Red Casino is celebrating the release of the new Magic Mushroom and Rudolph Awakens Christmas slot this week.

How To Win Big Cash Prizes Playing The Magic Mushrooms Slot Machine

Are you ready to win big cash prizes playing the magic Mushrooms slot machine? How about playing the new Rudolph Awakens Christmas slots game? Well, you can participate in the $240,000 Frozen Fortune C-c-casino Bonus C-c-contest that Intertops Red is offering. Now, you can take an icy adventure over the holiday season as you compete with other players to rise on the leaderboard. With $240,000 in cash prizes to give away, Intertops Red is making the Magic Mushrooms slot machine appealing to play. Is it more appealing than tripping on shooms (where it is legal)? Well, only you can answer that! Until February 3, 2020, Intertops Red will payout the top players up to $500 every week. In a recent press release, the online casino manager makes a statement. He says:

You Don't Have To Take Psychedelic Mushrooms To 'Trip On Shrooms Playing The Magic Mushrooms Slot Machine

“Two new games will be hot this month: the new Rudolph Awakens Christmas slot game and Magic Mushroom, a brand-new fairy fantasy launching this week.”

The folks that participate in the Frozen Fortune Casino Bonus Contest by Intertops Red casino you can have earn points on every bet you make. Said differently, you can win money having fun playing new games! By the time the event ends every week. There will be one final draw where one lucky winner wins $1,000 every week. Also, there are no wagering requirements attached to the Frozen Fortune Casino Bonus Contest by Intertops Red casino.

Other Interesting Articles

Intertops is a one-stop-shop for all of your real money gambling needs, wants, and desires. Having been in business for over twenty years, they provide hundreds of slot machines and mobile casino games. Furthermore, they have a great real money online poker room, Sportsbook, Racebook, and eSports betting section that accepts players from all over the planet.


Fast Track CRM Inks Deal With Parimatch Africa

Fast Track CRM Inks Deal With Parimatch Africa

The online gambling industry continues to grow globally. Some countries and states focus on different types of wagering. For example, some companies focus on land casinos with hotels and a Racetrack. Others have gotten into the online casino business. Recently, in The United States Of America and Africa, a lot of big corporations have invested in the Sports betting industry. In this article, we are going to discuss how Parimatch Africa just signed a deal with FAST TRACK CRM with a focus on sports wagering.

In a recent press release from The Lyceum PR Team, Parimatch Africa announces its new deal. If you are not familiar with Parimatch Africa, they are one of the top-rated Africa-facing sports betting operators. Recently, they announced that they have decided to switch to FAST TRACK CRM . As a result, they will be giving their customers real-time player engagement with their new platform.

With this new partnership, Parimatch Africa can continue to dominate the sports betting business in Africa. Furthermore, they have a decent-sized presence in Tanzania. Now, they are looking to expand to other countries on the African Continent. Their goal is to use Fast Track’s software to grow a larger market share of this emerging market. They can offer their customers a specialized CRM tool.

Fast Track CRM is one of the leading CRM platforms in the online gambling industry, globally. Ultimately, they build their software with a focus on the IGaming industry. They offer tons of player engagement data, which allows more operators to place bets in real-time.

In the recent press release from The Lyceum PR Team, Lasha Gogiberidze, who is the CEO of Parimatch Africa makes a few statement. First of all, she says “We have big plans over the next few months. With Africa being the fastest-growing region for sports betting, now is our moment to bring something new and exciting to this market.

Shortly after that, she goes onto to say “As part of our expansion plans, we know that we have to be able to engage with players in a way that others are not currently achieving in Africa, and FAST TRACK CRM is the tool we need to be able to do this.”

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San Manuel Strikes a Las Vegas Stadium Partnership Deal

las vegas allegiant stadium san manuel

The NFL’s Raiders are officially coming to Las Vegas for the 2020 season. As the town continues to put the finishing touches on the brand new Allegiant Stadium, excitement for the move continues to build. The actual team is doing better than expected this season. This has increased the excitement as Las Vegas looks forward to become the latest market with a NFL franchise.

Sam Manuel Is On Board For Las Vegas Stadium Deal

Also on board as a principal stadium sponsor is San Manual Band of Mission Indians. Details of the actual sponsorship deal have not yet been announced. However, this will be the second significant partner along with Allegiant’s naming rights.

The federally-recognized tribe is represented by Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena and Chief Executive Officer Loren Gill. The Raiders’ construction subsidiary, Las Vegas Stadium Co. is building the new complex at a total cost of $1.97 billion. The venue is located on Interstate 15 and Russell Road.

The official San Manuel announcement came on Monday, Oct. 14. There was a gathering of more than 50 people at the Raiders Preview Center in Town Square. Raiders’ President Marc Badain presided over the proceedings. The Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted him as saying:

“We’ve talked often about how this project is going to be transformative. Transformative for the city, transformative to this region, transformative to the Raiders. And transformative for those that chose to be part of this project and part of this building.”

Mr. Badain went on to add:

“We’ve had a long history, we’ve been in multiple markets as everyone knows. We like to say that it’s all a part of our DNA. Our history in Los Angeles was a very significant one, a very successful one and we maintain a very strong base in the Southern California area. So much so that a significant portion of our PSL (Public Seat License) holders are coming from that region. It’s a great tie-in and a great brand. San Manuel does wonderful things in that community.”

The San Manuel Casino is located 60 miles east of Los Angeles. A current renovation project at the site is adding a 17-story hotel with 450 rooms. The cost of the hotel is estimated to be $550 million and it is expected to open next summer. There will also be a 3,000-seat entertainment venue along with state-of-the-art retail spaces and a spa.

Part of the sponsor package with the new stadium is expected to include signage along with a luxury box. San Manuel Chairwomen Lynn Valbuena added:

“We look forward to giving our guests more access to thrilling sports and entertainment through this new partnership with Allegiant Stadium and the Raiders.”

Allegiant Travel Co. secured the stadium naming rights in early August of this year as part of a 30 year deal. Allegiant Stadium will also be home for the UNLV Rebels’ football team. It will also serve as the sight for the Las Vegas Bowl and the Pac-12 Championship Game. To date, 95 percent of the available PSL’s have been sold. The team hopes to have the remaining 3,000 seats sold by the end of the year.

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Houston Astros’ Fan Makes a Texas-Sized Bet on The 2019 World Series

bet world series Mississippi Casino

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Well one big-time Houston Astros’ fan is banking heavily on his team. As reported by The Sun Herald, Jim McIngvale just placed a historic sports bet in a Mississippi casino.

Texas businessman “Mattress Mack”, Bets $3.5 Million At Mississippi Casino

Known as “Mattress Mack”, the Texas businessman bet $3.5 million that Houston will win this year’s MLB World Series. This is the biggest single bet in Mississippi since sports betting first became legal. The bet was placed in the sportsbook of the Scarlet Pearl Casino in D’Iberville. He walked in and opened a silver case containing the $3.5 million in cash.

The casino’s sportsbook is operated by DraftKings. LuAnn Pappas is the CEO of Scarlet Pearl and her comment was: “It’s the biggest bet in the state of Mississippi. It’s a record since sports betting went live in the state Aug. 1, 2018.”

Mattress Mack was dressed in his bright orange No. 2 Astros jersey. He was also donning a white Astros hat noting the fact they were AL West Division Champions this season. He went on to thank both the Scarlet Pearl and Draft Kings for booking the bet.

He previously made it known that he wanted to bet this amount on his favorite team. He added that, “and no other gaming company sportsbook in the world has come forward to take the wager.”

Scarlet Pearl’s Sportsbook Is Draftkings

The sportsbook at the Scarlet Pearl was the first DraftKings retail venture in the US sports betting market. Both DraftKings and the Scarlet Pearl will cover the $3.5 million bet. Casino owners, Bob and Delores Granier were present when the bet was placed. So was Matt Kalish as the co-founder and COO of DraftKings.

Mr. McIngvale has a chance to more than double his bet to win $7.7 million if Houston wins it all. The total payout by the casino would be $11.2 million counting the original wager. DraftKings had posted betting odds of +200 for the Astros as the favorites to win the MLB title.

Betting On Houston To Win The World Series

The sportsbook posted the following blurb on betting Houston to win it all this season: “When you roll out a starting pitching staff that includes Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole and Zack Greinke, you’re in pretty decent shape. Add in an offense that leads the league in WAR, and you’d be foolish to bet against them.”

The 68-year old Texas businessman is anything but foolish. He has built a thriving network of Gallery Furniture stores in the Houston area. He has also gained a reputation for staging a few outlandish promotions over the years. His quote on the bet added: “All of us in Houston believe in the Astros. If the Astros win a lot of customers will get free mattresses.”

A current promotion tied to the bet is refunds of more than $3,000 on recent mattress purchases. A report on this offer originally was posted in the Houston Chronicle. The last time Houston won the World Series was just two years ago in 2017. McIngvale mentioned that the same mattress promotion cost him close to $10 million. He is expecting that figure to climb based on sales if Houston wins again.

• Source: Mississippi Coast casino is taking a $3.5 million bet on World Series from ‘Mattress Mack’ From On October 1, 2019.

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IGT Expands Its US Sports Betting Presence to Arkansas

igt sports betting technology

Legal sports betting in the US market is growing at a rapid pace. This is less than a year and a half after the US Supreme Court’s landmark decision. Last May, the highest court gave individual states to right to govern sports betting. International Gaming Technology (IGT) has already expanded its sports betting solutions to 10 different markets.

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Sports Betting Comes To Arkansas?

The latest IGT expansion was in the state of Arkansas. Its IGT PlaySports deployment was at Saracen Casino Annex in Pine Bluff. The company made the announcement on its website.

This land-based casino is owned and operated by the Quapaw Nation. It is located adjacent to the Tribe’s in-development, Saracen Casino Resort. All the sports bets are processed through the PlaySports platform. The venue currently offers PlaySports’ kiosks. Further expansion efforts include IGT sports betting technology at the Saracen Casino Resort. This venue is expected to open sometime next year.

The growing list of US states with gambling operations utilizing IGT sports betting technology in the east include:

  1. New Jersey
  2. New York
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Rhode Island
  5. West Virginia

Along with the recent expansion into Arkansas, IGT has an existing sports betting presence in Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi and Nevada.

Enrico Drago is the IGT PlayDigital Senior Vice President. In response of this latest venture, he was quoted as saying:

IGT Is Making Sports Gambling A Reality In The United States?

“The market-readiness of the IGT PlaySports solution and the experience of our team enabled IGT to make sports betting a reality at the Saracen Casino Annex on an accelerated timeline. Adding Arkansas to the growing list of states with IGT PlaySports deployment was another important milestone that validates IGT’s leadership as a B2B platform provider. We look forward to expanding our relationship with the Quapaw Nation when the Saracen Resort opens next year.”

Positioned as a global leader in gaming, IGT has a strong presence all around the world. The company operates in every major channel from gaming machines, lottery applications and both digital and social gaming. Along with a wealth of premium content, expert gaming services round out the company’s portfolio.

IGT has made substantial investments in “in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology”. Also included in its company profile is a long-standing commitment to innovation. This could be considered the driving force behind the company’s mission.

Gaming solutions are designed to “anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play”. Over the years, IGT has expanded its reach to more than 100 different countries. The company currently employs more than 12,000 people.

PlayShot is IGT’s primary application for sports betting. Its PlayDigital services and products include applications for lottery through PlayLottery.

Gaming products and services include:

  1. Games
  2. Systems
  3. Services
  4. Cabinets

Customer support is another major aspect of IGT’s business offerings. It offers the IGT University for gaming industry education. A few of its supportive programs are SAS Protocol, STARS Customer and STARS Report Guides.

IGT is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol, “IGT.” The holding company headquarters are in the United Kingdom.

• Source: IGT Extends Sports Betting Footprint to Arkansas with PlaySports Deployment at Saracen Casino Annex From On October 2, 2019.


BtoBet Enters a Cross-Channel Partnership in Nigeria

BtoBet Enters a Cross-Channel Partnership in Nigeria

The online gaming industry continues to expand on a global basis. More and more regulated gambling markets are dotting the landscape to drive this trend. This has led to numerous partnerships between various facets of the gaming industry. Collaborations, partnerships and working agreements at every level are commonplace these days.

Learn About The Types Of Platform BTOBET Offers

BtoBet offers gaming platforms, games services and sports services as part of its product portfolio. The company provides numerous gaming solutions in the European, Latin America and African gaming market. A recent announcement on the company website, detail a new strategic partnership in the Nigerian gaming market.

Through STM Gaming as its Certified Partner for Africa, BtoBet will partner with Nigerian operator RedsonBet. This is a cross-channel endeavor designed to expand the retail network. RedsonBet will also use BtoBet’s technology to power its online and mobile channels. As part of the plan, the number of retail shops is expected to climb to 100 in the coming weeks.

The main focus behind RedsonBet’s efforts is an enhanced user experience.

It will be able to deliver a diverse portfolio of offerings that includes:

  1. Local and International Sports Betting
  2. Live Sporting Events
  3. Online and Live Casino
  4. Progressive Jackpots
  5. Added Special Bets and Virtuals

Alessandro Pizzolotto is the CEO of STM Gaming. His thoughts on this cross-channel partnership were:

“Undoubtedly the WLP Program has proved to be a perfect solution for Africa. Not only does it bring a simplified approach for licensees to enter the local iGaming industry, but the provision of advanced technology tailored to the local technological requirements. And the operational support that we provide to our partners are key elements to this success.”

About Their White Label Partnership Program

Adding her thoughts as BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer in reference to the White Label Partnership Program in Africa, Sabrina Solda stated:

“When we embarked on the WLP Program we had in mind coupling localization with deep local knowledge. You can never truly understand the dynamics of the local industries if you are not physically present in the region. This has been the Program’s major strength. With us not being only considered as just technological providers, but a source of information and knowledge. That is a great asset particularly in a market based on a set of unique circumstances from an infrastructural and regulatory aspect.”

She also added that through this approach her company and BtoBet’s Certified Partners are simplifying the process. This also helps to simplify any problematics with that process. It will be able to provide operators with not only adaptable technology, but industry expertise. This is vital to this partnership’s mutual success.

BtoBet’s primary role in this arrangement is as a White Label Certified Partner. STM Gaming acts as the company’s lead in the Nigerian market and RedsonBet is driving the retail applications.

These are the types of strategic partnerships that have driven BtoBet’s past success as a gaming solutions provider. This company can also be described as a true pioneer in the sports betting and online casino industry. Along with technology solutions, it also provides management services to its partners.


NBA’s New Starting Lineup Rule Has The Sports Betting Industry in Mind

Sports Betting Industry NBA starting lineup

There is no doubt that the atmosphere has changed since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which effectively opened things up for the legalization of sports betting in any state that wanted to do it.

What it also did was sanitize the sports betting industry and culture for the existing sports leagues. We have seen the effect of this, as they have been seeking partnerships with casino and/or sports gambling interests.

But what’s interesting is that the National Basketball Association (NBA) was ahead of the others, as the commissioner, Adam Silver, not only acknowledged that the business existed, and was a viable source of fan interest, but that his league should somehow figure out a way to integrate itself with gambling.

bovada esports betting apps

See How NBA’s New Starting Lineup Rule Has Gamblers in Mind

It is so overt now that owners like Ted Leonsis of the Washington Wizards are ready to host a sportsbook at his own venue (the Capital One Arena).

So we don’t think it’s any coincidence that Silver might tweak his league’s rules to accommodate those fans who may also be placing a friendly wager or two.

At the forefront of most of it is the desire to make things more transparent, so that it didn’t appear as if any information was being hidden from the viewer.

So he has announced that all teams would be required to publicly reveal their starting lineups a full 30 minutes before tip-off.

New Rules

There was indeed an existing rule that required such information to be public ten minutes before the start of the game. But the extra twenty minutes is by no means an insignificant thing.

You see, there have been instances where coaches pulled something of a “surprise” when it came to their decision to rest starters, or play people who were questionable because of an injury situation. Without the gambling angle involved, that wouldn’t mean very much at all. But when information is concealed from the general public, it is often available to just a few, and that leaves open the possibility that some could unfairly avail themselves of a betting opportunity.

That doesn’t necessarily signal corruption, but it could conceivably give the appearance of something rather sordid. And if you are forward-looking, you can see that a lot of the interest in a particular game might come from those betting on it, you know that you don’t want to add any unnecessary stigma to your brand. So it is better to have things as “out in the open” as possible.

And it is the right thing to do.

When someone who has the information acts on it, and it disadvantages someone else who doesn’t, it is, to use a term that may corny here, unfair. And advocates of the sports betting industry do pride themselves on presenting as much of a “level playing field” as possible. And what’s worse for the industry is that a sportsbook itself could get caught with its pants down by not being able to move lines in time to counter those who are aware of info that breaks too late, and that just doesn’t do anything positive for the integrity of the product.

So you’re hopefully not going to see any more situations like what Gregg Popovich or Steve Kerr have done, which is to decide at the last minute that some superstar was not going to play.

Of course, there is an allowance for those instances where a player who is injured and is a “game-time decision” might be unavailable because of something that was determined during pre-game warmups.

But you can bet (pardon the pun) that the league will be keeping a close eye on that kind of thing.


Elizabeth Warren Holds the Betting Edge for Democrats

betting odds to win 2020 presidential election

Ahead of another round of debates for the top Democratic candidates for president, Elizabeth Warren is the betting favorite. The updated political betting odds at Bovada have her listed at +200 odds to win her party’s nomination. A strong performance in the next debate could widen her thin lead.

Elizabeth Warren Holds the Betting Edge Over Joe Biden?

Joe Biden had been the party’s frontrunner all summer long, but he as slipped a bit to +250. Two weeks ago on the board at Bovada, Warren was a +220 favorite with Biden a very close second at +240. Both of these candidates continue to widen their edge against the rest of the field.

Bernie Sanders is still a factor in the race as a +550 third-favorite to win. His odds have gone up and down over the past several months. His recent campaign efforts have moved the dial a bit. Two weeks ago, his odds to win were +600 behind Kamala Harris at +550. The two candidates have switched places on the board. Harris is set as the +600 fourth-favorite this time around.

The best of the rest is led by Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg at +1000 betting odds to round out the Top 5. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton is next at +2000 even though she is technically not in the race. Maybe she has a few more tricks up her sleeve this time around. A few of the other interesting names on the list include Michelle Obama (+5000) and Oprah Winfrey (+10000).

bovada esports betting apps

When it comes to the updated odds to actually win the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump remains in the lead. Two weeks ago his odds to win re-election were listed at +110 and they remain the same on the updated board. Warren (+450) now has the slight edge over Biden (+500) for the next spot on the list. The two were in a dead heat a few weeks back at identical +500 odds. Learn where you can bet the 2020 Presidential election over here.

Sanders is a +900 fourth-favorite to win the 2020 general election followed by Harris (+1600), Yang (+1800) and Buttigieg (+2500). Clinton’s betting odds to win the presidency in the next election stand at +4000 along with Tulsi Gabbard.

Mike Pence And Mitt Romney

Vice president Mike Pence is on the board at +6000 and Mitt Romney has long +20000 odds as two Republicans on the betting board. Winfrey’s odds for this political betting prop are also set at +20000.

The two longshots on the board are George Clooney and Kanye West at +90000 odds. Two weeks ago, both of these celebrities were bringing up the rear at even higher +100000 odds.

There is also a betting prop for which party will win the White House following the 2020 presidential election. The Democrats had the edge at the end of August as -125 favorites. The Republicans were set as -105 underdogs. The pendulum has swung the other way in early September with each party set at -115 odds to win.

The next Democratic debate is set for this Thursday, Sept. 12. The top 10 candidates will participate and this should have an interesting impact on the betting odds moving forward.


Murdoch Enters U.S. Sports Betting Market with FOX Bet

Fox Bet Sports Betting

A media giant hopes to capitalize on the proliferation of sports betting in America, in the wake of the Supreme Court reversal of a federal law. After the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned, the race was on for states to legislate sports betting into existence. Since then, there have been new locations popping up everywhere, and the online and mobile angle has been added to make it even more convenient for customers.

is Murdoch Really Entering The U.S. Sports Betting Market with FOX Bet?

Mainstream media, which for the most part has avoided the sports betting discussion or handled it badly because of lack of expertise, is now diving in, as they seek to attract the attention of the casual bettor. And now Fox Corp has taken the boldest move yet.
myb casino no deposit casino bonus codes
The Rupert Murdoch-owned organization, which is a rights-holder for NFL games, is launching FOX Bet, which will enable customers to place wagers through a phone app, while providing content as well. It represents a very comprehensive push to exploit the Fox brand to cash in on an activity that had heretofore been “taboo” to the major sports league. Morality matters less when there is money to be made, one supposes.

The Stars Group

Actually, in this venture Murdoch’s company is less involved in the actual bookmaking business than it is in the business of lending its “brand” name to an enterprise that can appeal to a new and growing market. They have enlisted a company called The Stars Group (TSG) as a tech/gaming partner. They do own about 5% of TSG on the basis of a $236 million investment. And so this raises the question of whether if there are problems with the service – in terms of customers getting paid in a timely fashion, for example – how much could that conceivably damage the Fox brand?

While Fox may be entering a whole new sphere, Murdoch has initiated a couple of ventures like this overseas. When he had Sky TV, he developed Sky Bet, which took advantage of his media presence. And it was successful (Comcast now owns Sky). But Sun Bets, which was established in association with his newspaper, The Sun, along with Australia-based Tabcorp Holdings, didn’t work out so well, and was closed down last year.

For Casual Sports Bettors?

The real value in this for Fox may not be so much in making a killing off the casual sports bettor, but instead in being able to engage fans and keep them involved. They will, in fact, be utilizing some of their on-air personalities, like Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright, for their insights in the way of “Bet Boosts,” and there will be basic videos explaining the various wagers. It is an approach specifically aimed at the recreational bettor. And Fox Sports, on a separate basis, will be offering a game with sports wagering as its basis, that will be free for the public to play.

FOX Bet has already launched on the Apple IOS and Android platform for customers in the state of New Jersey, and is currently in the midst of a “soft launch” for residents of Pennsylvania, which also permits online and mobile sports betting.